hey guys welcome back to my channel today's video I'm going to be talking about my third trimester must-haves I am currently at 35 weeks and two days pregnant with our baby girl brynlee so I still have about a month or so in my third trimester but I wanted to go ahead and just make this video now because you never know I could go into labor early and there's a couple more videos in the upcoming weeks before baby girl comes that I definitely want to get out for you guys as well so stay tuned for those these things that I'm gonna be talking about are just stuff that really helped me in the third trimester which is a super uncomfortable trimester if you ask me I'm not a medical professional so any type of supplements or anything like that as always check with your doctor first before taking anything like that what works for me and might not work for you and whatever I can link down below that I talked about I will put a link for you guys so you can check them out as well if you're an expectant mama too so if you guys haven't seen my first trimester and second trimester must-have videos I will link those down below as well because there's actually a lot of things in both of those videos that I still use I've just used a lot of time throughout my entire pregnancy like my pregnancy pillow I still take b6 in unisom every night before bed just because every time I stop I end up getting sick to my stomach so I just decided to take that throughout my entire pregnancy I still take my prenatals of course I make sure to drink plenty of water and I still use the same Burt's Bees Belly butter that I've been using throughout this entire pregnancy so if you want to hear more about those like I said just check out my past must-have videos alright so let's get into what to wear and your third trimester so one of the things that I purchased once I got into my third trimester that I was kind of skeptical about whether or not I was gonna get this so I was like it just doesn't sound necessary it is trust me it's necessary and makes a world of day difference and that is maternity oh my god I can't talk maternity underwear so the kind I got are from Amazon they're called kindred bravely I believe is the brand and I got a 5 pack for like 28 bucks and they go underneath your bellies so they kind of overlap and your belly can stretch over them they are so comfortable so comfortable so soft and just so much better than a regular underwear with a straight waistband that's probably going to be cutting into your belly the bigger and bigger you get get some maternity underwear totally worth it along those same lines of underwear I'm also going to talk about the bras that I purchased in my third trimester so I talked about and I believe first and second that I really liked the soft cup with no underwire because your breasts are just really sensitive the third trimester I found they're not as sensitive necessarily but they're definitely getting bigger and rather than just getting a bigger size regular bra I decided to get more nursing bras that way I could wear them after baby girl is here as well so the brand that I absolutely love is from Target and it's called a den and I believe all bras in that brand are like $20 and under super affordable a couple ones that I got is just this black and it is a nursing bra it's not underwire it's soft cups and I got this one and I got a nude one as well I also got this sports bra which I love this one whoops and it is padded and it's also nursing again so you just unclip it down super comfortable racerback I love it both of these were under $20 and I just can't talk about how comfortable this brand is a target one of my top must-haves in the third trimester is a maternity belt again I was skeptical over whether or not this was actually necessary I or one for a little while a very short period of time I kind of borrowed one from my chiropractor in the first trimester because I was having a really bad sciatic nerve pain but obviously I didn't even have a bump then the one I borrowed from them was really uncomfortable so I just kind of had it in my head that I'm not going to get one in the third trimester no get one shop around if you need to try out a different a few different ones but this one that I got from Target I absolutely loved so this is the front of it and it goes underneath your belly and kind of helps raise your belly and then the back goes around your back and it is velcro so you can just adjust as tight as you want and the material is stretchy I love this thing it was $23 on Amazon the brand is as med and I think $23 is really a good price for something like this I wear this every single day at this point especially when I know I'm going to be walking around the stores a lot the pressure from your belly on your hip bones is just really painful sometimes and within the last couple of weeks my lower back pain has gotten really really bad and this does make a big difference so highly recommend a maternity belt for your third trimester a couple other clothing items that I suggest especially if you're having a spring or summer pregnancy like you're super pregnant in those hotter months is cotton under the belly maternity shorts and sundresses if you can find dresses that aren't necessarily maternity but work with a bump that's great I have some of those I also have dresses that are specifically maternity and just dresses overall when you're hot when your belly is huge they are so comfortable I'm all about not wearing pants so when it comes to being in the third trimester when it's 95 degrees out which has been like every single day the brand that I have found for both of these items on Amazon is called Macy and it's spelled M a CIE the shorts that I found through that brand look like this I have this pair and a black pair as you can see they go under the belly they kind of overlap here so so comfortable these were 15 dollars a pair I had to get two they do have pockets and they're just regular yoga shorts with the white stripes the black ones have white stripes down the bottom as well I love these I wear both pairs every single week so comfortable I also found a really pretty dress with sunflowers all over it from the same brand and I want to say the dress was like 23 or 24 dollars I can't show it to you because it's actually in the hamper because I wore it a few days ago but I'll insert a picture of the dress here it is beautiful and it's also really practical for a once baby girl is here because it has buttons and I can just easily unbutton it to nurse her so I love versatile pieces like that the last thing I'm going to talk about as far as what to wear is something that I myself am guilty of not following and that is supportive shoes my feet have been hurting really quickly as I walk around a lot and like I said it's summer I'm wearing flip-flops almost every single day which I really shouldn't be some days when I do wear like a good pair of athletic sneakers I really do notice the difference the support that those give me versus like a flat pair of sandals really makes the difference in my feet and my calves and my legs if you can wear supportive shoes I probably should have invested and like I know they have foam like memory foam type flip-flops I know that there can be kind of pricey I probably should have invested in a pair like that but at this point I'm so close that I'm just not going to do it but I would suggest getting a supportive pair of shoes don't do like I do and wear flip-flops every day because it hurts the only thing different in the third trimester as far as like what to take and what to eat for me was my tie of heartburn remedy I told you guys in the second trimester tubs were definitely a must-have that was my heartburn kicked in for me well once I got to the third trimester tums no longer cut it and I actually got a prescription from my doctor it's basically like a generic form of zantac so zantac is safe to take during pregnancy but it's actually cheaper with my insurance to get like a prescription form than it is to buy the brand over-the-counter so if your heartburn is not getting better in the third trimester talk to your doctor because there are other options and let me tell you the stuff that they gave me is a lifesaver I no longer have heartburn and it's wonderful the last couple of things for my third trimester must haves go along with just what to do for yourself what to use and they go along with back pain because that has been one of my most uncomfortable symptoms especially later and later into my third trimester so get an ice pack you will want one if you're having any kind of back pain like I do I actually liked you to tuck an ice pack in my back brace and so it stays in place it doesn't move and I'll wear it around the house or sitting down or whatever for like 20 minutes on and then I'll take it out 20 minutes off and just go back and forth until I get some relief that really helps you can even get one that will go from heat to cold I think they're like little rice sacks and you can heat it up in the microwave to make it warm or stick it in the freezer to make it cold but for me ice is really helpful when my back pain is acting up the last thing I would say not necessarily a must-have for the third trimester more like a must-do again if you have a similar back pain like I do chiropractor go to the chiropractor as much as you can get adjusted and get a prenatal massage it is life-changing like I go to my chiropractor as much as I can at this point I would love to be going once a week I do plan on getting a prenatal massage my second prenatal massage in just a couple of weeks I can't wait it just helps so much with all of the tyent muscles and back pain it's also really beneficial to help baby like move down in the birth canal and to be in the right position and just to relax your muscles and all of that I've just heard it's really beneficial to prepare for the actual delivery process and it feels really really good so if you can and go to the chiropractor as much as you can okay guys that is everything for my third trimester must haves a little bit shorter of a list this time because like I said I'm still implementing a lot of things that I've used in the first and second trimester so like I said these are just things that have helped me I know a lot of people also swear by like the big exercise balls that you can bounce on and other things like that a lot of people say to stock up on breast pads and your third trimester because you might start leaking I haven't started leaking yet and I haven't found a need for an exercise ball at this point which is why I didn't include them on my list but definitely something to keep in mind the farther along I get but thank you guys so much for watching don't forget to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed and subscribe if you are new and I will see you guys next time bye


  1. Ah I'm so excited to see your baby. And I wanted to let you know I finally hit the second trimester with my rainbow bean and watching you helped with my mental health trying to figure out how to get over miscarriages and ttc.

  2. Girl I had to move at 30 weeks pregnant i am now almost 33 weeks and just now getting the last of things in this heat its been terrible!

  3. That was the exact same maternity belt I had when I was pregnant and it was a lifesaver, especially when working out. I actually wore it for a few weeks postpartum also.

  4. i need a pregrancy belt asap but i think i will give birth and the belt wont arrive on time lol! i as m walking and holding my belly! do you do that? 35week

  5. So happy to see your subscribers list growing you do deserve it 😊 I’ve been here since about 1.5k and said from the beginning that you were one of my favourite you-tubers, and still are 😊 x

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