30 Replies to “This Pregnant Dog Was Huge – But As She Gave Birth They Knew X Rays Hadn’t Told The Full Story”

  1. How can anyone who works in a shelter decide to be the one to put down any animal day after day after day??!!!! I could never do such a thing.

  2. Thank God this lady stepped in. Otherwise, that poor dog would be dead. 18 PUPPIES?????????????? GEEEEEZ!!!!!!!!! They are all so adorable. Does anyone know how they are doing now?

  3. I have a Golden Chow, named Lani. (Lawn // ee). I can't believe they would do that, she's too sweet!

  4. I and everyone appreciate fosters but I could never give them up… I know puppies had to find a new home but momma I think she should stay with you….. You saved her and she loves you….

  5. o that is so cute Love this story love you Howard Ava and wishing mother and puppies all the best hope they get good homes with loving people animals lover

  6. I'm so happy this dog wasn't put to sleep because if so then they wouldn't only be ruining 1 dog/ person's life but 18 (19 if you count the poor puppy that passed away) this is so sweet and that's why you should always save a dog if you can, especially a pregnant doggo

  7. Those pups must have had special care, cos dogs only have 8 teats and excess pups tend to die without human innovation.

  8. Hi I'm ur new friend here,I love to takecare of dog,but I'm sad that my pet was passaway,my pet name is esmigo

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