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hey guys I just got out of my third third ultrasounds and that's appointment right estradiol was 24 and they had seen five two days later and we'll find out today at five o'clock what the results were for my labs if they're gonna change my meds if they're going to add anything right now I feel like I'm an emotional roller coaster because last Sunday Thursday I had five today Saturday they have they found aids so holy moly I can't I'm just gonna keep praising you know God gives me the amount of eggs I need to make our baby use so that's pretty much okay set aside the vial with alcohol the tax large mixing needle to syringe you're gonna attach the large mixing unit the syringe and injected dose that's in the needle into the bottle injecting typing let it dissolve completely you can swirl but do not shake and once you're done bring it back into the needle I did this right Matt carefully captain remove large mixing needle and throw away and replace it with the injecting the screen injection site with alcohol pad all right first one good morning I just had my date for Arnall I just had my fourth ultrasound and labs appointment that's what forever I had my appointment at 7:15 and I just got home it's almost 8:30 it took 45 minutes to call me in and of course that takes time to do the lives and everything they were like super busy where they did everything backwards they were like words or girls or so on first and then we're doing your labs and usually that's just like a specific area where they do it they did it right in the room we were super busy but good news is they found 12 follicles which I'm SuperDuper happy about yeah the girl was like I see a few smaller ones but they're a little bit too small to measure I don't know what that would look like by Friday today's Monday but she's like everything is growing everything looks good so far so we'll see today what happens with the with the tester down see what my estrogen levels are at good I feel like I was gonna say something else and then I forgot because I'm feel like I'm 100 rounds an hour cause it's trying to give myself I need to leave I need to get to work early so I feel like I'm already running late appointment took forever oh that's the other thing because his appointment took so long I said they put my my alarm to go off at 8:15 in the morning so I can take out the gondola out of the refrigerator for like 10-15 minutes before I give myself the shot and I got home at 8:25 so my alarm was going off because I didn't have my phone on me I just got cut off by my own phone I need to give myself the shot but there's only five minutes since I took out the gun on the front of the refrigerator I left my phone at home my line what's going on yeah so I'm like I feel like I'm going a hundred miles an hour today so this is gonna be super dangerous but I'm gonna have to give myself two shot in the car I don't know

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