The World’s Dumbest Abortion

I know it is back at his mistresses have not
stopped talking about a the affairs of they had with him and one mister
simply taken or alleged mistresses joslin James she is a thirty two year old %uh porn actress and she has decided that she is going to go
on inside edition to talk about her relationship with tiger what of think that because none
of people were talking about that %uh things that she planned on %uh elaborating
on is the fact that she said she package that she was pregnant twice but I tiger woods the first time she had in this case a second
time she made arrangements for an abortion and she of basically just plans on talking about the
unsafe sex that they have with one another while they were having an affair a as great
you know that because what we really need to what the
hell is this an insider with stories of words a abortion and so on but that’s finally out there and %uh now it %uh talk about that as well you know pat buchanan have sex with a porn
star how would that somehow on six now but understanding that the everything she
says of within enormous granite of salt it is on those issues line telling the truth I mean the shipments there’s an abortion in
that time period maybe a leading to were probably was it by tiger woods who knows probably it’s a little late what is the point that literally under the
bed she’s really sure that I go through that she’s so sure it was that was the only eye
since leaving what what about now by it I’m not buying that look whether it’s true or not this moment
is like the scum of the are I just can’t imagine on jamie John gerdes
seem like a constantly okay because I I think tiger woods is white
has had enough of this point I just let it go I mean these women will do anything for money anything for the attention they don’t care at what cost okay they don’t
care that they’re hurting other people in their whole publicity %uh Florida but like for this girl he accuses me out so
much it makes their that because if I did the scandal is over okay everyone knows that
he messed up on his wife but you know what let’s just try another even more than she
needs to and it’s annoying and it’s on my hands and I just want to talk about it but he may hear you the and year that you’re very your views on
is a very clear his widow %uh look I think though quite good bothers me about her is that she’s you say you know or issue in court your own that’s right gregg work but no one really that’s really believe that
was collected on that she believes that it’s their right I don’t want that I want to talk about well i’d rather into a new attention was on
please folks at me and look that sad thing is it that war his it’s everywhere as for other is a workout they were they all my God there was this result
of what the only difference between I hope between up that and the rest of the
book we’re at least tell you I don’t know we don’t
believe right it is an excellent case he’s lying where’s all of the press reports have put
the headlines and and then we need to patch those story I mean that’s how it is that what you can
just put that out there like it’s absolutely true without laws that was tires it fetus I don’t know you know the old Thursday up but well ask that they be this is another little
wrinkle another woman who claims to be a mistress who’s in our forties she could check to have
a statement but issue was a really sure and didn’t know because he thought it was a Serbian basketball
players it it’s virtually and of the printed page it
over sorry about small player entire was say it will happen at least in the city with
that and I would it’s comical right and it is one of that go on the circuit know
like the alamo I need a croatian hockey players for be a basketball player I don’t want that that going to win and at all times some of them a say in this
from some of them art is trying to get pride that’s another reason why I find a porn stars
there claims only not believable you had tiger woods did annual borah and you’re government a lot okay but there is one hundred million dollars that was the world worst abortion I mean let our job is to keep a real well is that lady had but with him at that point on amanda goad that thing for nine months man
I would even go outside the next day i’d be leading in a doctor’s office and again
you know if I or that will make sure the things that day you notice that this is where the a lot of money that’s the reality that by to which it you know what I didn’t say how much of a life
that was and not going to be in that story as the worst world were flown other bills related to go I I used it aboard it on which plan this moment was that the agency the moment or and stuff we’re going to give that up %uh up but about it

96 Replies to “The World’s Dumbest Abortion”

  1. does tiger woods have a whole unit of doppelgangers out there fucking chicks. Like the power rangers or something, go go mighty WOOD!

  2. the sluts these days she makes porn stars look bad
    it's really sad that she is willing too make her self look like a husband fucking std prone skank it just makes me sick and angry that these women say ow i loved him and so and so there all liars and for her to use infants
    whither they were his or not to get attention is just sad shame on her she needs help this world is fucked up anytime you can get famous for fucking someones husband a nation under god huh well i don't think he approves

  3. The party never end with this story it seems. If he ever gives a full interview about these women, I can't imagine what Tiger would or could say.

  4. I'm with you Ana. the wife really doesn't need to be hurt anymore. these women are just trying to get money and attention (probably one of these reasons they slept with tiger to begin with)

  5. People just want money from Tiger.
    They're fucking leeches trying to get something from succesful people that made a mistake.
    FUCK those people!

  6. This is bonkers, the story was 2 months ago, give it a rest. These mistress probably read minds knowing who they are fucking. Where are The Boondock Saints when you need them.

  7. Cenk, never come to conclusions before hearing ALL facts cause she's very likely to be lying but YOU NEVER KNOW so, i'm actually seeing beyond all the TYT bias right now

  8. who the flip flop fuck cares anymore? cenk was right if i knew somebody that was pregnant with his baby id be the bodyguard

  9. "I need a Black American Athlete, I need an English Musician, I need an Italian chef, I need…"
    it's like a scavenger hunt for whores

  10. she's obviously lying.
    She's carrying tiger woods baby (in other words, a HUGE meal ticket) and she has an abortion? PFFT not without some payday. She probably did have an abortion but it definitely wasn't tiger's kid.

  11. Ana, Joslyn James isn't the scum of the earth, your accusation is unfair. She's a low-class working girl who's made bad life decisions, but she hasn't hurt anyone but herself (and an unborn baby). But Tiger was the powerful, handsome, philandering millionaire, and what girl would walk away from that? I'd say Tiger's the scumbag here.

  12. To clear up a misconception. When porn Stars are filming a porno, They can't have sex with their husbands or anyone outside the film. Before they begin filming anything, They have a check for STDS

    The porn industry is a lot more careful about that sort of thing than you might think

  13. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRG!!!! I can't take this anymore with this crap with Tiger. Please silence the attention whores. They're like bedbugs –literally.

  14. Ana, while i love her, needs to go to school. Hurting people is the only way to get rich. Once you're rich you can set about fixing the damage you've done (i.e. Bill Gates, Jimmy Carter,) if you want.

  15. i never said he did anything justified but i just get tired of these chicks that try to get fame off of screwing someone or trying to get rich because they had a baby by a rich guy. it's pathetic to me. besides, any woman can be cheated on, no matter how "hot" people may think she is.

  16. How is it that a PORN STAR isn't on the pill?

    She's lying!

    She's an insult to honorable porn stars everywhere!

    PS I slept with Tigar Woods, and had his baby too, and I'm a straight dude! :o) Where do I pick up my check?

  17. I didn't believe Richard Henneys story ( balloon boy ) AND I SURE AS HELL DON'T BELIEVE THIS WOMEN, You'd have to be an idiot to buy her story, Jamie Grubbs lied too, if the media didn't do background checks, Jamie was on tool academy, if you did the research Jamies story timeframe is way off. I HATE THIS WOMEN KUDOS TO YOU GUYS!

  18. @chrisquick123451966 you know she didn't say that about her because she's a porn star. if you watched the rest you'll know why she called her scum

  19. @GovernmentGoneWild If she got paid to abort and did unless he paid her an unimaginable amount of money she is still stupid because she'll make a hell of a lot more money if she kept the child.

  20. @chrisquick123451966

    Thats not what ana was talking about, she was talking about people who shag around then go and 'kiss and tell' about their sex life and affairs.

    I think Ana has enough self respect not to do that.

  21. Lots of good information here.
    A miscarriage, and then,
    killing the next baby. [For you liberals, I would be talking about abortion here].
    And Cenk,
    you say that the woman, might be lying.
    That's true, but,
    she also might be telling the truth.
    "We report, you decide".

  22. You NEED both. The difference is women lose one egg amonth whether they want to or not, men lose millions of sperm any time they feel like it.

  23. Genocide? That's a laugh and a half. Conservatives start wars that kill millions and cripple millions more while liberals support of abortion kills maybe a few thousand each year, less than car accidents.

    If your sky-god's about numbers, conservatives LOSE.

  24. @megamarsvin
    "Big government" already tells me what to do.
    The Bama says, "fork over your wallet, then bend over". It's now, the American way.
    As for abortion, if you say that the killing of a baby is between a woman and her doctor,
    then so be it.
    Although I disagree with killing children, (even those born alive),
    it is the law.

  25. 1. With a screen name like "therepublicanknight", claiming a non-right wing status is dubious… unless it's a Star Wars reference, in which case, carry on…

    2. That statistic sounds unrealistically infalted. Considering 6 million died in the holocaust alone, I think you'd better recheck your numbers, unless you mean just blacks in which case it still seems inflated.

    3. Most of this could be avoided with proper sex education/contraception.

    4. If it's about numbers, conservatives still lose.

  26. @therepublicanknight. ummm…the holocaust alone claimed 11 million lives. Do you fact-check? Or are you like most republicans and just say whatever comes to mind?

  27. How many women did Tiger sleep with while he was married? I don't know all the facts but I think it was just one. Why are there so many people lying? Couldn't he just have a spokesperson dismiss all the lies and just tell the truth so everyone will stop listening to lies?

    I know he values his privacy, but to tell the truth now will do him much better than letting people continue to talk.

  28. Tiger woods is worth around 600 mill. The amount of money she would have received on a monthly basis would beat any lump sump payment that tiger made to her. If she accepted a lump sum payment then she is even more dumber unlless it was like 15+ million (which i doubt happened) lol

  29. someone say that bitch was lying. she never even got pregenant by tiger. she was just tryin to get attention to get money. i just heard rumors thats all and rumors are she is falking the media. after all the guys she fucked with they should be the so-called baby daddy

  30. your forgetting to factor in the extra added bonus of not having to raise a kid or push it out of your vagina or carry it for 10 months in your abdomen.

  31. Joslyn Jane is a fucking whore. I hope this slut bitch gets what she deserves. She's nothing more than a media seeking washed up, nobody gives a shit about whore. Fuck her and fuck Gloria Allred — that bitch needs to have her skull kicked in. Hopefully both of them will be prison hate fucked until they're dead.

  32. My god. Can't you just state your opinion without this ugly show of foulness and hatred that makes your target look better in comparison?

  33. All these people who slept with Tiger are JUST AS BAD AS TIGER.

    They knew he was married. How the hell could they not know? They knew he was married and cheated with him anyways! They're skanks and they're just as horrible as Tiger but do THEY give an apology to Tiger's wife?


  34. And so did they. They knew they were sleeping with a married man but they didn't give a fuck. They're a bunch of low lifes.

  35. ok herbKingdom your fuckin stupid. You dont fuckin kill a baby ever. whether its inside of you or not. S oabortion even if it came from rape daddy is not ok. She can still have i and give it up for adoption. This country is not founde upon illing an innocent life. So about you thin before you say shit you know nothing about

  36. @HerbKingdom it should only be used in case of emergency i dont like it even then unless they are near death or incest occurs. i would much prefer the child be adopted.

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