13 Replies to “TikToker Withdraws Apology Over Offensive Opinion About Abortion & LGBTQ+”

  1. One being pro-life is pretty stupid tbh. I mean it's not ur place to say what women do with their body. Misgendering ppl is disgusting. And he's disgusting. If u defend him then idk what kind of problems u got.

  2. This shouldn’t even be tea I mean pro choice people come out and she stuff everyday people need to stop being such babies like damn 😣

  3. I feel like even if he voiced his opnions in a respectful manner, he would still get hate…maybe not as much but still would. I wish people would just worry about themselves and not speak on things they aren't fully educated about.

  4. I'm so happy he withdrew his apology. Remember when Alabama made abortion illegal? Every celebrity was posting pro-choice things on their story and no one complained at all about it. Now why should he not be allowed to state his own opinion? Just because it is pro-life? Well guess what I'm pro-life and it "hurt my feelings" too when I saw all this pro-choice stuff. Does that mean all those celebrities need to apologize to me? I was so happy to see Kyler sharing his own opinions and he never did anything wrong which he has to apologize for.

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