1. Congratulations man

    But I’m calling Viviana out
    -PC indoors
    -Violet shirt isn’t AR 670-1 compliant
    -Talking with her hands to an NCO

    Attention!-Half right face!-Front leaning rest position move!-In cadence-Exercise one two three

  2. Idea for you: How about doing a video on State Defense Forces? They are an auxiliary to the National Guard authorized by federal and state laws. For myself, I was on Active duty (Army) got out after 4 years and went to college. Anyway, I got bored and decided to join the Guard. Well, I blew out my knee in a training accident and was boarded out. Never thought I would wear the uniform again! (This was 20 years ago) Then I noticed my principal, a Vietnam Vet going off to drill. That’s when he told me about the California State Guard. Anyway, I have been a member for 18 years now and serve as the Senior Enlisted Advisor for the Chaplain Corps.

    The State Guard might be a place for those who want to serve but cannot due to an injury or they are too old to go Active or National Guard.

    Just a thought…

    MSG (CA) Ramey

  3. Congrats to your family!! So awesome!!

    Arch can you make another infantry video with a infantry guy present again? Maybe one that's been in for a few years at least and talking about their current life in the infatry and their experiences (pros/cons)

  4. Congrats, Arch! I've been following you since the summer before my freshman year of high school and now I'm a senior and I'm enlisting in October. Once again, congrats on everyring, Archie

  5. this video is so adorable. made me smile big and helped take my mind off my grandpas funeral im going to in an hour

  6. She looks just like you; good genetics ! And she's wearing purple just like the goofy outfit I wear πŸ™‚ Boy or a girl ? who's cares-as long as you are all healthy and safe.

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    BABY GIFT REGISTRY! I messed up on the schedule because it was supposed to be uploaded on Sunday JUNE 30th my B-day but oh well…It's out now lol

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