23 Replies to “The Worst Parts of Childbirth • Wine Mom”

  1. When my mom gave birth to me, she started to throw up and that made her to were she would push harder and then the doctors said "here she is" and my mom had puke on the side of her face holding me. So now I can say that my mom barfed me out 😂

  2. I never felt any contractions! My doctor had to tell me when to push using the monitor thing. Literally did not feel any.

  3. No shame when I had my son they told me to push to see if he would move at all and i farted in the nurses face

  4. When I was born my great grandmother and half the family gave me a wierd look and said "she doesnt look like Eric at all look at those brown eyes" (I'm the only one with brown)….my great grandfather simply replied "well I reckon not Edna, she's not his" he kissed my forehead and was still thankful. We became bestfriends throughout my childhood and the rest of his life before he passed

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