37 Replies to “Tiger Birth at Tiger Canyons. Save the tiger, help the tiger. Share our post.”

  1. Being filmed made her job harder, to keep an eye on the man, her cubs in addition to going through all the pain and distress of giving birth.

  2. Waste of an experiment. Orange colored tigers sticks out in savanna and grassland, hence spoils its ambush there by its hunting. Tiger needs lots of water resources and dense forest not these drylands. Besides that Hyenas and Lions are always in packs and prides vs solitary tigers, it won't work out. This experiment of crossbred Seberian and Bengal tigers must be STOPPED.

  3. Such a beautiful birth!
    It’s weird how Shadow was not screaming when she was in labor, she was completely relaxed.
    The cries of the cub are so cute! It’s such a miracle when these big cats enter the world!

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