hey guys and welcome back to my channel this is not a video that I actually want to film a native film it because I addressed something in my last video that people made a groove in books and they were talking about Samara myself Mikaela like RB and Rider and I thought that was bad but no it wasn't I've just found out that they have been speaking about Asha and Arlo and before this I wasn't publicly what wasn't publicly sharing their names but their posts or anything like that but I actually do not care now I am gonna scoot to their level for a minute and I'm gonna read some of the things that I've just said because I have bought Asher and aloe into this now the things that I have said so disgusting is my me literally feel sick to my stomach I can't eat I literally have been I just honestly I feel disgusting like the first they are talking about saying like this photo and they like edited one of them in and stuff and they're saying like a day to post that in a group hug and they're like one of those like no thanks I don't want them to think I'm in their gang like whatever don't care about them looking about us like whatever but do not bring my fucking kids into this they're saying I wonder if they're all pregnant again and someone's like I think it's weird they all fall pregnant at the same time that Samoa can't she has to wait six months after still Beth I think in that it's the only it's like one falls pregnant and the others are like oh my god okay we have to get pregnant and let me just skip some B's I don't want to hear and read the whole thing because they literally don't deserve my time you're probably watching this video because you're that obsessed with us you watch all of our videos follow us on Instagram and Facebook like hunt go your way you've got nothing better to do with your life one of them saying I don't I couldn't think of anything worse than being pregnant at the same time as a close friend or family member you just know there's some competition between but they won't show up so I'm pretty sure because she technically delivered although it's an actual baby it's considered an actual baby delivery if that makes sense so just like doctor's recommendation it's they have to wait and though I don't care how rude it sounds they said I'm sorry for them losing their babies at the same time but it's so weird and sus how is it sus Samara went in because she had lack of movements so I took her in Tim looked after the boys actually smiles mom looked after Ryder and Tim looked after Abby and then when smiles mom need to go there once she found out Allah had passed Tim looked after the boys we were there Samara delivered allo I started feeling some random cramps they weren't even that bad so I wasn't going to get checked I thought hey you know what my best friend's just lost her son so I'm gonna get checked I got checked and he had no heartbeat it hadn't even been 24 hours from the moment that we found out about our load that we found out about a shoe I shouldn't even have to address any of this but she delivered him on a second I delivered a show on the 4th the medication wasn't working for me I had to do two doses I delivered him like a normal baby it was a normal labor it was painful I had no pain relief I've had contractions I literally gave birth him just like Samara just like we did a vegan rider I don't understand how they apparently not a baby but that's not the worst of him they said for some reason I feel like Samara was actually pregnant and crystal wasn't I actually that thick in your fucking head she says something along the lines of crystals stroking struggling at the facts Amara was miscarrying like too much but who would go to the extent of burying babies that never existed you're joking right how did they not exist we literally have proof proof of ultrasounds and our bellies freakin growing finding out their gender videos they said well there's photo of them both holding their babies like I can show you photos of Usher and Allah if you really want like they were 100% real baby they said it says the same day as my best friend experienced cramping summer someone had to say it yeah but the photos are a bit full on but I think it's weird how it will happen to the same day does anyone have a feeling that Samara lost hers and Christopher didn't want to be pregnant with her without Samara so opted for an abortion I have said a few times on my channel how against abortion I am unless there is actually something medically wrong with your baby that they would not survive when they were born I would never bought my son I tried for ashes so much like I've literally got proof of how much I tried I tracked my ovulation and everything why would I bought my son just because my best friend lost her son I said I'm not against abortion but in a scenario like that that would be fucked like I understand everyone grieves differently but crystal didn't cry at all in her video I don't think I'm pretty sure I've even said on my channel how guilty I felt that I didn't cry my story and that I wrote it down because I wrote it down the night before and I was so upset that I would just wanted to write it down I wanted to remember it also I wanted to get every single inch of information in that video for me to remember and to share my story to make other mums feel like they're not alone sorry that I didn't sit there and bawl my eyes out yes I am upset I love my son so much and I cried so much my grieving process everyone grieves bloody differently I took a couple days I cried so much when Samara lost alo and then I was so numb from then on for a couple days and then I bawled I shouldn't have to explain that my heart is broken into a million pieces that people could think that I would have bought my son and that I would lie and I'm not even pregnant like you actually have to be that thick in your head to think that they said like Chris has a right his story down Asmara told us how she actually felt Cole they like you're onto something I don't know it just seemed suss I've had a feeling for a while that smart actually lost Arlo involuntarily but Chris who didn't want to be pregnant without Samara so she opted for an abortion so they could try again together and then they're just talking about Kim you were bought after 12 weeks blah blah blah I said honestly it's disgusting if that's what she fucking did it's fucking disgusting you're disgusting for even suggesting it oh I'm actually getting so angry I didn't want to share this type of video on my channel but honestly this has infuriated me that people could think that I would do that about my son I shouldn't be addressing the hate but I have to pick what if other people were out there and think oh she faked because I definitely didn't I have all the photos I have ultrasounds like but uh and then they said maybe she took Samaras medication when we have the medication they stand there and they watch you take it there's four doses and then I didn't take our medication I had my own medication she said like if she didn't have to take all of hers maybe crystal took one so then she did miscarry that's what the doctors would have seen was her miscarrying surely not and there would have been no record of abortion so doctors would have seen as miscarriage didn't they do autopsies they also chose against autop is no beep no he didn't means my both got autopsies done on both of the boys we had them both cremated and then we had a funeral of a burial to get them buried together because they were our actual babies and they said well there you go who the fuck would go through that and not find out why they did a genetic thing on themselves but not the babies you're you're actually dumb we had autopsies done enemy had genetic testing on done done on myself Samara Alex and Tim like Moo saying it's a hundred percent plant well Samar we don't doubt she miscarried Cristal is our theory is correct is Cristal the one you sent to the vlogs of another Samoa in the videos because I was sending our videos I said gotcha crystals the more annoying one cool okay crystal apparently did an autopsy – yeah the one with a permanent bitch face dude literally just jealous oh my god can they even do an autopsy on a tiny 16 week old pregnancy he was 19 centimeters long his head was 11 centimeters he wasn't just a little speck but you probably think he was he was actually a full-blown bloody baby if you want to see what a frickin baby looks like at almost 17 weeks I'll happily show you oh I just hope well of course I did take one of Samaras pills they wouldn't have known because then she would have given those pills to continued miscarrying they're just like saying conspiracy and all of this stuff they said why do we suggest and I watch watch more annoying bitch face or the other one they said bitch face bitch face for sure they're talking I'm a calling me bitch face what really pisses me off as well one of these mums has a magazine article because her child's special she's not special she has a birthmark on her face she goes on about how she hates bullying because her daughter would get bullied blah blah blah but yeah you're the one bullying me and SMAW not even just means my literally our children and kids that aren't even here to defend themself or kids that are old enough to defend themself and they're saying that our videos are long and shit if you watch anyone's stillbirth story or late miscarriage story whatever I literally hate the term miss character or whatever they're all long because there's a lot to explain a lot goes on and they're saying are we bad people for questioning this and that's literally most of the messages and I've shared these publicly on my Instagram page I've shared them publicly on my facebook on our mama support group because people need to see how disgusting they are I let people know that they had said things like Alvie only notice he doesn't have a good diet he has no color means smart reining in YouTube for the fame we want to do meet and greets I didn't even go into it that much of my video because I didn't want to give them the time of my day but now I am going into it because they have brought up my son saying that I aborted him there's no way in the world that I would have bought my son I hate abortion but that's all I want to say I want to share to the world how disgusting these girls are and if you want to read them then go onto my Instagram and you can read them because I'm going to post this video over right now because it is the 21st of June and it's 7:30 so I'm gonna try and get this up now because I'm disgusted so I'll see in my next video on a happier note because I did not want to film this and have such a negative video on my channel but I'll see you next time


  1. Thank you for everyone's support and who has taken time to comment or message me on Instagram! I know we have much more support than what we do hate but this just crossed the line xx

  2. I'm really sorry that these people feel the need to bully you and samara, they must be so miserable in their own lives. Is there any way you can block these delightful moles

  3. So sorry you Girl's had to go through this, my heart goes out to you 💔😩 shame on these people!! Take care ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️XO

  4. These people sound like they’re honestly jealous hun, of the bond you beautiful girls have ❤️ keep your chin up.. sending you love x

  5. Darling Crystal, please block those ugly trolls & hold your head up high. Those women are JEALOUS, BORED, INSECURE LIARS. You do not need to justify ANYTHING to them. Those of us who follow you & Samara adore you & would not ever EVER doubt for one second that the loss of Asher & Arlo was contrived, false OR intentional. I have never heard such vicious lies about two beautiful, young, bereaved, strong, capable women like you & Samara EVER. Rise above that pond scum, give yourself time to process your anger & then delete this video because darling girl it is not worth addressing. Sending you big virtual hugs & so much love & support. ❤️❤️💙💙💫💫💝

  6. I love your Vlogs & so sorry you had to endure the horrible situation of miscarriage 😔 I am so disgusted at these bitches!! It makes me sick 🤢 You & Samara are freaking awesome!! Let them be jealous lol you girls are so much better then them 😉

  7. Omg Crystal that’s horrible! My friend told me about your channel and whole this thing. Just want to say that I’m here to support you girl! You’ve been through a lot! My heart goes out for you! I am pregnant 39 weeks now and I keep having nightmares as we all do I believe while pregnant. Sorry I’m a bit of a mess. Just wanted to show my support. Subscribing

  8. Why are they targeting you babe? The fact that a mother is the main person doing this to you makes me so sick!! We all stuck up for her when her daughter was getting bullied and she goes and does this? Fucking disgusting.

  9. And i hope to God that you guys fall pregant again same time , its embarrassing women Woman mums bully other mums , i love watching your videos i would watch it even if was 1hour long so tell those b… to get a life and leave other be 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  10. omg im literally fuming , first ypu dont have to justify. Being pregnant same time with your best friend its a beautiful thing , its a bond to share . plus they not with you guys to see how came they talking about you not crying the length of the videos is like 20 minuts wtf , i can see tht they dont have nothing better to do thts why they talking nonsence . bunch of jealousy womens dont have nothing better to do i hate bullys

  11. Crystal I am so sorry that you and Samara have had to go through what has been said, the low life’s will get their comeuppance, please know that you both have all our support and prayers, sending love and hugs from the other side of the world xx

  12. This is awful. You poor woman. Sending you lots of love. Please don’t focus on them anymore. It’s only going to bring you more heartache x

  13. People who make it their business to comment on others are generally pretty miserable in their own lives. It makes them feel better to put others down or speculate on things that are ABSOLUTELY NOT any of their business. I understand why you felt compelled to address the abhorrent and malicious comments made by these women. Now rise above, carry on doing what you are doing because it is good and comes from exactly the right place. Leave those excuses for people to wallow in their misery.

  14. I am so sorry that you are having to deal with cyber bullies on top of the pain you are feeling from your loss. Try to keep your head held high and know that the things they are saying 100% show who they are and karma will get them.

  15. Jeez I hope you feel better now those people are disgusting I'm sorry you went through this I saw your video from another mom on fb

  16. Honestly, these women aren't worth your time and energy. I am so sorry you had to read these hateful comments about you and your beautiful babies. But how sad must their lives be that they have to tear down other mothers who have been through such traumatic experiences, just to make themselves feel better? What sad and pathetic lives they must lead. I don't know who these women are, but they really should be ashamed of their behavior and the hurtful things they have said. It is never okay to put others down in any situation. Move on, never give them the time of day again. Good on you for sticking up for yourself and your babies, but f*** those pathetic women. Moving on with your life! Lots of love xxx

  17. Crystal you don't have to answer these fucked up comments. Those people should be named and shamed you bloody disgusting fuck heads. I believe that you and Samara's baby needed each other in heaven together. Please don't take on what these bitches are saying. I love watching both you and Samara's vlogs so much. As I said you and Samara are the best mothers to your children. These people don't even know what they are on about omg the shit they saying is total crap. Keep up your vlogs and make them longer the both of you. Love u both

  18. Karma will get them can u send up the article or their page… I will definitely have a lot of feedback to give that shitty parent…..

  19. Those girls are horrible. I can't believe how petty they are. Crystal I'm so sorry they have said these things about you.

  20. Is this shit for real? I cannot believe what I am listening to. What horrible girls. I say girls because no grown ass woman would act this way. I am so sorry you are going through this. The worst part is they are saying things that you have addressed many times over. And of course autopsies can be done that early. Heck, they test D&C babies lost at 8 weeks! Absolutely clueless, so they should keep their mouths shut! Who gives a shit if your videos are long lol? It's your bloody channel. This is unreal. I'm sorry you're going through this, absolutely ridiculous.

  21. makes me so upset and fucking angry how worked up you get and how this effects you and your family. Pathetic scummy people, literally nothing but a jealous bunch of cows. I still can't believe they came up such a disgusting theory, like how messed up in the head do you have to be to think of something so messed up and then have 6 girls all go along and agree with it by putting in there unwanted 2 cents. CLEARLY have nothing better to do with their pathetic little lives. Honestly so disgusting.

  22. absolutely disgusting that some people can even be this harsh and small minded. it’s NONE of their business.
    there is a whole tribe behind you who believes you and supports you.💗
    i believe you. i can see your hurt for your boys and it’s not fair. Alvey is very well cared for aswell as his bestie Ryder and Asher & Arlo are resting peacefully. it’s absolutely horrific to see a group of people become this low and gruesome.
    keep your head high, you’re a strong, kick-ass Mama. you & Samara have got this.💗
    we believe in you!

  23. The fact you even have to
    Make this video is horrible! The fact that these girls could say these things is just so messed up!! Head up you and Tim are fantastic! Xxx

  24. OMG you poor darling. Block them from everything. I am not on Instagram or Facebook so l am only watching on Utube. Can't believe these stupid people how cruel they can be. Nothing in their life that's for sure. Makes me so angry when you and Samara have suffered such enormous amount of grief. Love your channel both you and Samara and your little boys are beautiful. Love and hugs xxxx

  25. Nasty girls, clearly have nothing better to do then dribble shit and make up disguising rumours. I’m so shocked, good on you for posting this! Xxxx

  26. There truly are some horrid people out there dont have to worry about them crystal they bot worth worrying about they are key board warriors.

  27. This is disgusting!!!! Sending you and Samara so much love. We need women supporting women, mums supporting mums – this breaks my heart to see other mums tearing each other down for no reason. You have all our support! Please message me if you need ANYTHING ❤️

  28. The fact that you even have to make a video defending yourself absolutely appals me! I’m astounded at the shit these girls were saying! Disgusting.

  29. Omg I started getting really upset when I saw you getting upset. Some people must really live such miserable lives if this is what they get up to. It really does sound like jealousy. You have an amazing friendship, a relationship, a nice home and a beautiful son. Unfortunately for some, they can't be happy for other people who have what they don't have. Chin up hun, we are here for you xxxx <3

  30. Some people are just fucked up, they are just jealous and obviously don’t have anything better to do with their time.
    Dnt let them get u down 💗

  31. The crying thing- some people deal with things differently like crying isn’t always the first thing people go to when they have been through something massive. People need to get that and understand that there are many other ways people deal with things not just crying. I didn’t cry at my
    Dads funeral but that’s just how I dealt with my grief and I cried loads later on. Head up girl these people are low life scum probably bored shitless out of their own lives so they pick on yours. Xox

  32. The abortion thing took it to an entirely new level and that's just horrific that anyone would question if the boys were real. Sometimes all we have as mums is photographs or ultrasounds ❤️❤️

  33. You don’t need to justify yourself to these bullies. Absolutely disgusting that other mothers can speak like this and or even make assumptions about other people’s business/situations.
    People say hurtful and nasty thing because they aren’t happy with their own life / jealous for what you have.
    Do not for one moment doubt yourself or the situation you have been through. All your boys would be so proud for protecting them.
    From one mother to another you have my support and am so proud of you for standing up for yourself and family. Xxx

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