The Very Greatest Adventures…Is You Truly Being You

The Very Greatest Adventure
…Is You Truly Being You
By The Being You Adventures “Welcome to being you!”
Lauren Marie “I can’t control everything but I can be in question
about what else is possible.” Doris Schachenhofer “I let my body take the lead and
show me what it knew.” Heather Nichols Being you takes no effort!
Stephanie Richardson “I found the gift of being me in the
ways I am different.” Samantha Lewis “If you do not stop, you cannot fail.”
Dr. Dain Heer “Are you ready to start coloring outside the lines?”
Bret Rockmore “I have chosen to be as weird
& different as I truly be.” Simone Arantes “I knew I was different.”
Shiwam Saxena “I allow myself to have a bad time
and enjoy it.” Susanna Mittermaier “We were being & choosing what was going to
create more for our family.” Pam Houghteling “I know that I matter,
I exist and I roar!” Dr. Lisa Cooney “I became more of who I truly am…
And it took 30 seconds.” Hanna Valdevi “I am no longer hiding who I am.”
Betsy McLoughlin “There is contribution all around us.”
Angels Kovacs “Instantly, I’m back with me and It’s the most
beautiful sensation.” Kristen Tromble “It really was simple enough
for me to be me.” Laura Simmonds “Living is the action of expanding
everything in your life.” Gary Douglas “You’re brilliant and nobody can take
that away from you!” Lisa Henriksson “The only way to give your child the gift
of vulnerability is to be it.” Katarina Wallentin “It’s so much more fun to be you!”
Margit Krathwohl “It is a never-ending journey, being.”
Peony Chung “I be a new dance everyday.”
Katarina Wallentin “What if we fall together, not apart?”
Pragya Sabine Erlei “I am being me, being here &
being present.” Kristen Tromble “I start being me again, and I know with certainty
that everything is truly possible.” Kass Thomas “What if you are the difference the earth has been waiting for?” Dr. Dain Heer “Today you are you, that is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is youer than you.” Dr. Seuss

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