Tia Mowry’s Newborn Baby Girl | Quick Fix

– Hi guys, hello. We have a special guest here. (light guitar music) Say Hello world, I am here. Everybody's been dying to meet you Cairo. They've been dying to meet you. This is Baby Cairo. Her name is Cairo Tiahna Hardrict. Cairo, it basically means victorious. My husband, he was in the air flying, and he always feels like
he's closer to his mother when he's up in the air and
he said when he was flying he had seen the letters A, I and R in the sky. He said that he wanted the baby's name to have those letters. Tiahna is spelled T I A H N A, so it has Tia in there. Tiahna actually means follower of Christ. Also Tiahna is one of the
first African princesses, so she is our little princess here, and her last name is Hardrict, right? My husband was a sap. (laughs heartily) I had a Cesarean, it's basically surgery, and I'm wheeled in (laughs), should I say I walk in to the surgery room and they bring in the dad later. Basically what happen was, while I'm in there getting an Epidural, my husband, he ends up posting
this picture on Instagram that I saw later and he's
bawling (laughs) in the photo because he's ready to meet his baby girl. It was so funny because
whenever the nurses would come in they would say, "Okay guys, we have a Papa Bear here." Basically that means just a father whose very curious about everything,
wants to know everything, and just very involved (laughs). When the baby's born, they
automatically put the baby on the mom kind of skin to skin, and my husband wanted to right away. He definitely wanted to feel
that bond with her as well, and I thought it was just so beautiful. He's such a hands on dad,
that it's so rewarding and just remarkable to see. Hi Munchkin, Hi, oh Baby Munchkin. I have to say Baby Munchkin
because Cree, my son, I nicknamed him Munchkin
and my son was like, "Really Mom, really. "That's like my name you call me," so he's like,
"She's Baby Munchkin." I was like,
"Okay, fine." Cree has been the best big
brother in the entire world. He helps me with everything,
except for changing her diaper, he doesn't want to do
that and he doesn't wanna put it in the diaper pail 'cuz he's like, "Ew, that's nasty." I'm like,
"Dude, you were doing "the same thing."
(laughs) "Mommy cleaned up your diapers too." Cree first met Cairo, it
was like he was shocked. He was like trying to put
two and two together like, wow, Baby Cairo was in Mommy's belly and now she's no longer in Mommy's belly, now she's here and Mommy's holding her. You could see that he was
just trying to process it all and he was also in awe. He's always saying, "She's so pretty, she's so pretty." One thing that he said that
just brought me to tears was, just out of nowhere he climbed into bed with us and he then goes, "Mommy, I love my sister," and I just thought that
was just the sweetest thing in the entire world.
(Cairo fussing) What's the mama, what's the mama? The hardest adjustment since
my baby girl has arrived is getting sleep (laughs heartily). Oh my God, I am so tired. I am like a walking zombie, but you know, I knew it was coming
because I remember that with my son Cree, but I
have to be honest with you, that was a while ago. I actually kind of forgot
how tired you really are, and then also going from one child to two. (laughs) It's a lot. But you know what, I
say it's like fun chaos. I am so happy there's
another girl in the house because there was just
too much testosterone. I'm like,
"Yes, there's another girl." I am having the time of
my life shopping for her, dressing her, just everything. I think it's the coolest thing. She's like my best friend, right? You're my best friend, yes you are. When my mom and when my dad met Baby Cairo for the first time, they were shocked number one
at how much she looked like me. My mom was like, "Oh my gosh Tia, she looks like you. "It looks like I'm looking at you." She just pulled out all
of these pictures of me and my brother when we were babies. I was like,
"First of all Mom, "how do you have these
pictures in your phone?" These are pictures when I was a baby. My mom is at my house more
now because of the baby. (laughs heartily) Before, she was like ghost. Now, she's always at the house, my dad's always at the
house wanting to see her. I'm like,
"Dang, ya'll never … "You weren't at the house to see me." They are in love with her
and she's in love with them. My brothers, when they first met her, my brother Tavior, he was really nervous because she was really tiny. She was six pounds, four
ounces when she was born, and when they leave the hospital, they lose a little bit of
weight, so when she came home, she was only five pounds, 10 ounces. She was really, really
tiny, and I was like, "You wanna hold her?" My brother Tavior was like
"(nervously) No." Guys are kind of a little nervous. I don't know if they're
nervous if they hold her, they're gonna end up having babies soon. (Tiahna cries) Aww, (baby talk). My sister came over with
baby Ariah and Aden, and Ariah already is so in love with her. My sister and I, we are identical. We share the same DNA, so the
only thing that's different is the father's DNA,
so really they're like half-sisters and half-brothers, so when they come over to the house, you really really see that
connection right away, and you call tell Ariah can
not wait for her to get older so they can run around and play together. Right, right, right
Cai Cai, right Cai Cai? I am breastfeeding and
this is something that I'm just so excited that I'm able to do. With my son Cree, I was
not able to breastfeed for a long time, so this time around, I was very determined. I was drinking third trimester teas to help with milk production. I changed my diet. I was eating loads of
protein, lots of water, just eating very healthy. I truly believe that
that's what really helped with my milk supply and
also she's a great latcher. For all you breast feeders out there, you know what that means. We just have this really great bond. Breastfeeding in public, it
has been a little challenging to be honest with you. I tend to do a lot of
bottle feeding in public, just because sometimes
you don't really know how people are going to respond to it. I can see how much she's getting, so she's nice and calm and cool (laughs) when we're at the restaurant. The recovery with the second pregnancy … I would have to say it's
been a little harder, and I think it's just because I'm older. I remember with the first one, even just three days
after having the Cesarean, I was like I'm ready to
work out, I'm ready to go. After this one, for some reason it just hit me a little harder. I really experienced a
lot with this pregnancy, the third trimester was pretty intense. The first two was amazing, but the third trimester kind
of got to me a little bit. I had gestational diabetes, I had carpal tunnel. To see that she's here and
she's healthy and I'm healthy, we are just very thrilled.
(Cairo cries) Yes, hi.
Hi, yes. There we go, there we go. You guys got to meet Baby Cairo. Do you wanna say bye? Do you wanna say bye? And maybe we'll see you
again, right, right? Say bye, bye. (light guitar music)

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  1. My name is Christiana And Tiana means follower of Christ and i have Christ in there to that is so cool that your baby and me have that same meaning

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  4. I know what you mean…. I have 4 boys… or young men I should say ages 12 – 21😬… plus the hubby… way too much testosterone…well I had a our lil princess Ariella Alaina July of 2017. #itsamazing

  5. She is sooo beautiful! Congratulations to you and your family Tia ❤️ May baby Cairo be blessed and protected by Almighty God all the days of her life. Amen 🙏🏾

  6. tia she is absolutely beautiful you and your sister have the most beautiful children stay blessed put Jesus first and you will be fine oh yea good choice in marrying the right man you got a one in a million husband you can tell God bless you and yours

  7. Tia you look just as radiantly beautiful in the movie sister sister. I LOVE YOU BOTH..YOUR BABY GIRL IS SWEET ALSO UR SON IS HANDSOME.. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

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