40 Replies to “Their Twin Died in Childbirth, So Mom and Dad Hugged Him Close Then the Impossible Happened”


  2. So tired of hearing about doctors telling people its just reflexes with babies and coma patients. Don't ever give up!

  3. It was God…not science…but if ur gonna say science…God created science…so er go…ITS BECUZ OF GOD…

  4. Newborn babies should NEVER, ever be separated from their mothers, nor their siblings if they are part of a multiple birth. This should be self-evident, and once was.

  5. Bolox…reflex ? What is wrong with …I cannot go on. An an RN for 50 years,,,,do not ever…ever…ever…

  6. WOW !!! I am so happy for you …PRAISE GOD !!!GOD still performs MIRACLES to those who BELIEVE in them , even when the doctors give upย  !!!GOD bless you all !!!

  7. I totally believe in God's Blessings. These parents instinctively did the right thing for their precious baby boy. God will bless this family.

  8. WOW! An amazing video!! God works his miracles in mysterious ways!!! Heart touching and inspirationa video!! Thank you! You always have awesome videos!!!! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’•

  9. I believe it is extremely necessary , I live in Jamaica and when my baby was born the mid wife heard nothing she slapped him and still nothing, she placed him on me and underneath my garment and hit him again he finally cried out , we were both scared and worried until he realized I was still there with him , its extremely necessary for the child to be in contact with his mom right has he's out … I thought I lost my baby, he's smart n health and happy today

  10. Love this. And straight up skin to skin when babies and toddlers have high temps moms or dads help regulate fevers that arent always controlled its pretty awazing stuff the power of love.

  11. What gets me is how could a Doctor not see the baby gasp and do nothing. Even though his heartbeat was negligible still meant he wasn't gone. Glad it all worked out ok. That is what I call a miracle. Praise God!

  12. My placenta ripped when I was 6 months pregnant the doctor said the baby was dead usually you have to carry it to term after a certain amount of time but I was right on that line where they could remove him I refused to sign anything they even tried to get my mom and husband to sign it they refused because they knew my feelings about it. Oh the so called doctor told me he was too small if he were to be born even if he was alive he would not make it even at full term. I checked myself out and went on with my life as I was. i was scared to go to another doctor because I didn't want to have it confirmed . I was bleeding a bit so I knew my placenta really was ripped so I layed in bed and in 3 days later my baby started to move. He is now 21 years old and as for being small like I was told he was 13 lbs and 4 oz …Well lets just say I made sure he was getting nutrients AKA Mexican food and Krispy Kreme for 3 months non stop and it worked . My husband was a lawyer and his firm took my case and I received a very nice settlement. If this happens to you make sure you get in writing when your doctor says something like they need to remove your baby like mine did because that made all the difference in my case when it came to compensation.

  13. God is good ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘…. Jesus name bless these ppl

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