Third Trimester Pregnancy with subtitle

Hi viewers I explain you about third trimester of pregnancy That is 7 to 9 months of pregnancy Each women’s experience is different some women’s feel third trimester is hardest trimester in pregnancy THIRD TRIMESTER SYMPTOMS No 1:Increased Weight While baby factors into part of this added weight, placenta and extra blood in your system. About 30 pound of weight gain is normal during Pregnancy. Breast Changes: Women’s tend to gain 1 to 3 pounds breast tissue during pregnancy Increased Urination when uterus press on your bladder make you feel running to bathroom often during third trimester. you can feel more pressure near your due date Varicose Veins you can notice blue or raised veins on your body that is varicose veins this appear most frequently in the legs when uterus press the pelvis veins , blood tends to pool in legs causing varicose veins Back pain As abdominal grows make some tightness in your lower back Another important reason for lower back pain is Hormonal changes No 6: Swelling Swollen feet in third trimester. when uterus press the veins that bring blood back out of leg, leaving then swollen other parts of the body may begin to swell such as face and hands PRENATAL CARE You will visit your doctor most frequent in third trimester. After 36 weeks you need to visit doctor once a week Expect more pelvic exams and general discussion of your condition DIABETES Gestational diabetes is only present during pregnancy if you diagnosed gestational diabetes, a proper diet should be able to manage the problem ANEMIA: low red blood cell count is make us anemic if you are found anemic you need to take iron supplement to boost your hemoglobin in blood Being anemic during pregnancy can cause preterm labour Group B strep group b strep is a bacteria that lives in women’s rectum or vagina this is not harm for mother.But it can cause a serious infection for baby if your test positive you need to go on antibiotic during pregnancy Baby Position your baby’s position monitored by your doctor if your baby is breech position the doctor may attempt to turn the baby . C section is possibility in the case of a breech baby DIET AND EXERCISE if you are OK in first and second trimester. you can continue your exercise in third trimester with your doctor advise avoid risk exercises and heavy weight lifting too don’t eat for two. Try to eat smaller and frequent meal for you and your baby receive all the proper nutrients BABY DEVELOPMENT Baby develop faster during third trimester 30th Week of pregnancy baby can open and close his eyes . baby bones harden and his kick much more noticeable Baby will also continue to gain weight , up to 1/2 pound a week from here week 31 baby’s lungs continue to develop to maturity. if he is born at this point , the survival rate is high Weeks 33 baby can blink his eyes Weeks 34 you will probably not feel baby moving because his room is running out weeks 36 baby moving into the head down position to prepare for birth baby is full term at 37 weeks baby continues to gain weight and store fat . The brain continue to develop too. Your due date has arrived at weeks 40 and baby should make an appearance in the world anytime now i explained you about third trimester. please subscribe this video, if you like it. Thanks For Watching

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