These Funny Pregnancy Videos Will Make You Smile

[Applause] well the babies in its crib yeah baby yeah baby yeah baby yeah yeah you see get out I wanna play with you me yeah you wanna play there see the babies let me hold it baby let me hold the baby Casey what are you serious what your brother's kicking you what's his name what's his name good girl you have the mama get that baby out [Applause] [Laughter] look up okay man damn animal even little little little down to down to doodle now little a man before then you call me afterwards you ate the last check can I pet the baby can I pet the baby oh it's grandma I'm betting a baby that grandpa pet the baby it's a tendon 9:00 in the morning and the doctor gave Herman an ambien so that she could sleep and this is what she looks like now retirement hi Carmen out like a light going okay here's curly and Cooper Carly and her skinny little bikini you see if it'll do it [Laughter] [Laughter] Grande Ronde what are they iced still my husband did you forget grande a grande iced decaf americano I'm still pregnant aren't I aren't I soothe baby grande iced decaf americano with one and a half bucks white mocha that's anything change my drink isn't it okay thanks honey be right back you

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