These Comedians Are Exposing Anti-Abortion Crisis Pregnancy Centers [Insights]

Abortion is healthcare!
Healthcare is abortion! -Crisis Pregnancy Centers are
these insidious fronts that pretend like they’re
medical clinics… when in reality, they’re run by
pro-life organizations. [Chanting] -We’re out here, you know,
dressed as suffragettes,
because we’re not going back. You know, women before us,
people before us, they fought
for us to have rights. Abortion is a human right. And
these people are trying to take
that away. -It’s important to draw
attention to these places because people just don’t even
know they exist. -My name is Molly Gaebe and I am
a writer for Lady Parts Justice
League and I’m also a member of the
sketch comedy group, Buzz Off,
Lucille. [Mumbling] They’re going in the
front, for sure. Lady Parts Justice League is a
coven of artists, musicians,
comedians, that use humor to expose
anti-choice organizations. -On their website they say
they’ll help you “understand
your options so that you can make a well
informed decision.” But they’re explicitly run by
the Life Center of Long Island, which used to be called The
Mother and Unborn Baby Care of
Long Island. Like that’s what they’re all
about. -I had an abortion last year. Even though I am a literal
abortion comedian activist, I
still felt shame, and it was a lot for me to
process. It just really cemented my
commitment to being there for other women who are going
through this. To making it accessible and
easily understandable. -Oh, awesome.
-Oh my god, it’s great. At the root of comedy is
exposing hypocrisy. We are going to the clinic,
bringing our sashes and our
signs in full 1900s garb. We’re going to make our voices
heard and let people know what
this place is. This is not a doctor’s office. What is it? From a car window.
[Laughing] We think of New York as this
progressive state. We think that something like
crisis pregnancy centers
couldn’t exist here but,it does. One, two, three. Expose fake
clinics! [Laughing] Alright,
let’s go! I fight for safety. For people
to feel like they’re taken care
of. For people to feel like their
experiences matter. I fight
because f*ck everybody else. Fake clinics are lying sacks,
CPCs give zero facts! -This is one of their many
tactics. -These people in the clinics,
they think they’re doing a
great thing. They think they’re just helping
pregnant women. -I mean this is so important
because reproductive rights are
constantly under assault. No lies between the thighs! No
lies between the thighs! And we just need to let people
know, so that they can make the
change in their own communities.

31 Replies to “These Comedians Are Exposing Anti-Abortion Crisis Pregnancy Centers [Insights]”

  1. What's wrong with not murdering babies? I don't even understand the point of this video. These are the most self centered and backwards people you'll meet.
    DOWN WITH THE LEFT… unsub.

  2. If you're a man you shouldn't even put your opinion on here. Not only women who choose to have multiple partners get pregnant people in relationships, marriages get abortions as well. If you're anti abortion and want women to put their babies up for adoption tell me how many babies have you adopted? There are way too many children placed in shitty homes. It is a women's choice whether she chooses to continue her pregnancy or not. Women talking down on other women is just ugly.

  3. The Abortion Debate = Women avoiding the consequences of sexual fun vs rich people supressing poor people through unwanted fetuses that drain resources.

  4. Actually being involved with these types of clinics, this is completely fake. They don't persuade women to do a choice, they go over choices and what they have because of when a woman goes to health professionalist(PP) women are easily persuaded to get an abortion, which these abortion clinics have to maintain a certain number of abortions each month).

    Bright signs, yelling and screaming, isn't that what they are upset about when people stand outside of abortion clinics?

  5. People fought so we have the right to life and liberty. It would therefore be logical if a group believe that life starts at conception they would be against abortion just as much if you believe life begins when the baby leaves the womb abortion is ok. I just don't understand why you would be against people for having a different view than yourself.

  6. What bothers me about the CPC's is their lack of transparency. They are against admitting that they are indeed not licensed medical providers, even though their staff is dressed to make clients believe that they are trained, medical providers.

  7. Pro life= pro birth, they don't give a shit about the baby or its family after its born.
    Wishing pushy christians would go mind their own damn business and leave the rest of us in peace.

  8. You use "comedy" to promote the MURDERING of innocent children. Where was your last gig Auschwitz birkenau?

  9. Subscribed for being freedom fighters. May the universe bless you. Religion is organized scitzophrenia and control and humans need to free our brethren from lies. You only get one life, forcing a woman to have a child is forcing her to endanger herself. You should never tell someone how to spend their only life. Pro choice is pro freedom bottom line

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