33 Replies to “These Fathers Break Their Silence on Abortion”

  1. Every abortion.. Makes me so sad. I pray to God that people will stop having abortions in the UK and everywhere else in the world

  2. My dad got my mom pregnant 4 times. She had three abortions. Never even told him she was pregnant. It destroyed my father. He never even knew, but he felt guilty. It was tragic. Those happy moments a father has, also caused him so much inner turmoil. He never got to share these moments with his other children. He would hide it, but you could always see it in his eyes that he was … broken. The only memory or feeling he could associate with his other children, was mourning. He spent a lifetime missing them, without ever having been allowed to love them.

  3. Abortion is not just a woman’s right! We need to stop discriminating men and being sexist towards them! These babies are being murdered by MONSTERS! #ChooseFatherhood

  4. Liberals: making abortion illegal violates human rights
    Fathers: making it legal violates our rights to be fathers

  5. I find it amusing how when I read the comments everyone is either apologizing for something they had no control over or starting a pro-life debate that borders on saying regardless of the situation (rape, incest, potential death from birth, etc.) a female shouldn't have a say in what happens to a fetus.

    I'll explain what I mean before a debate breaks out over my phrasing. The comments I refer to are the ones where they say its disgusting for a woman to have a fetus removed. This implies that a female should NEVER have an abortion no matter what.

    There are also agruments where some sound pro-choice and pro-life but ultimately their comments come across as 'the man gets the final say on the matter regardless of how the woman feels".

    I have also seen the statements where people are just so disgusted that a female would choose to get her life together BEFORE bringing one into the world.

    Many of the pro-life statements that I've seen also seem to believe life at contraception is a thing and refuse to acknowledge that others do not believe life begins a contreception.

    I for one believe that a baby is not a baby until it has 3 requirements: 1. A heart beat (proof of life) 2. A consciousness (proof of being) 3. Sustainability (able to possibly survive without its host aka mother's womb)

    Until those 3 are met, a fetus is a parasite as it will die without it's host (the female).

    Many of the comments also seem to ignore the fact that a baby can kill the mother and still die afterwards. Thus you've lost two lives for the price of one.

  6. Women need to get off their backs and grow a set. With all this women's lib bull why are so many of them getting pregnant? Use birth control. Stop the problem before it starts. Guess what women just bc a man thinks you're cute doesn't mean you have to sleep with him. If you're mature enough to have sex then you're mature enough to have children afterall sex is to have children. Not that hard to comprehend.

  7. Ok…well…don't sleep with women with whom you do not want to have a baby or when you do not want to have a baby. Can we talk about that?

  8. So awesome to hear from men! They get told they have no right to an opinion on abortion. It’s ridiculous when it’s their child too! Thank you for this.

  9. My gosh I wanted to raise my baby. My second wife who was my girlfriend at the time sent me away and would have nothing to do with me and got an abortion behind my back. I told her I would have stayed raise the baby help her through school everything but she still sent me away and had the abortion.. We got married anyway and I put her through nursing school while I was in the Navy. And then one day I asked her about it because I couldn't get it out of my mind where that baby was, in my heart I knew. That turned out to be the very reason that I left her and divorced her which I regret because she was an incredible woman. Later on we talked well after the divorce and I realize how it had tortured her to make that choice and do it. I still dream of that baby. Years later my daughter called me and told me she had had an abortion and it really hurt me so I said some things I should not have said. 2 weeks after the abortion my mother was killed in an accident and now I'm just absolutely confused I'm quite pissed off and I'm hollering at God because I couldn't cope with it very well. And then all of a sudden in my kitchen, it was just me alone in there my mother stood before me and she was holding the baby in her arms. I'm here to say there is redemption. There is forgiveness in the midst of confusion and chaos and I hope everyone that reads this would consider crying out to God with all of their heart either before or after whatever because he is the only one that can make this right and heal a broken human heart. A year or two after that my daughter actually came to live with me and when I told her what I had seen this vision of whatever it was she gave her life to Christ shortly thereafter

  10. The men who are being honest saying they were adamant about the abortion. I feel like the men that jump to the option are part of the reason these laws have been passed. I liked the father that called and said keep the baby. All it took was his promise to be there to save that child's life. Both parents need to be responsible for the life they created. It shouldn't be the easy option to take a life.

  11. What they forget is that many men push their girlfriends towards abortion cause they don't want the child

  12. This makes no sense, because as grown men, we all know how to get a woman pregnant and sorry to be critical on this issue, but having unsafe sex not only leads to unwanted pregnancies, but also can lead to dangerous STD's. Before engaging in sex, and if you are not married, birth should had been used from the very beginning. I do not feel sorry for these men, as they were taking a risk of unsafe sex. This is so sad that in today's world, not only men should be prepared, but also women as well. If women do not want to get pregnant, use artificial birth control or make the guy wear a condom. It is best to have a baby with your wife than a girlfriend and after marraige, always plan your family too. Abortion is not the solution, but can danger the woman's reproductive system and does not remove STD's. I know that men do not like using condoms, but it is safer than getting a woman pregant and reduce the risk of STDs.

  13. Shoot. Donald Trump has payed off many women to abort his babies. When asked Trump said that he has nothing to ask God to forgive..

  14. Finally! The hidden victims get to talk! Parents means both a father and a mother not just the mother. It's a joint decision. Thank you for making this video! Keep talking! You have got a sub!

  15. If a grown adult was at the hostpital, in a coma, and you KNEW that the person would wake up after 9 or so months, would you pull the plugs on them and let them die? A sane person would say no. So why kill a helpless baby just because it inconveniences you? I think that if there was a big enough chance that the baby or the mother would be severely harmed or disabled or anything like that, then an abortion could be an option. If the woman was raped and she doesn't want the baby, then an abortion can be an option. But abortion is never the option if the baby inconveniences you. At least give them up for adoption. They aren't a cluster of cells.

  16. Abortion impacts men and women. How dare we make conception about just the woman. It takes two to create the baby. It should be a male and female issue. Many men have been left behind on this. It's a horrible genocide. Men who get someone pregnant need to step up to the plate. Killing a baby is a an act of barbarism. PP is the same as the crematoriums and gas chambers of the Nazis.

  17. How about the millions of fathers whose babies are killed without the woman even telling them she has become pregnant or all the fathers who aren’t allowed to decide. If we can’t outlaw abortion, it should be required that a father legally sign consent for a woman to murder his baby. It’s his child too ffs!

  18. Don't have sex with someone who you don't want a baby with. Sorry but it is the truth. Don't put your partner in the position of needing to terminate.

  19. Murdering these unborn babies is a total loss and there is nothing that can ever eliminate the horrors.

  20. This video touched my heart 😪. Blessings to these men for expressing themselves 🙏. We need more videos like these.

  21. I was with a woman for 5 years. She was already a single mom to a beautiful little girl I adored. I could never be her "father", but I Damn sure tried. I still have pictures of her up in my home. About 2 years in, a little over, she had to move back to her home state. Circumstances prevented me from following. We tried the long distance thing. I'd fly out and spend a month, a weekend. She'd fly here, do the same. About 4 years into our relationship, over the phone, she told me she was pregnant when she moved back home, and had abortion shortly after getting there. Almost 2 years had gone by, and she never even mentioned it. Not once. I've never been so heartbroken in my life. She lied to me, betrayed me, and killed my child. The woman I loved….. I was never even involved in the process. I had no say at all. I should have though. I did help create the life, our child. Our relationship quickly started to deteriorate from that phone call. I tried to move past it. I really did. But I couldn't. Even now tears are in my eyes. It's so shameful that we, men, have no voice in this. Right now I would've had a beautiful child getting ready to finish 4th grade. She couldn't even remember the date she had the abortion………….. My heart goes out to you gentlemen. It truely does.

  22. My heart has been so heavy for 40 years for daddies who did not have the right to choose life for their unborn children. Father grieve too! It is not normal to take a child by force out of the womb. I am the voice of experience. You don't want to live with the memories l have for 40 years. My baby's father didn't want his child, but there are so many that did. If l can help you or just listen. Let me know.

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