Tiffany and Ronald Are Pregnant! | 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way

Ronald and I have been
married for about six weeks now. And ever since
we’ve been married, we’ve been planning on
expanding our family. Let’s press the go button. Let’s do this. We’re calling my mom because
I’ve got some big news, but I’m scared how
she’s going to react. This [INAUDIBLE]. Oh, I’m going to
have a panic attack. RONALD: Hello. Hi. RONALD: Hi, mom. I can’t see your face. Is that better? Yeah. Oh. Hi, mommy. Hi, [INAUDIBLE]. I miss you more. RONALD: Ma, we called
you for a reason, right? What? But you have to, like,
first go like this. Yeah, first go– Huh? Oh, gosh. What is it? You’re going to
be a grandma again. MAGGIE: No. I’m serious. I’m so happy to be pregnant,
but I’m also so conflicted, because I don’t really
know what giving birth in a foreign country is– really is like. [GENTLE MUSIC]

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  1. God this girl is a idiot. Lets bring your child to a dangerous area to marry a guy that has no money, has an addiction, and a criminal record. Selfish. Think about your son which obviously she isn't.

  2. She needs to google asap what it is like to have a baby there. It can be very different than in the states. Hopefully she can find some expat advice.

  3. Tiff wants to act all hard and tough like she has sense but really she's stupid!
    Who decides to have a baby with no house and no job SMH

  4. So irresponsible……more pressure on him…he has enough issues..
    Can't even afford…….what is wrong with her? Ignorance

  5. This girl is acting so irresponsible…its just plain stupid for them to have a child at this point in their relationship

  6. Does anyone on this show think? Honestly? No permanent housing, no citizenship, no job, a gambling addiction, and a stepchild. Ah yes! A perfect time to have a child! Does she even have health insurance? Why would she have a child with an addict in a foreign country? Now she's permanently bound to South Africa, what about Daniel? Why does Daniel have to uproot his whole life because of his mother's poor decisions? Now your already living son has to leave his friends, family, school, and life so your new child can be with his father. Selfish.

  7. She said they’ve been trying to expand their family since they’ve been married for 6 weeks but she must be 3 months if their announcing it so they for sure got pregnant before they got married

  8. People shouldn't get pregnant until they have a house and paid off the mortgage, a full time job that pays atleast $200K a year, and have atleast $40K in savings

  9. Wait wtf why would you give birth to the kid in a foreign country. I might be wrong here but doesn’t that remove the American status of the baby?

  10. 1. Daniel is the sweetest boy I have ever heard utter words
    2. His mother needs to ask his permission before making decisions. WOW

  11. Why is she even with this loser, and he looks abusive to me did you see how he’s going to yell at her next episode just over his wallet?

  12. In the name of all horrible life detailing decisions this woman has managed the trifecta. Moved to a developing country with extreme problems of poverty, inequality, and violence. Marry an addict fresh out of rehab who has extreme behavioral warning signs. And finally get pregnant by said man when neither he nor she have a stable job, insurance, time or financials to give the baby and her son.

    Are some women that lonely and desperate? Are some people really trash people? There’s only two innocent souls I feel for, Daniel who is going to bear the brunt of all her terrible decisions and the baby. God help them.

  13. Who purposefully gets pregnant by a guy who can't take care of himself & u can't take care of urself!!?? You're an ADULT NOT 16yrs old anymore. He has addiction problems & u feel "unsafe" in the country. That's DUMB

  14. Ronald isn't pregnant, Tiffany is. Hate when people say that as if he's helping to grow and carry the baby.

  15. No job between the both of them, no home yet, a recent gambling addiction, an already existing child who needs to be taken care of…. but we’re married so that means we must breed!

  16. South Africa is not a place you would want to raise your child in, it’s not the way it use to be. I’m a mom raising two boys in South Africa, if I’m her, I’d take my husband and kids back to America cause over here ain’t it.

  17. Overpopulation because of dumbasses like these two smfh, just having kids just because they can't despite the fact they're not fucking ready

  18. I know there’s a saying that there’s never a right time to have a child but, I really don’t think this was the right time due to the situation. I don’t even think they have a place to live yet. Are they working? They needed stability first in my opinion but to each it’s own. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  19. Tiffany will be back in old USA for public benefits S.Africa dosent job no money criminal record for Ronald

  20. "Ever since we've been married we've been planning on expanding our family." You guys have been married for 6 weeks tf

  21. Hmm I'm really confused, what kind of priorities they mean? Well, I wish all the best for you guys! God bless to all of you x

  22. IDIOTS!!!!! Your so worried about the safety of your son in that God forsaken Country but your having a baby>???????? Get a f…….brain

  23. Tiffany go back to U S no future for you and your son looks so unhappy, he wants to be with his U S family and safe living, be gambling in short time soon !!!! ,😂😍😣😭😲

  24. Irresponsable selfish dumb people, so her son now has to leave the Usa so she can be with her criminal boyfriend and make a baby right away.

  25. Mmmmmm, Children are a blessing but for crying out loud did she take your son well-being into construction first ? You lot are very selfish and irresponsible, the poor boy saying he’s not happy and you lot didn’t even give him enough time to settle and adjust to his new life before you lot going to shoving a sibling in his face, I know he appeared to be grown – up and very intelligent but he’s still a child and going through a kind of beveriment .
    You lot don have a job and can’t afford to rent a nice house in a safe and decent are but you’re bringing a child in that situation,
    Let me tell you something, baby doesn’t save relationship or marriage, sometimes a baby break up relationship, I hope it works out for you because I can’t see it , am just sorry for your son and the baby that’s on the way, because I don’t trust this man, she’s sitting on a time bomb waiting to explode.

  26. That’s a really screwed up situation in my opinion. Ain’t no way I’d be laying up making no babies with a maybe. Maybe you’re putting too much pressure on this man to be having a baby when he just left the addiction house. Having babies are good if you got all of your ducks lined up in a row with a knotted bow ties around each neck and he ain’t hollering about you wanting to hold tight to the money. He may want to gamble to try to get a luxury apartment to keep them safe. She ain’t gonna like that heat blown up over there in hot African and that’s a hot expenditure the electric bill. She needs to give her son time to try to adjust to Africa. It’s only so many video games he can enjoy before he becomes bored.. I see big problems ahead. He might have a job but will he and will he accept the big examples for the clients. Babies are great and I would’ve have 20 if if would’ve made the marriage work. She need to get her and her sons visa straightened out and make sure they will be happy. Right now she’s going in circles with his manhood and not considering the long term effect of this story. I don’t think his mom wants to take care of a baby.

  27. Giving birth in south africa is just like any other country ……why is americans so uncultured and always think that they come from "better"???

  28. This People gonna give me Grey hair or heartache. Why bring another child to this mess? There's no welfare in S.A. lol

  29. She was pregnant before the wedding, that's why she was in a rush. This chick is sad, to have a child with anyone but someone like him?

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