Shayne: Uh oh! You guys! GREAT news, the BEST news. Guess! It’s happening! TINDER. FOR. HOT. DAWGS. Back in April I asked you guys to show your support for a sketch idea called ‘Tinder For Hot Dogs’ on an episode of the Smosh Cast. Monica had a few pitches, she was like this sketch, this sketch, and Tinder For Hot Dogs was an idea I had and I just go ‘YES’! We need to get ketchup on this hotdog all the way to 10k. If that happens, we will make the greatest sketch Smosh has ever seen. You guys did it! *aggressive* We got 10k likes, 1000 comme-. We got more than that! Someone hot dog me! *hot dog hits whiteboard* *plop* You guys showed so much support for the idea *Pause* like a horde of bees- swarming around this honey. That was this idea I came up with on Twitter, on Instagram, YouTube, Friendster, MySpace, Aim,- Runescape. It’s blown up to become such a phenomenon. We have these shirts now. They are on Smosh.store (go to Smosh.store) I’ve seen a lot of you wearing ’em. Celebrities, animals, you know people drape them around their cars and just drive. We have a statue I hear in Madison Square Garden. It’s a big hot dog. To thank you guys for making this happen, I want to take you guys behind the scenes as we make Tinder For Hot Dogs. We’re making it today. Come along. I’m gonna show you our process as we make this masterpiece. [Music] Ian! WE DID IT! Yeah. Nice job. You don’t seem- you don’t seem too excited about it. I’m sorry. What are we talking about? Well, why did you say nice job? Well, I just kind of hoped the conversation would end at that point, but I guess not. 🙁 Um, so, what did we do? We got enough support to make Tinder For Hot Dogs! The thing we’ve all been talking about for so long! It’s gonna happen! Oh yeah… that thing. Um, you do realize that we don’t actually need support to make videos. You can just go through the normal process of writing a script- WE DID IT! We did it, Ian! We’re gonna make Tinder For Hot Dogs! [Shayne in the background] Tinder For Hot Dogs! Shayne- We did it! Monicaaaa! Ha heyyyyy. Everybody, this is Monica. She is our best Smosh writer, hands down. You are just you just do incredible work. Everyone here loves you. It’s like you’re the only one it’s like you’re the only writer. It’s it’s unbelievable. Congrats! Tinder for hot dogs. It’s gonna happen. We’re gonna make it. Yeah, I don’t know I feel like it was just a fun title, but I don’t know what the actual sketch would even be abou- Oh, don’t worry about it. We’ll write it together. Okay? All right. Yeah, cool. Um, I will start a script and then I’ll share you on it and then if you want to hop on and just fill in all- [Shayne in the background] WE DID IT! WE DID IT ladies and gentleman. You know what tinder for hot dogs was my idea. I pitched it to him and he was like, “oh yeah it was kind of funny”. Shayne- We did it, guys! We got enough support on the podcast to make Tinder For Hot Dogs! [Crickets chirping] Okay, you know, why isn’t anyone happy about this a little weird. I mean it’s a pretty dumb sketch idea. I have a way better idea and I know I’ve pitched this before but if Naruto were [Everyone] HORNY. Yeah… you pitch it like every day. It’s it’s just fan fiction. Stop doing that. Fine. Look Shayne. You’re my best friend, man. And you know, I’ve got your back in anything at any time just not this at all right now like today or ever but like literally anything else like ANYTHING ELSE. Bro, Tinder For Hot Dogs, man? That’s hot dog objectification, and I can’t get behind that. Hot dogs are gross. What about tinder for ginger lemon cayenne walnut shots? It’s way better. Yo, what’s a podcast? Uh, it’s like a radio show but on the Internet. Keith you were you were on our podcast… Oh, Okay, but what’s a podcast? Okay, you know what?! I don’t need your guy’s help I’M GONNA MAKE TINDER FOR HOT DOGS WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT AND PEOPLE ARE GONNA LOVE IT! They’re gonna LOVE Tinder For Hot Dogs. Oh, no its Shayne tantrum day again Is it? I get my calendar screwed up every month? God dang it. I’m sorry about them. Ya know their just, I don’t know. I don’t know it’s wrong with- So, I think it goes without saying that everyone is just as excited as me to make Tinder for Hot Dogs. So, I now proudly present to you the sketch, the masterpiece, Tinder For Hot Dogs [Up-Beat Music] What do you want to get for lunch? Don’t say soup… Soup? Hmm… Hey, what about hot dogs? TINDER FOR HOT DOGS Hmm, I love hot dogs, do you know of a delicious dog spot where I can wet my whistle with a weenie? Hmm, or fill your face with Franks? Mm-hmm and bloat my belly with buns? Or stuff your soul with sausages? I’ll check! How? With Tinder For Hot Dogs! What’s that? It’s Tinder For Hot Dogs! [Sarcastically] WOW! Um…. I’m sorry. What’s the next line? [Some guy in the background] That’s the end, the other pages are just blank. What!? That’s the you didn’t write the rest of scripts? Look, I tried but it’s really just one joke, you know and I don’t even know what that joke is. [Whispering] I’m sorry. [Clapping] Okay, okay, you know what! Congratulations guys. You did it! You crushed my dreams! Great f*ckin job! I just wanted to show some love and attention to the hot dog. Yes, the hot dog, baby, humble and simple, but it deserves love just as much as fancy foods like spaghetti or french toast, but none of you care! None of you care, that’s fine! But know this. Hot dogs have dreams, too. [Intense Music] Whoa, oh my god! Guys! The hot dog’s a metaphor. Shane is the hot dog. You’re right. He feels like we ignore him and his dreams, and this was his one chance to shine. Wait guys, I Just now thought of this. The hot dog is a metaphor. [Courtney] Ian ugh…. Yeah, but what’s a hot dog? He just said it’s a metaphor. Oh, like a podcast. What? Huh? Hey, Shane… [Sad and angry] What. We thought about what you said. Yeah, and I figured out what it all meant. five, six. five, six, seven, eight, ♪ Hot dogs need love ♪ ♪ Even though they are not real ♪ ♪ Inanimate objects still deserve to feel ♪ ♪ ‘Cause they got a passion inside like hot burning cinders, and that’s why they need ♪ ♪ Hot Dog Tinder ♪ ♪ Tinder For Hot Dogs, Tinder For Hot Dogs ♪ ♪ Shayne is a hot dog. Shayne is a hot dog. ♪ ♪ Yeah, baby bird we’re here for you-u-u-u-u–u ♪ Wait, did you guys think this all was a metaphor and that I’m the hot dog? [Ian] I mean it’s pretty obvious. No, not at all. I, I want to normalize the idea of f*cking hot dogs because I f*ck dogs. *wut* What?!?! In this sketch we wanted to give the audience what they asked for but we thought, you know, how can we do more and uh, we wanted to take people on a journey with Shayne as he discovered and revealed to everyone that f*cking hot dogs is not only normal, but it’s actually incredible and actually a fantastic experience and that it’s it’s completely okay. Plink, plink, plink ,plink, plink, plink, plink, plink, plink, plink, plink. Plink. That’s the sound of the hot dogs uh, hitting my abs and I’m not making it with my mouth. It’s actually coming from here. plink, plink, plink, plink, plink, plink, plink, plink plink plink, plink, plink, plink. plink, plink, plink. I’ve even heard they’re gonna put explosives on the moon and blow a, a, sign that says Tinder For Hot Dogs. It’s gonna happen. It’s happening. It’s already happened. He does this ALL THE TIME. I just started putting his name on my lunch because he would eat it every day. Hey, has any one seen my lunch? He offered to baby sit my kid, but then he kept telling everyone it was his kid. Hey anyone want to see pictures of my kid? Brian Merino captioned this video. Check out my instagram brian_.merino [Shayne] We did it, We did it guys! Who’s coffee is this? MINE! [Ian] I should have left with Anthony. I know like you came up with the “idea” sure, but like I, ya know, [Monica] said it [Shayne] said it really loud and I feel like that’s the thing. So…[Monica] that is exactly what you do [Shayne] Great, great! Great team effort. I’d like to thank everyone for helping make Tinder For Hot Dogs. Uh… You’ll see some links to some other good videos. I recommend watching them. Plink, plink, plink, plink Uh, comment down below uh, what’s your favorite thing about tinder for hot dogs is. Plink, plink, plink. Make sure to get the shirts while they’re still available. Plink, plink, plink,plink. Uh, because they will not be around for much longer probably a week or so. Plink, plink, plink, plink, plink, plink, plink plink, plink.

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  1. 7:41 the point where I lost touch with reality and didn’t know what was actually happening anymore. Like seriously, WHAT WAS THIS VIDEO!!!

  2. " …Wet my whistle with a weenie?" is one of the best lines I've ever heard. This video was a damn masterpiece. *Heavily sweating & applauding for Shayne, while continuously gasping for air*

    It's very hot in here….

  3. I’m afraid of bees… realizes he called us bees screams in fear thinking I’ll sing myself AHHHHHH I GOTTA RUN FROM THE BEE

  4. 9:47 YES YOU SHOULD HAVE, THAT WAY WE COULD BRING BACK THE OLD SMOSH!!! JUST IAN AND ANTHONY!!! LIKE IF YOU WANT TO BRING BACK THE SMOSH GOLDEN AGE!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hot dogs need love even though they are not real
    inanimate objects still deserve to feel
    coz they got a passion inside like hot burning cinders
    That's why they need Hot Dog Tinder
    Tinder for hot dogs (Keith:yeaAAhHH)
    Tinder for hot doOgs
    Shayne is a hot doOg
    Damien: dooog yeayeah baby bird were here for you(sung beautifully)
    (Damien and Keith harmonise)

  6. Dear, Shayne.

    Thank you for making a tinder for hot-dogs my hot-dog friend needed a partner that likes relish and ketchup like him. Thank you for this blessing 🌭

  7. Mmmmmm hi there my dearest HOT DOG!!!😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😉🤗😚☺😏🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍

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