47 Replies to “Thousands of women have changed their mind on abortion after visiting a Stork Bus. Why so many?”

  1. Do they offer any other kind of help for these women, such as finding them other organization for help with the expenses, emotional toll, or abusive relationships? That would probably make this more effective.

  2. As someone who has had a miscarriage for my first pregnancy (and wanting kids) was the most devastating thing I ever went through and needed to go through a medical D&C surgery. My baby biologically stopped growing at 10 weeks old and I never got to hear that initial heartbeat. I couldn't even imagine doing that voluntarily to get rid of my child. Soon after I became pregnant again and my rainbow baby was born. It brought me so much joy and anxiety hearing that heartbeat I cried for days. There is always an option and abortion isn't one of them.

  3. If you could kill your unborn, please kill yourself instead, worthless piece of shit, you will NOT be forgiven. A child is God's creation, not your's……

  4. Ladies, he doesn't love you, he just wants to let go of his sperm. You are not PRETTY enough, he thinks he can do better. Use your fingers……

  5. 677
    Virgin Mary: You must fight every law and every argument which promotes abortion
    Saturday, January 19th, 2013 @ 20:45
    My child, when evil acts escalate, as in the way nations attempt to introduce abortion, the Holy Spirit descends upon God’s children, so that they can gain the courage to fight back.
    Abortion is the gravest sin in the Eyes of my Father. No reason can be presented to Him, which can justify this vile act against the Creation of God. Abortion is an affront to the Sacred Creation of humanity and brings with it a terrible punishment.
    Every argument will be made to justify it amongst your nations, but nothing can make it ever acceptable to God. No one has the right to interfere with the Gift of Life, created by God, the Creator of all that is.
    Many poor souls believe that they show compassion when they condone abortion, but all they do is condone murder, which is a grave sin. You must fight every law and every argument, which promotes abortion and safeguard the life of God’s children, inside the wombs of their mothers. You must never feel fear when you proclaim the sacredness of life.
    Pray, pray, pray for those souls who cannot accept the importance of life and the Sacred Act of God’s Creation. These souls need your prayers and patience. Show them you will not accept their demands to get you to condone the murder of an unborn child of God.
    Your beloved Mother
    Mother of Salvation

    The Book of Truth online
    Messages from God Jesus and Mary to last prophet Maria Divine Mercy from Heaven. Second Coming of Jesus Christ

  6. Just out of interest… Can some people who are "pro life" tell me what they think about abortion after rape? Im not "pro choice" but I also can't identify with everything "pro life" stands for…

  7. This is absolutely AMAZING! & i has NO IDEA that something this amazing & beautiful existed. Because no matter what the circumstance, or who you are or how old you are.ALL. ALL babies…want to get Borned. Way to go Save The Storks

  8. Went to Kirk Cameron’s reset in
    Montgomery ,NEW YORK
    Great event , awesome man .
    I support this cause 100 %
    The founder of support the storks is an amazing guy with a great story.
    Keep up the fight for the ones that can’t fight for themselves .

  9. Satan wants the sacrifice of innocents.
    Planned parenthood wants Lamborghini.
    Democrats want adrenacrone.
    Damn vampires.

  10. How in the hell is late term and even in some states Post birth abortion even Legal , does America Not have 3D ultrasound ? The Baby feels being sucked up into the nutri bullet , Fact!

  11. Sooo, your upset that he didn't want a baby? The truth is women have all the power. A man can never decide if he wants to be a parent once a womens pregnant, it's all up to the female. Think!! A woman can dispose of a baby shes not ready for and we call it a right. If a man says he doesn't want a baby he's a bum. A man is forced to pay for a baby he's not ready for or lose a baby he wants. Equality goes both ways, if a woman chooses to give birth I personally believe that's 100% her decision and she shouldn't put a man who doesn't want a baby in the position to raise said child. If we as women want our choices we should give the man responsible the same choice. How can we scream for equality but take another's choice away? Some will say he should have used protection… are women stupid? Seriously its MY responsibility to protect my body not a mans!!! If you are stupid enough to not prevent what you don't want to happen then it's your responsibility to deal with the ramifications.

  12. This is so ridiculous. The woman was pressured into having an abortion. She felt forced. Just like women are pressured into keeping unwanted pregnancies. And if conservatives have their way, just like they will be forced into carrying pregnancies that they don’t want to.

  13. Root causes. No one talks about root causes. She felt completely trapped because this man did not take care of her. You see this is the result of the sexual revolution. That is the root cause, nothing else. Roe vs. wade essentially helped men get off scot free. Men get off. No responsibility and honor. No ring, no marriage, no commitment. A man telling a woman to have an abortion is treating her like a whore. A receptable to deposit his waste. Plain and simple. He does not love her. He is using her. Its time we got back to God of the bible and raise our daughters to respect themselves and understand the consequences of sex outside of marriage. ABSTINENCE ALWAYS WORKS! A whole generation have been robbed of this truth. My mom knew it. Her mother knew it. But then the sixties came and the lefties/liberals and free love, free sex, and do as thou wilt. Well the fruit of that immoral generation is here and its 3000 abortions a day in the US, a million a year. Repent America, and turn back to Jesus. Churches start preaching truth! Stop being politically correct and following the world's immoral ways. Sex was designed for a man and his wife alone according to the bible. Everything else EVERYTHING ELSE is sin and immoral. The wages of sin is death!!!

  14. Women should be required to undergo an ultrasound before getting an abortion. The father should also have to legally sign permission for the abortion because that’s his kid too. Abortion needs to be something you file for legally. The government is involved if you abuse your kids or get a divorce, but not to murder a baby? There should at least be some legal record kept besides medical records that shows you had an abortion and there should absolutely be a limit to one abortion per woman. This is in no way saying I support abortion. Abortion should be outlawed, but that will never happen so the least would could do is make the few simple changes I listed and I guarantee abortions would be drastically reduced.

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