The US anti-abortion movement is coming to the UK – Jessica Valenti | Comment is Free

The US anti-abortion movement is terrifying and is exporting its tactics to the UK Imagine you need an abortion – maybe you’re
extremely young, maybe you’re a rape victim, maybe your pregnancy has become life-threatening
– maybe you’re just not ready to be a parent. But you know you’re going to end your pregnancy. The anti-choice movement in the United States
is not only making this decision so much more difficult for American women, but this well
funded and extremely politically powerful movement has been exporting their tactics
and draconian policies abroad. Following the lead of “crisis pregnancy
centers” in the US, there are now a growing number of of these organisations in the UK
that mislead and intimidate women so they won’t be able to access abortion. And like
in the US, where the anti-choice protestors are frequently disruptive, violent and harassing,
the UK now has clinic protests so bad, that some women’s organisations have started
to call for buffer zones. The anti-choice movement across the globe
is looking to the US for cues – and that couldn’t be worse news for women abroad. Because even
though abortion is legal in name in the United States, the procedure has become so difficult
to obtain that it’s effectively illegal to too many. You do an Internet search on where to get
an abortion and you come across a place that says they help pregnant women. But instead
of a medical facility, you end up at a religiously-based center that tells you if you get an abortion
you’re going to get breast cancer and become infertile. Or maybe you find an actual clinic – but it’s
a day drive’s away and you can’t afford to take off work to get there. Or your state
doesn’t have any clinics anymore because a law passed saying abortion providers need
admitting privileges to a hospital even though abortion is one of the safest medical procedures
there is. Let’s say you do get to a clinic, but the
second you arrive protesters start screaming at you. They’re videotaping you, writing
down your license plate number and yelling in your face that you’re a murderer. In
the US that’s considered free speech. Okay, so you manage to get into the clinic,
but then you find out that you’re required have a medically unnecessary ultrasound that’s
going to add hundreds of dollars to the cost of your abortion. Or you’re told that there’s a mandatory
2 day waiting period and you’ve already taken too many days off of work and besides,
you know that you want an abortion, you don’t need the time to think. Or you’re a teenager and you find out that
you need both your parents’ permission but maybe one of your parents is abusing you,
maybe that parent is the one that got you pregnant, or maybe you don’t even know your
parents. Or you’re on Medicaid and you’re not in
one of the 15 states that Medicaid covers abortion in so you need to raise funds to
pay for the abortion yourself which may mean forgoing food or diapers for your existing
children. Even if you are lucky enough to jump through
all these hoops and get the medical care that you’re legally entitled to, you have to
sit through a doctor telling you false information about the risks of abortion because the state
is forcing your provider to do so. These are just a few of the roadblocks the
anti-choice movement have put up so abortion is so hard to get that it might as well be
illegal. They don’t care that they’re lying to
women when they try to scare them out of having abortions. They don’t care that it is legal
for women to control their own bodies, control their reproductive futures and plan their
families. The only thing they care about it stopping them.

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  1. You could also say they're trying to stop you kill your child. I'm pro abortion, but I can acknowledge it's not as simple ethically as removing a kidney. Some people believe it's a human being, some people don't

  2. Where have you been?
    Who was that tory MP that Cameron told to "calm down"?
    She was pushing that ridiculous idea that abortions are just being done for profit, that's US anti-abortion tactics 101.

  3. No it won't happen people won't stand for it we are becoming more liberal but America more conservative.

  4. I would imagine that most UK people are fed up of all the overflow of shit from the US. Dragging everyone down to their level.

  5. Religion only sees women as factories whose purpose is to grow the faithful. They don't care what happens after birth; just so long as they can outgrow their competitors.

    This mentality needs to stay in the bronze age where it belongs, it's embarrassing to see such primitive behaviour in developed countries.

  6. Who believes this crazy woman anymore?
    Oh yeah.. other crazy feminists. And white knights and manginas.

  7. Instead of making abortions more popular, let's make sex education more thorough. Let's make teenage pregnancy less taboo. Let's support pregnant women in tough situations instead of shunning them. If society as a whole was more accepting there would be less need for abortion. I don't agree with abortions, but I also don't agree with giving women false information, storming women at clinics, or using violence to stop violence.

  8. I thought this was a news company not a propaganda organisation. i have no problem if you are, just don't pretent your not.

  9. Right to life – the most important human rights struggle of our times.  What's really terrifying is a surgical instrument inserted into a womb to destroy a baby,

  10. The more you look at the guardian the more socialist propaganda you find, soon enough I bet there gonna say Stalin was a hero.

  11. You're deliberately misrepresenting the issue. Most women who have abortions don't do so because they were raped or their pregnancy is life threatening. They do so because they simply don't want their child. And most people who identify as pro-life believe there should be exceptions for those reasons.

  12. So pro-life protestors are supposedly "yelling in the face" of pregnant women entering clinics. I find that hard to believe considering they're trained not to. Surely, if this is going on there'd be some videos on YouTube. Oddly, a quick YouTube search for "pro-life protestors abortion clinics" turns up several videos of pro-choice protestors behaving badly.

  13. Man what ever helps you sleep at night but there is always the the steps you take not to get pregnant like birth-control, condoms things of that nature do what you will I don't have to live with it but if Your ok with that then why do ppl get charged with attempted murder if you punch a pregnant woman in the stomach I mean come on play fair o o o yeah there's adoption

  14. A Baby is a social construct, So says the Cultural-Marxist,

    You should "Dialectically Deconstruct" a baby and call it a fetus.

    Their it makes it better doesn't it?

    Just like calling a german a hun, It makes it more easy to accept the killing of them, Like Dresden.

    Abortion is killing a defenceless baby, And their is nothing more sickening or evil than that.

  15. I know – it should be easy to kill a child – coz its MY BODY MY CHOICE right – except for the baby

  16. Does it have to? There are some American things that the rest of the world CAN do without. We don't need this crap.

  17. I believe in choice but some use abortion as a form of contraceptive rather than actual contraceptive, they lack self-responsibility. If I were to ever disagree with it, it would only be in this context otherwise other peoples lives have nothing else to do with anyone else if they are not paying for it.

  18. Waahhh people are actually exposing what abortion ACTUALLY IS rather then using cognitive dissonance and lies like the pro-choice industry does. Look at into this woman's eyes and observe the callousness. No feelings, no joy, just a desire to protect the billion dollar baby murdering mills industry.

    I wish gynosympathy wasn't a thing or we wouldn't be allowing such evil to occur

  19. I am in favour of abortion on demand up to 16 weeks after conception and certain circumstances after that with the permission of two doctors.  I've seen so many terrible parents where I live in South Wales that I became in favour of it whereas before I thought only in certain circumstances.  So many teenage girls becoming pregnant when their own mothers were teenagers when they had them.  Some don't have other opportunities but some do as they were in college with a chance of getting a job when they left.

  20. This video is full of lies!
    By the way, in US they allow now, in sm ertin states late term abortion. Up to 9 months. But for some movements abortion is their sacrament. Their holocaust! (Understood as the Jewish blood sacrifice to clean the sins)

  21. Aren't "pro-life" people supposed to be mostly Christians? Because bible is actually very pro-abortion. Hosea 13 : 16 "The people of Samaria must bear their guilt, because they have rebelled against their God. They will fall by the sword; their little ones will be dashed to the ground, their pregnant women ripped open." And then there is that stuff about something called Bitter Water.

  22. The anti-abortion movement is nothing more than a cult. It's reflective of the religions that fund them and they routinely lie about abortion as evidenced by what goes on at crisis pregnancy centers and even the signs they hold up at protests.

  23. Leftist Propaganda, Life starts few days after conception and a bay has feelings, emotions and feels pain. I don't give a fuck about a woman, trampling over a fetus's right to life.

  24. The fanatical right wing Christians in America are doing the same thing in Canada- bringing their tactics, their harassment and threats to Canada on the anti-abortion issue. They will have some success in all white anglo countries (UK, Canada, Aus and NZ) where the same language and background exists.
    One good thing here is that the anti-abortion movement is so fanatical and terroristic that any mention on abortion laws by a politician makes own seem like a RepubliKKKan nutter and is quickly stifled. Stupid Christofascists!

  25. Good im ready and waiting ,come on christian soldiers fight and stand up and defend the babies ,these people are filthy scum

  26. Before anyone comments look up planned parenthood and how they infiltrate schools in USA & what they actually teach children.
    Also look up Planned Parenthood "selling baby body parts".

  27. If you don't want the baby put on adoption it's really better than being killed by a person that does not think 2 times.

  28. The Guardian is a cesspit of biased, politically correct pap, and this video, passing itself off as independent journalism, epitomises that fact.
    The thumbnail, more than anything demonstrates this bias. What is portrayed is nothing like your average pro-life supported, and I doubt highly that the individual shown was a pro-life supporter anyway. Looks from here like a Halloween costume of some kind. If anything the thumbnail demonstrates what the pro-choice/anti-life movement look like (dressing up as clitorises, anyone?).
    ‘Terrifying’ is how they describe the American pro-life movement. This is untrue and hypocritical in the extreme. Terrifying are the images of dismembered children, stories of aborted babies being born alive then savagely killed by ‘doctors’ (stabbing one baby in the back with medical scissors for example), the countless abortion survival stories. It is terrifying that there are people with the gall, and the dearth of humanity to defend such acts.
    How these people DARE call a movement dedicated to protecting human life and offering help to women ’Draconian’ is beyond me. Draconian are their ways, the belief in dismembering and crushing a societies most innocent individuals, something practiced by many a tyrant in history .
    The notion that abortion in the USA (or Britain) is ‘effectively illegal’ is UTTER and COMPLETE RUBBISH. On either side of the Atlantic it’s perfectly possibly for say any fifteen-year-old female to access a termination without consent from either these so-called-professionals or parents. In America, more than one million unborn children are bludgeoned to a harrowing death every year in abortion facilities. Wherever you live in this politically correct world, getting an abortion is easier than buying a pint of milk! The cheek and arrogance a person has to have to call abortion ‘effectively illegal’ is beyond comprehension. DISGUSTING.
    Abortion is an atrocity. A genocide going on and spreading beneath our very noses. Every abortion steals the life of an unborn human, with its own unique DNA, from the fifth week of pregnancy, it’s own beating heart and brain as well.

  29. so sad that women have it hard to kill their own unborn babies. also they say that they are very violent. have you ever been to a woman’s march?? it’s so much more violent that a pro life march. and also good that you “finally” found a clinic to kill your baby!! you make it sound like all types of pro life people are very violent when most of them are very sweet and just want to help the girls and women. also they try to “scare their customers” because they want to try to persuade you to not. ya know. kill your baby

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