26 Replies to “This is Your C-Section in Two Minutes | Glamour”

  1. Dude, there are people in the comments who keep saying that all this makes them not want kids. All I do is sigh wistfully and hope to go through this process one day which, no matter how painful, will be totally worth it for me. What's wrong with me? xD

  2. I’m a twin and my mom had a c-section. Since there were two of us, the operation took longer. The only reason why she had to was because my head was facing the wrong way. My mom said it was the worst pain in her life.
    And it’s all my fault. 😑

  3. Good try , but both my csection s were terrible …only difference is for the 1st I got panicked for second I got used to . 😁😂😂

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