This Mom Showed Off Her Huge Pregnant Belly – And Revealed The Reality Of Her Rare Condition

this mom showed off her huge pregnant belly and revealed the reality of a rare condition Maria your stead was in the middle of her second pregnancy but this one was very different to the first most obviously her belly suddenly seemed to be expanding very rapidly so she took to Instagram to show off the eye-catching evidence the result of an extremely rare condition she was experiencing in her gestation your stead a native of Norway holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees in film and television and has worked as an editor director producer and post producer in 2014 she moved to Copenhagen Denmark for a four-month stint working on the Danish version of the popular TV cooking competition MasterChef once she arrived in the Danish capital your stead logged on to tinder and started swiping she matched with a man named Anders short stirrup who worked as a freelance web developer he also played keyboards an alcoholic faith mission an indie rock band six days after matching the pair went on their first date it must have gone well as just six months later they moved in together in 2016 they became parents to their first child a son named Michael and by the summer of 2018 the couple were ready to say I do even before the wedding your stead and star up knew they wanted to give their son a brother or sister they naturally conceived again and headed in for the first ultrasound excited to find out if they were going to have a boy or a girl to fulfill our family your stead wrote on Instagram but the appointment didn't go as planned we had our first ultrasound at exactly 13 weeks and got the biggest surprise of our life total shock your stead wrote alongside an image of her crying on the way home from the hospital the shark and emotion she felt was understandable considering what doctors had told her and her husband the couple had become pregnant naturally and they just so happen to have conceived fraternal triplets without the aid of fertility drugs the birth rate for triplets in the u.s. in 2015 was about 100 3.6 per 100,000 deliveries a roughly one in 1,000 chance doesn't sound too rare until you consider the fact that multiple births are often the result of fertility treatments which your said did not have at just 14 weeks gestation your stead could already see the difference between her first pregnancy with one child and her second pregnancy with three she shared a photo comparing her bellies noting how much bigger her triplet bump was as the week's went on she shared more about her physical and emotional state big highs and deep lows these days dizziness and nausea again she wrote alongside photos that showed her beaming and crying which she said were taken just four hours apart by 23 weeks the size of her belly was pretty shocking she looks similar to moms reaching the final days of one baby pregnancies at the time though your stead seemed unfazed the belly is getting noticeably heavier day to day she wrote but I'm feeling quite good all considering four weeks later even your said herself was shocked at the size of her triplet belly calling it amazing she added seems unreal that it's going to get even bigger I need a lot of rest but overall I'm still feeling quite good my thirty weeks your stead was starting to feel the strain in a number of ways the last few days have been tough the pregnancy is really starting to take its toll on me she described in an Instagram post featuring yet another belly picture frequent Braxton Hicks contractions itchy and stinging skin on my tummy bed sleep sore gums she added she then revealed that her itchiness had worsened and doctors had diagnosed her with paretic her cardial papules and plaques of pregnancy or pupp be your stead described it as a terrible itchy rash that spread from her belly to her arms and legs fortunately PU PvP poses zero risk for mother's unborn child or children it's just an annoyance that lasts until the woman delivers her baby Thank You body for that extra gift officially feeling sorry for myself your stead admitted when she revealed her condition at 33 weeks four days your stead shared of videos so she could better show off the sheer size of her bump she held are hugely protruding belly with two hands it's really big and stretched so bad it's really heavy as well the mom-to-be said your stead second-to-last mirror selfie came at 34 weeks as she celebrated the fact that she'd avoided bed rest or hospitalization throughout her pregnancy we're very happy that I've made it this far without any serious complications she wrote hope my body will keep up the good work for the next eight days just before her due date your stead shared an incredible collage of photos collected throughout her pregnancy every fortnight she'd snapped a picture of her growing bump it's strange to have ended up with such a big belly and even stranger that it can stand out like that without falling down she reflected but it wouldn't be long until the swollen belly disappeared on September 12 2018 the wait was finally over and the mom-to-be readied herself for the big moment your stead delivered her babies at 8:55 a.m. 856 a.m. and 8:57 a.m. thus doubling the size of her family in a matter of minutes she had two girls I've been an Agnes and a boy named Philip two weeks after delivering her extra-special babies the happy mom posted a picture of the happy brood mirroring how she'd felt would given the news that she was carrying triplets your stead was amazed by her terrific trio it's such a wonder that these three beautiful babies are all ours she wrote you

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