The wife works for 12 hours in her pregnancy! [Hello Counselor / 2017.09.11]

Let’s meet his mother-in-law. Hello. Hello. Are you her mother? I thought you were a friend. – You’re his mother-in-law? / – Yes. – Unbelievable! / – Unbelievable! How old? Oops. Please excuse me for asking. I was born in 1963. In 1963? Wow, you look so young. (Wow) Do you understand your son-in-law’s concern? I do. My daughter works too much. What mother would like that? When are you most worried about your daughter? When she was a senior in high school her father passed away from cholangiocarcinoma. You went through that pain. I couldn’t make ends meet by myself so she studied and got scholarship. She’s a great daughter. She even worked two jobs. She worked so hard in the past and she’s doing the same thing even now. It’s quite upsetting. I want her to put her health first. I think he’s afraid to see you. (Sigh) – He should. / – He should? I opposed when they decided to get married. He came to see me after they started dating. – What parent would say yes to that? / – Right. But after they got married, I was nice to him. I treated him very well. You speak in a dialect when you get angry. I have no choice. So I was really good to him. I’m a very nice mother-in-law. You seem like it. – Right? / – Yes. I make him breakfast before he goes to work, I do the laundry and babysit their son. It’s an exciting event. People around us tell him, “You must’ve saved a country in your past life!” That’s why he has such a great mother-in-law. (Unbelievable) She’s praising herself. It must be tough looking after the two. Yes, it was tough. When? I went through 3 surgeries after I came to Korea. Really? I had a surgery for thyroid cancer. Oh. I had a hysterectomy. Then after a year they found a stone in my gall bladder so I had to remove it. But right after the surgery, as soon as I came home, I babysat their son. (Oh my…) That must’ve been tough. Your mom went through 3 surgeries. Must you ask her to babysit so that you can work? She insists on getting a job so I told her I would pay her to babysit my son. So all she has to do is stay home. But when she just got out of surgery shouldn’t you have helped her out? She looks happy when she babysits my son. But her gall bladder hurt. (Witty) It really hurt. It’s no longer about yourself after you get married. It’s “we” now. Your mom should’ve rested after the surgery, but she had to babysit. I think you should’ve worked less to take care of your mom and son. That’s why I asked my husband to quit his job. What? Your husband? (Looking attractive) (You’re the best!) Why did you ask him to quit his job? I can earn enough for the entire family. Do you plan to feed the whole family? – Yes. / – That’s awesome. She’s awesome. For your children one of you may have to give up on your job. That’s why I do house chores and watch our son. I briefly go to work in the morning. Then I come back home. My son goes to a daycare center. So I take him there and go back to work. When it’s time I pick him up, Then I do the dishes, the laundry… I do all the chores that need to be done. Does your wife not do anything at home? When she gets home, she’s tired. We eat dinner together. She could at least put away the dirty dishes. But she doesn’t. She just goes into her room. That makes me upset sometimes. If you are in charge of watching your son you won’t make any more mistakes, right? How many children do you want? How many what? How many children? – Four. / – Four. She wants 3-4 children, but if he has to take care of all of them… Jihoon, you’re not saying anything but you seem to understand what Dongyeob is saying. His ears are turning red. (You’re a man) Did you get what he was saying? (A little) He knows more than you do. (Blushing) Their son came with them. Let’s bring him out. How cute. He’s so cute. (Aww) Daniel, why don’t you hold him? He cried. (He goes to his dad) It’s daddy. How cute. He cried. (I missed daddy) How cute. Say hello. What’s his name? – Aaron. / – Aaron? Aaron. Aaron. Look at how small his feet are. Hi, Aaron. Aaron. You have a runny nose. Do you guys want to hold him? Daniel, hold the baby. He won’t leave his dad. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. He misses his mother. Aaron. (Come here, Aaron) Aaron. (Wah!) (Yeongja doesn’t understand kids) He’s scared. He’s scared. Why did you make him cry? He’s not a terrible man. Don’t cry. (Surprised) (Even more surprised) Please air this without editing it. (Yeongja will now have 10 million anti-fans?) (She apologizes quickly) I’m so sorry. (Oh my) The husband’s close friend is here. Hello. Nice to meet you. Hello. I’m 30-year-old Eom Sangsu. You must understand how he feels. Yes, I do. I went to see her after she gave birth. I heard that she bled a lot. She stayed in bed. Then I gave her a call later and she left already. When does he have the hardest time? I have a girlfriend now so when we decide to meet it gets cancelled often because of her. She’s very tired when she’s home so she often stays home to sleep. She sleeps on her day off. I am getting married next month, so if my wife were to work like that I’d feel lonely. Since she’s pregnant, I’m sure he worries a lot. But it’d be good as long as she works moderately? For my wife to work? Sure. We’ve gotten this concern quite often, but it was always the other way around. (Aaron must go rest now) Shouldn’t he go to his mom? (Wah) (Good-bye, Aaron) So do you think it’s right for your husband to do house chores and watch the baby? I’m always grateful to him. It’s not like I don’t watch the baby at all. But I love my job. He told us earlier that you don’t even put away the dirty dishes. (Oh, what’s the big deal?) That is not helping him at all. What’s wrong with that? I need to get going in a hurry. He makes me eat and gets upset for not cleaning up. You’re saying he shouldn’t have made you eat? Right. From the start. He’s making you eat because he cares about you. So I ate. I ate and he got upset that I didn’t clean up. Let’s say your husband is a workaholic, too. So he keeps the store open 24 hours a day. He doesn’t come home. He orders delivery food and won’t come home. How would you feel? That’s wrong. It’s okay for you, but not for him? Talk to the man sitting behind you. Why is it okay for you, but not for him? There’s something special about that seat. (Everyone becomes brazen in this seat!) What’s sad is that you can never turn back time. Your child is young and doesn’t know anything yet. You’re missing precious moments with him. I don’t see it that way. Sure. That’s why. It’s not like I don’t see my kid at all. He doesn’t cry when he sees me. I know that you love your job, but can’t you work a little less for your family? I could, but I won’t. (Gave up) We’re just repeating the same thing over and over. She has a healthy mind. She works hard. She’s from a different culture. Because of those reasons I think I can understand her. I’m sure you married her because you like that. Sure. Everyone has their differences. Can’t you just accept it? Should I switch seats with her? I’ve never persuaded someone on stage before. We can’t get through to her. She’s too confident. She’s pregnant though. You want her to work less at least while she’s pregnant. She can work again when the baby grows up. Here we go. Can you work a little less while you’re pregnant? She already renewed the contract. Any final words to tell your wife? So long. Good-bye. Tell her that you will be good to her. Working hard is great. I don’t need anything else. I’ll earn the money. Please rest a little. He’s so awesome. I’ll earn the money. Just rest! Let’s start with Minhyun. I still think it’s a concern. I think it’s a concern, too. I’m worried about her health. But I think she’s a cool person. Me too. I wish she would rest until she gives birth. Give her a wink so that she’ll rest. (Wink) (Targeting women’s hearts) How does it feel to be winked by him? (Saved in my heart) (One more!) (Forcing a smile) They truly love each other. Couples have a hard time because of their lifestyles and habits. Please press the button if you can relate to him. (What does the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. – Time’s up. / – Stop! Please say a word for your husband. Honey. I love you so much. I’m always grateful to you. Thanks for raising Aaron well for us. Thanks for raising the baby. She’s the head of the household. I thank you. Let’s live happily. Please show us how many votes they got. So far, the highest vote was 170. (How many votes?) (They got 113 votes) Good job.

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  1. Okay, so you can't expect of someone who comes home at 10 pm ( after a 12 hour shift ) to do the dishes afterwards. You can ask someone to work less….if you want the marriage to succeed I guess he has to be the one who gives up his job so she can keep on working, because someone has to be there for the future 4 children -.-' ….and if he doesn't want to settle like that then I think long term counseling is a good option.

  2. I see.. She had a difficult time when she was studying so she's used to working double hard even with pregnancy.. haizz.

  3. I understand that she wants to work, and that to her it is not like she’s working rather she’s doing something she loves. HOWEVER, if she’s pregnant she should look after her pregnancy first before anything else, children always come first, it is selfish if she does something she loves knowing it can affect her child. And second, once you are married things like these should be discussed, like they said it is “we” now, she needs to think about that, or should’ve not married in the first place.

  4. Idk why the ppl were actually reactioning positively by the fact that the woman told her husband to stop working so he can take care of her child. The only reason the husband told her the same thing was because her workaholic attitudes could cause harm to the baby. And I bet it meant only for temporary till her body gets stable. She says she doesn't want to quit her job, but she asks her husband to do so.

  5. The wife has a serious mental problem. It's contrary to what one of the counselors said that she has a healthy mind. She needs help. Or she's just plain stupid. You don't consider it as working because you love what you're doing, okay we get that, but damn it's a child we are talking about. A developing child inside gosh! When I was pregnant with my boy, yes I was working back then but not as much as her. And now that my baby is born I'm now working at home. I never write a comment this long before but I had to after watching this. She's 6 months pregnant but she's not showing at all. I wonder if the baby is active inside, like if the baby is doing kicks and turns inside her womb. She's so disturbing to watch. I'm worried about her.

  6. I really hate her and entire show she was laughing that she has done a great thing. I hate her.. she didn't know the pain of mother and husband. How could she say that she loves her husband.😤

  7. I feel like yes she should stop putting the health of her baby at risk and shouldn't work so much while she's pregnant but if she was a man I feel like this wouldn't be an issue just because she's the mum not the dad people say she should be around more but the dad could be around and take the more maternal role in reality… Just an idea

  8. Her speaking style was like celebs in korea jessi,her voices also almost the same,mybe bcause their stay at overseas for some period of time,n they also dont depend too much on someone i think,sorry for the messy writing btw i notice the similarities because jessi is my bias 😜

  9. i understand her liking her work and being a workaholic but it's endangering the health of her unborn child. I wouldn't have a problem with it if she wasn't pregnant.

  10. I don't think she even LOVEs her husband…She only cares about herself.I mean saying stuff like "I'll go back to America if you dont let me do what I want" is really harsh! Why did you even marry him then??A mistake??😑😑😑

  11. She can't even take care of one child . Everybody has something they want but she shouldn't even think about having 3-4 . Don't get me wrong . But she doesn't even take care of the one child she has she's no where near qualified to be a mother of 4 children . She's lucky she got such a nice and accepting and sweet husband

  12. Most women in America have not choice but to work almost up until their duedate. My mother worked to eight months in all three of hers. My co-worker was almost nine months pregnant when she stopped working during both of her pregnancies. So here in America, it's pretty common to see very pregnant women still working.

    Though I do agree, maybe this woman is being a little bit unreasonable if they're not in a situation where she absolutely needs to work so much.

  13. I dont know this tv show very well but what do the votes mean? LIke if you have a high or low amount, what does it mean?

  14. Marriage and family is all about compromising. She doesn't even know how to compromise. She's selfish. I understand that maybe it's her way of coping up when her father died, but it's different now. She should try to rely to her husband even just a little to make their marriage and family work. Because if she will not compromise, I doubt their marriage will last long. She should just hope that her husband's patience lasts a lifetime.

  15. One day she'll wake up and realize that her son grow upand she didnt even notice it and has no fascinating memories with him Even if his dad takes care of him a kid needs his mom more than anything mom a teacher abd dhe'd work from 8-17.00 abd we never felt her absence or lack of care

  16. She wants to work to feed the whole family, but she doesn't care what her husband or children want at all. Babies get attached to their mom. That's just how the world works. I can see the crowd cheered when she said she told her husband to quit his job because they were all thinking 'girl power', but is it really 'girl power' to drop all aspects of femininity and take on masculinity instead (in the sense of abandoning her duty as a mother for her children). In families where husbands work to feed the whole family, I've seen many times where they are able to do it well, taking care of their own health. But she isn't. In korean shows like 'superman' where they show fathers being the stay at home dads and mothers working for their families, the husbands want to take care of the kids and they have a talent for it. Men don't have the natural instinct that women do to know how to take care and nurture children. It is a gift women have, but some men do have a talent for it so it doesn't matter if it's their instinct or not. She doesn't know or care if her husband has that talent. He's just forced into place because she is being selfish. I am very worried.

  17. My problem with her is that they told her what if her husband was like her and she was in her husband's shoes. She said it was wrong. But she feels entitled for her to do it. Being married and having kids means sharing or devoting time.

  18. Here In america women work hard all the way up untill delivery… sometimes you have to do what best for everyone in the situation

  19. 'I could work less, but I won't.' Thats the most selfish and self center statement I've ever heard. Being a family means its 'us', not 'me'. If she still with that self-center, her son will neglect her. No doubt. There's a very thin line between ego and self respect, and its called maturity. I hope she can change her attitude soon.

  20. this self centered disgrace of women doent deserve a second of this dudes time. if this is "cool" and "woke" in yalls spoiled feminist snowflakes minds than you are a waste of space and a person like this bitch who cares more about teacher her shittyEnglishh than a human person called her child.

  21. This is not an american thing this is a bad mother thing lol like i admire her work ethic but she should not have had children. Working 12hr days with only 1 day off on which she sleeps all day is in no way healthy for that child. He will grow up to resent her. Yes, she loves her job.. apparently more than her family. She's being unreasonable threatening a divorce and to TAKE THE CHILDREN which she doesn't even tend to, simply because he asked her to WORK LESS. He didn't even ask her to quit he just tried to compromise. I think she has an awesome personality but certain aspects are flawed. She is quite selfish (that's def an american thing tho i must say lol) She frustrates me and I dont even know her. That poor husband.

  22. Just file a lawsuit sue the wife for ignorance and neglecting the baby's health from the start and risking the baby's life and her own. It's not about her being happy doing her job. Her clueless ignorance just a revenge as she claimed its her husband fault that she got pregnant. I'm sure she got pregnant their son because of the husband fault too. 12hours at work until 10pm would be just a brief meeting with her son before she goes to work like "hi Aaron good morning how are you and see you tomorrow son, i love you".

  23. it's upsetting knowing the fact that the she's spending more time with her students rather than her family 🙁

  24. You can love your job so much but you still need to be considerate of each other. You chose to get married and have kids so you BOTH should take responsiblity for it and help out one another

  25. Cholangiocarcinoma? The fear of long words?

    Science mode: on
    jk the fear of long words is called Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia |/•-•|/ or Hippopotamus
    science mode: off

  26. It's pretty ignorant, cuz she says she follows American culture. I'm not American, but I'm sure even American women know that they need to rest and be healthy during pregnancy. Does she not know what a miscarriage is?
    What happens if the baby is born deformed and requires extra care. She'll just naturally expect her husband to take care of the baby. That's just being selfish.
    I get that she loves her job, why can't she love her babies the same? It's neither cool nor feminist to take that lightly.
    A child needs both parents. If the boy grows up without enough love from his mother, it's going to affect him later.

  27. Went back to this cos i wanna see taejoon’s reaction when she said she’s going to feed her entire fam. Dang it!! He’s into her charms. The way he said “she’s awesome” 😂😍

  28. She's basically trampling over him and ordering him around. I get that she's a workaholic but it doesnt mean you should completely ignore your family

  29. She’s inconsiderate and self-centred. I believe the compromise had been made before their marriage, but the compromise itself is aimed to ease both party. If only one person is happy and the other is suffering, that’s when you know the marriage is toxic. Just because she speaks english then she’s cool? Nah cmon my korean pals

  30. In the field of education is really kind of all trade job because you are fulfilling your students and preparing them in their future but seeing this makes me sad coz I'm also a teacher, but you have to balance your life. You must be healthy not just for your student but also for yourself outside of the school you are you as a human being.

  31. It's funny to me that when asked how many children she wants, she said "4" in English. This is because the Korean word for the number "4" sounds like the Korean word for 'death', and is considered unlucky. There are even buildings in Korea that don't have a "4th" floor. Instead, the numbering skips from 3 to 5.

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