Tia Mowry’s Post Baby Workout | Quick Fix

– Hey guys! What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? As you can see I’m really
excited because I’m gonna be letting you guys in on
my post baby workout. I have a special guest
here Marcella Washington. She is my trainer and we’re
gonna show you some exercises that’s gonna work your
core and your pelvic floor. (Huffs air) (grunts) (laughs) (upbeat music) – As you all know I had a
C-section and one thing that I loved about working with
Marcella is you told me the importance of just restoring
the pelvic floor and your core. And when you’ve had a
C-section you basically don’t have anymore abs. I mean when you’re
pregnant for almost a year. Yes, almost a year. (laughs) – It’s so important to give
our bodies time to just restore which means you gotta slow it down. – Mmm hmm. – Go a little more inward
and learn how to really work the pelvic floor and really
understand restoring your core. What does core mean to you? – Core means nothing to
me after having a baby. (laughs) – The core is lost. – Like I said my abs are just shot. My abs are gone so help me get
them back Marcella, please. – It’s like core amnesia. Not even being able to
feel the core anymore and not having that tactile so. – Yes men, we go through this. Okay. (laughs) So the next time your
girlfriend, your wife, whatever has a baby think about that. (laughs) So you said already just
kind of going back down like this is a good way of restoring? – Just sitting here. Because just sitting here
if you’re starting to have awareness of your core for
Tia to be in that position she’s already firing
her abdominal muscles. I’m gonna have her roll down before we even talk about anything else. (laughs) Keeps scooping. Pull in. Right there you see it gets
a little challenging for her. Pull the belly in a little bit more. Grab onto the back of your thighs. – Uh huh. – And that’s gonna help you slide down. – Ha. – That alone is a lot of work. – Yes it is! (laughs) – So you have to find your pelvic floor. What I want you to do
is take a nice inhale. (breaths in) As you exhale start squeezing
as though you’re doing a Kegel but don’t stop there. Go ahead and start pulling
a little bit deeper in the middle of that same area. Think about lifting, lifting, lifting like it’s an elevator right? Hold. Relax. Exhale. And then just settle
into that a little bit. And you can go slow. You can go fast. You wanna do this maybe two to
three times a day, ten reps. And you can make it easy in the beginning. You can do it when you’re nursing . – Mmm hmm. – You can do it when you’re napping. You can just do it when
you’re in the shower. – Shhhhhhhhhhh. – Okay. It looks easy on the floor. When you’re standing or sitting it’s gonna be a little tougher. – I feel like it helps with back pain. – Oh my gosh. – Now when you’re really working on your pelvic floor muscles. – There’s a lot of pressure
that’s been applied after the baby so we want to
keep the organs supported so we want it to get
stronger and stronger. – Bing! (bell rings) – Ding! Lifted! (laughs) – I remember when I first
started coming to you I was like “Sit ups!”. And you were like “No, no, no, no. We’re not gonna do any sit ups.” And I think a lot of women
think that that’s the go to. – It is the worst thing you can do. Look at her abdominals. They’re literally bulging out. We’re putting pressure against a scar and we’re putting a lot of
force in the body that the bodys not ready for and we
don’t want the muscles out like that. We want everything to come together. There’s a fourth trimester. – Yeah. – Let that fourth trimester
be about shifting your mind, going more inward because when
we’re pregnant we literally are looking at our belly,
we’re feeling the baby move, the flutters, all these amazing
things, and when we’re done we look like, I don’t wanna look. (laughs) – Yeah. (laughs) – Right? But we need to have an awareness right? – Yeah we do. – Like I love you’re in
the gym and you’re like look it’s coming back. – Yeah, yeah. I’m very authentic and open about it and that’s what I wanted to
do to help you guys out there. – Inhale, exhale, engage the core. (deep breathing) As you do that you’re
gonna slide the leg out. Right? She’s keeping her abs engaged
and her pelvic floor lifted and then slowly bring the leg straight up. No double leg lifts that’s too strenuous. Bring it down and you don’t
wanna do that after a C-section. Bend the knee and slide it back in. So let’s just start with the leg out in that leg slide position. So we’re adding chest
work, so the upper body can start being utilized also. Engage the abdominals. Inhale, on an exhale bring the arms in. (Shhhhhhhhh) Hold there for a beat. Do a little check. Make sure your abs are engaged. Let the arms out slowly as
the leg is coming down slowly and then this way you’re having to control the use of the abdominals. Go ahead and bend your arms, okay. – Yes. – So when we reach the arms overhead it’s gonna be a little bit tougher. We’re gonna go a little bit heavier because she’s gotten stronger. So we’re gonna go to our fives. Okay, so she’s got her five pounders. She’s gonna hang on to her abs. She’s gonna bring her
right knee up slowly. Hang on to it right there. Pull in, lift that left leg up. There you go, there you go, there you go. Good, good, good. Hang on to it. Stay there. She’s gonna stay there,
keep her abs engaged. She’s gonna take her right
arm out slowly to the side. Now she’s having to work this side. Bring the arm back. (shhhhhhhh) You got it, you got it. Hang on to it. And we’re gonna stay on that side. Go again. Right? Still firing the abs. Bring it back. Stay there Tia. Right arms gonna go out,
left legs gonna come down. Firing everything. She’s working, she’s working. Just keep the leg straight
as you bring it back up. And arm is coming with you. You got it? – Mmm hmm. – Bring it down. And arm is coming up. And stay there. Bend the knee in. Still hang on to your engagement so you have control on the way down. Knees come down and arms go down. – Haaahhh. – That’s a new one. Were you breathing? – Yes! You be the judge. Was I breathing? So we’ve worked on restoring, right? Which was working on our
pelvic floor and our core. And now we’re gonna work
on strength and balance. – The squat. (laughs) – I hate these. (laughs) – We do the birth squat
to get ready for birth. – Yeah. (laughs) – Which seem so beautiful, right? – Yeah. – Do the squat after pregnancy
is a whole ‘nother thing. – Yeah. – It strengthens the
posterior, which we need. And also it’s lengthening
the pelvic floor. Which is important. – Yes. Okay. – Your gonna turn your toes out slightly. – Okay and then we’re
using a chair which I love because you can actually
do all of these exercises that we’re doing today at home. – Baby steps with your baby right? – Yeah, baby steps with your baby. Let me know in the comments
below if you wanna see me do a video with my baby
Cairo doing exercises. – Cairo! Oh my gosh! – So let me know. – Okay so your toes are
slightly turned out. – Okay. – You want wanna go into your pelvic lift. – Yeah. – Core engagement, still
keep your breath involved. Inhale, exhale. Start sinking the hips down. (shhhhhhh) Think about opening the thighs
in the direction of the knee. We’re just gonna stay there. What we’re gonna focus on coming up is keeping the abs lifted
squeezing the glutes. That’s probably the toughest part. Take it down, inhale. (breathing) And exhale, pull the tummy in. (shhhhhh) Stay there for a beat. I know you wanna come out of it fast. (laughs) Stay there for a little bit. – Okay. – Ready? Inhale, exhale. Take it down good. Use the glutes to come up and
the thighs and the abdominals. (shhhhhh) Now you’re gonna come up on your toes. So we’re gonna lengthen the body out. (laughs) Come up. Yes. Use your breath, relaxing
the neck and shoulders. – Stay on my toes? – Yes ma’am. (laughs) Okay I got you. Let’s do it. It’s a little bit slower
because now you’re opening your hips more now since I
want you to keep breathing. Allow your body to just sink into it. Trust your body. Take a breath, inhale, exhale. Trusting yourself. Come up pushing through the
floor to lengthen out of it. Okay, not so bad right? – No. (laughs) Haaahhhh. How many of these should I do? – There is no right or wrong number. – See this is why I love her. (laughs) – Go for five. If your body is saying this is too much, go a little slower, take a rest and you wanna build up to it. What’s important is
how the body’s feeling. – Okay. (laughs) – Another variation is to turn your toes a little bit more forward. – Yes. – Take this one slow. Walk your feet in a little bit more. – Hip width? – A little bit wider than hips. – Okay. – So you don’t wanna be out here where we are in this plie squat. Okay. Right, now you wanna come in a little bit. That’s gonna feel different in your body. There you go stay a little taller. Trust I’m giving you a
little chair support there. There, that’s where you wanna be. Breath while you’re there. Breath is important so
you release tension. Come up slowly. – Mmmmm. – And rest. Was that a good mmmmm? – Yeah! (laughs) – When you first came back
after having a C-section you explained how your
lower body was feeling. – I didn’t really feel centered. I was kind of just like really wobbly. ‘Cause I think after
when you have an epidural some of the medicine and
stuff it’s kind of like still in you so my legs they
just felt really heavy and just very like static. It was almost like I was
like ugh, oh my gosh! – A lot of toxicity. So drink a lot of water, lemon
water, and know that that’s not necessarily that your
body just isn’t strong. It’s going through the process. – Yeah. – So we’ve all done lunges. The only difference in your
lunge when you’re post pregnancy is you’re gonna pay a lot
more attention to your core. – Huuuuuh! (laughs) – Tuck a little bit more. Engaging the abs, pelvic floor is lifted. It’s a little more work
in the standing position. Go ‘head Tia. She’s taking it down, shifting
her weight back a little bit, so she can open her hip flexors
too ’cause this tends to be tight and then use the abs,
hips, thighs, and come up. Again, you’re smiling it’s feeling better. – Yeah. (laughs) – Take it down, hold,
and then bring it up. Really nice. Good. We’re gonna build on it. She’s gonna lunge. (shhhhhhh) Her lunge is nice and strong
so now we’re gonna start moving around it and drive your knee up. Good. Take it down again, lunge. (deep breathing) Tall, hang on to it and come upright. Use your abdominals. Hold at the top so we can
start working on balance. – Yes. – Bring the knee in a little bit. Shoulder blades are
down and she’s upright. Come on out of it. – Yeah. That was great! (laughs) – You said “yeah, yeah.” (laughs) When we put the heavier
weight in Tia’s hand we tend to just work on strength. So go into your lunge. – Okay. – So we’re putting more
weight on her lower body to challenge her lower body more, right? So that’s strength work. Take it down and up. Take it down. Don’t lock out your knees. Work from the hips. When we go to a lighter weight, we wanna make it more
of a total body move. So you’ll take it down into your lunge, bring the arm up so you’re
adding a shoulder raise. Now we’re making it more dynamic. Take it down a little bit more and she’s using her core just as we did on the floor in our first phase. So Tia’s just gonna come
up on her toes first. We’re using the chair
again to help her out. Even though she’s on her
toes it’s not a calf raise. What she’s trying to do is go
into that pelvic floor lift and the core engagement. She’s also activating her legs
if she takes her hand away. Right? She’s working a little harder and you can see she’s wobbling. Good stay there and she’s going
deeper in her abs every time I have her move a limb
or change a position. And take your arms overhead, right? – Ahhhhhhh. (laughs) – So we’re gonna add a
little weight to that one. I’m gonna have you step
away from your chair. – Okay. – We’ll see how it feels. – Okay. – Keep your toes forward and
your gonna pull the abs in and she’s staying flat
footed to begin with just to get a comfort level
with engaging her abs. Bring the arms down. When you come up on your toes this time, pull the abs in come
up as high as you can. Good. And be okay with where your body is. Even myself, when I’m
there wobbling for awhile and then I start pulling
in and then you find it. Pull your abs in Tia and hold there. There you go. Breath and then come down. And rest for a beat. – I love that these are moves
that you can do at home. These are moves that you can
do when you put your baby in the swing, you know what I
mean and they’re just chilling and you’re like okay let me
just work on me for a minute. – They’re fancier swing
then when I had babies but I remember my mom
had to crank and all. (laughs) – I know. No now we just gotta plug it in an outlet and it just goes. – We’re gonna change your toe position so now you’re in first
position like a ballerina. – Yes. – Okay you’re gonna pull
everything up through the center like you’re zipping up your thighs. – Okay. – Come up on your toes. There. Right there. Keep trying to keep those heels together. Squeeze everything together. Push back a little bit
through your triceps and bring it down. – Oooh. – Oooh. – Yeah that felt great. (laughs) I’m telling you guys you need to try this. (laughs) – Little, little steps. – Oh my gosh! – You got a nice big booty
after birth which is great. – I do! That is one thing that I’m like “Hello!” (laughs) – But it’s got a different purpose now. – Yeah it does. – Now it’s gotta get
you more upright again. – Okay. – The first thing you’re gonna
do is you’re gonna push out. Lengthen the body. – Okay. – Step far enough away that
the body is lengthened through the back and the chest and shoulders and then she’s gonna use the glutes to bring the leg straight up behind her. – This leg? – Let’s slowly. Mmm hmm. ‘Cause you wanna try to stabilize still. She’s gonna rotate her
hip down a little bit and then bring it down and
then we kind of sometimes we step back through it,
come up so we know where this upright position feels like right? – Yes. (laughs) – You’re so funny. (laughs) – Yeah. Mmm. So we’ve worked on our core. We’ve worked on our
strength and our balance. Now it’s time to move! – Yeah. – So I love this exercise because `you’re getting cardio in there. Your hearts moving but then also we’re working on our abs, right? – Yup. – So. – So the nice thing about having a mat is I can see how far Tia is traveling. So you keep getting bigger. She’s gonna hold the next one. Knee stays up. Hold, stabilize. Go, hold. Step. Ready? Abs, hold, go. Pick it up again. Go. Down, up, travel. Down, up. Find your rhythm. Find what feels good in your body and then we’re gonna pick up our pace. Go! – What! – Go! – No! (laughs) – One, go, one! Come on Tia. Two. Go. Three. One more try. We have to go odd. – Oh. Five more? Oh. Whoo. Haaaa. (laughs) – You okay? – No pain, no gain! (laughs) Yes. – Still not jumping. Low impact. – Yes. – So we’ll call them walking jacks. So your arms are still
doing the same thing right? – Yup. – Only we’re adding
out, out, in, in, push. – Yes. Out, out. Whoo. – Push. She pushing up and growing. – [Together] Go Tia, go Tia! – Hey. Come on. – Go Tia, go Tia, go Tia! – Push. Cross the arms over, push a little more. (heaving breathing) You could push the arms back. Push and then we pick up our
pace for the last few seconds. – What! – Go, one! – Whoo. – Two. – Whoo. – Three. – Whoo. – Now she’s gotta move her feet. Four. – Whoo. – Five. – Whoo. – And rest, good. – Whoo. Haaaaa. Haaa. – You wanna cool down exhale. – Cool down! My favorite part. (bell rings) – Aaaahhh. (laughs) Nice job. – Haaaa. Alright, so we worked on
core, strength, balance, and we got the body moving. Thank you so much Marcella. Let me know how you guys feel
after trying these workouts and you know what you don’t
necessarily have to have had a baby to try these out. Don’t forget to follow Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix for more episodes. See ya next week. Bye! (upbeat music)

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