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  1. Abortion is no where near the same as capital punishment. An abortion is the killing of an innocent child. Capital punishment is the killing of a criminal. If anyone thinks they can compare the two, then they have some serious problems!

  2. Every time men ejaculate, they abort a child/potential child. Therefore, if life begins upon conception, what sin does a man commit by pulling out of the womb early? Remember when God killed Onan for that? What if God killed every man for that? Should laws be made to discourage this type of behavior with severe, legal consequences attached to it? Sounds obscure doesn’t it? Preachers don’t preach about it much, do they? Should men be told what to do when they waste life-giving sperm for sexual pleasure or fun? Does life begin when men release it from their bodies or when semen is emptied in the wombs of women? Remember, men are the life givers, women are the carriers. Therefore, who commits the bigger sin when life giving sperm is destroyed in ANY manner?

  3. I'm convinced out of 50 million abortions since legal, we have possibly killed the person who could have cured cancer.

  4. EMILY

    13 March – 3 May 1997

    I gave you birth – a cosmic light

    Extinguished by my hand in blight

    As you faded I felt the pain

    Of motherhood and what I’d slain

    In my darkness I could not see

    That you in my life was there for me

    So many problems did me plight

    In faith there had been none to sight

    A fear of fear came over me

    A fear of nothing it turned to be

    In my prayers I could not free

    The ignorance that surrounded me

    I needed help no help was sought

    A secret silence by those who ought

    With truth and facts nowhere nigh

    Informed decision would pass me by

    Every hour of every day

    I felt you not so far away

    Every heartbeat in my soul

    Every day that unfolds

    I hurt some more and never less

    The reaper’s blade is in my chest

    In your death I did die

    I live a life that walks me by

    I wear a face for all to see

    Inside no one sees the pain of me

    A little star in my sky

    90,000 a year pass us by

    Although too many though we be

    Won’t you care and love for we

  5. megan is the new elizabeth, out of control and though im fully pro life sherry and elizabeth are sooo extra and angry that i actually find myself going on the side of joy and whoop whoop

  6. “Some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now or you kill them later. You bring them in the world unwanted, unloved, you send them to the electric chair. So, you kill them now or you kill them later.” –Democrat Alabama State Representative John Rogers

  7. Taking a life isnt right on any end. But it is choice tho yet make the choice to not GET NUTTED UP IN THEN. simple.

  8. Only Jesus can change a heart. Every abortion ends a life. Ther eis no doubts. Science as proven at 12-13 weeks the baby is full formed, has a heart beat, its own DNA, a brain that thnks, hears sounds and feels pain. All it has to do is grow. All of these people who are for abortion were once in the womb! Yet they say its ok to destroy a life. Hypocrites! Its the baby's body, not the mothers. Turn to Jesus and repent. The view need Jesus.

  9. I normally don’t like Joy or Whoopie but I agree with them here. I’m pro choice. I’m not saying I’d go and encourage somebody to abort a baby; I understand the consequences that come with it (such as sad emotions, etc. as I watched a close friend who went through an abortion) it’s not an easy thing to go through. But I would never stop someone who feels they need to make that choice. It’s none of my business what women choose to do with their body. I hate that Elisabeth called abortions a “thing of convenience” because it’s not an easy choice. I agree with Whoopie that women go through hell to make that decision. It’s not easy. But I think abortion should be legal if a woman needs to make that choice because it should be legal and safe.

  10. How did everyone there skip over the fact that the woman said planned parenthood pressured her into getting an abortion when she wasn't completely decided on the decision? She didn't get to have her choice lol. Isn't this what abortion supporters want for women? For them to have a choice?

  11. It's sad how acceptable murdering your own child is these days. Less than .07% of children aborted are aborted because of rape, incest, or risk of life. Most are performed out of pure convenience. I'm not even religious but I can not morally accept this crap.

  12. Man. If you can't afford a child let's just snuff the kid! Lol. Not surprised just nice to hear the truth once awhile. The dehumanizing of a unborn baby is a tactic so when you walk into a planned parenthood gutting it is no big deal. Sad. "If you don't believe in abortion don't get one"
    Hahahhahahaha if you don't believe in murder don't murder anyone.
    Easy to say when your mom choosed life.

  13. lol…so the anti-choice people are all religious and don't believe in seperation of church and state. all their views are based on Christianity yet they want to pretend it isn't. They would a nation ran by theology like Muslims but with Christianity at the top.

  14. If you don’t agree with murder don’t murder anyone.
    If you don’t agree with molesting children don’t molest one.
    If you don’t agree with lighting newborn
    kittens on fire don’t light them on fire.
    If you don’t agree with black people being banned from places don’t ban them from your establishments
    If you don’t agree with women not being able to own land then don’t be someone who stops them.
    See how crazy that all sounds? Abortion isn’t about rights … it’s about privilege. A privilege to justify murdering a unborn and innocent human being. In almost every other scenario the “victims” rights would be considered. Yet when it comes to abortions it’s the ones who didn’t decide to have sex,the ones who didn’t have a say in birth control or condoms that have to pay the price with their lives! On what planet and in what circumstance would we punish a innocent child by taking their life based off the poor decisions of adults ? The ends do not justify the means and they never will. Hypocrisy is thick in the air while hands are stained by the blood of unborn babies.

  15. Abortion should be legal, affordable, and safe for females that want them not females that do not. Never ever should be forced or coerced.

  16. I got pregnant while on birth control, couldn't afford the baby and had an abortion…it was my choice to not bring a child into the world under those circumstances it's as simple as that. Do I think about it ? Sure I do, do i regret it? No. Because I know in my heart that it was the right CHOICE

  17. It is kill a baby or don't kill a baby. Fancy words doesn't change the act. Babies are not disposable.

  18. Actually most women who go through abortion are educated, working women but that still doesn't mean they shouldn't have the choice

  19. pro lifers: USE ADOPTION!!!!

    also pro lifers: *ignores that there are 400k children in foster care, most of whom are being abused sexually, physically, and mentally*

  20. I just thought it was crazy how she said I DID have the baby and they continue to say I'm glad you didn't have the baby. She said it a couple more time that she did but as usual they are too loud and not listening to anyone else.

  21. Whoopi agrees that the woman is carrying a baby, not a lump of cells. Thank you Whoopi! They are killing babies!

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