18 Replies to “This Pregnant Woman Walked Into A Steakhouse – But The Waitress Saw Her Stomach And Kicked Her Out”

  1. Cover yourself up! If a fat man came into the restraunt, in a T-shirt with his belly hanging out l wouldn't want to see it while eating either.

    What is wrong with that nasty woman? Have some self respect and dress for the occasion. Dress codes in restraunts are appropriate.

  2. The shirt is short….its not like it was just a little short. And is closer to length of a sports bra….but I would not have had an issue myself.

  3. I would have to agree with the waitress here, I have had 2 babies myself, however, there is a time and a place for different attire..a restaurant isn't really the place for that particular top😎😎

  4. Fukin trash
    Too bad you're not in the military I'd kick your ass
    No one wants to see your procreation ….You need to go to anger management.nasty crust.

  5. It's a liability. If she spilled something on herself, or waitress dropped something that harmed her, they'd be liable. She should have more sense than that.

  6. Sorry but I don't want to look at a Huge, Stretch Marked Pregant Belly !! I am in a high end steakhouse, the clothes u wear should be like steakhouse. Actually, I wouldn't want to see any woman with barely a half shirt when I am trying to eat !!

  7. Men- no shirt, no shoes, no service!
    Women- no shoes, no service no shirt, free drinks.

    So reads one of my favorite bar signs.
    It's a joke ofcourse.

  8. Here's something weird I just recently had carpal tunnel surgery and when I went to the post op they remove the stitches and said goodbye not cleaning my hand not dressing my wound just said goodbye after pulling the stitches. And I was left with an exposed hand after having carpal tunnel surgery and having to leave Adventist Health Care in Selma California. Just goes to show you how crappy the insurance is in California that the government puts out I'm grateful for my hand to be affixed but the lack of courtesy that I got my hand was exposed and they did not extend a dressing or even a wash. I feel bad for this lady she should have every right to eating establishment and that woman that turned her away should be fired.

  9. This One Nation Under God hates the unborn anyway…
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    And In Gods…
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