24 Replies to “Threatened Miscarriage Follow Up Appointment”

  1. I was told I'm having threatened miscarriage as well baby was perfectly fine before I went to er after I left woke up bleeding with clots went back to er they said I'm having the miscarriage so I'm terrified

  2. Hey I just subscribed I'm glad your ok I went to the er last night for the same thing and I'm 12 weeks the baby was fine and they took me to take it easy today the bleeding stopped it was brown can you tell me how your bleeding stopped

  3. Glad to hear everything is okay, I admire your courage to share your journey daily. Pregnancy is scary and isn't easy at all, so I've found out.

  4. Honestly I feel like every woman experiences round ligament pain differently, so that could be what it is. I'm almost 17 weeks and I have pain on my right side as if I have the biggest cyst I've ever had on my ovary. It's constant with movement and sometimes the baby kicks it. Nothing on the left side. So far I keep getting told my ovaries appear normal and its probably just RLP. We'll see haha. Congrats on a good ultrasound!!

  5. My round ligament pain was awful. I don't know that it felt like stretching but just sharp pain for me. Hopefully you're feeling better soon and all is well.

  6. I love those glasses!

    I also think it's crap that she says you shouldn't gain weight. Like, placenta+breast growth+5-10 pounds of baby=at least 15 pounds if not more. Obviously you should remain active and eat well, especially with the family history of diabetes, but you're going to gain what you gain! You are growing another human in your uterus!

  7. If anything i would continue with the progesterone unless your 12 or more weeks that is just my idea. Happy you and baby are ok! i love the baby pic

  8. Glad everything is Ok! How many weeks are you? I took progestrone until 14 weeks even tho Dr told me to stop it at 12 but it doesn't hurt to continue. If your 12 weeks I think its safe to stop it tho 🙂

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