Tiny Chihuahua Struggles To Give Birth To Giant Puppy | Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet

I took her to an animal hospital last night she's been in active labor she was not having any results so they did an x-ray and it's one puppy that's a big puppy if you want to go ahead and have a seat I'll get a doctor right thank you she's a little love bug she loves to be held underneath your shirt your jacket just closed oh honey Jax I'm telling her eyes uncomfortable I'm a mom I get it it's painful it's so sad and I worry about her and the puppy surviving she's so little all right you guys have Lucy yeah I have Lucy perfect okay my name is dr. Kraft hi nice to meet you how long has she been straining when did she kind of start we started going into labor about ten o'clock last night okay I think if she's been straining this long I would be recommending a c-section as well that's um and given how big that is I think it's probably gonna be the only way we get that out and then I do caution that um this long the puppy may or may not still be alive you know Lucy's the most important okay at this way yeah I mean yes we want to say the poppy but yeah I mean it's a lot we'll do everything we can but yeah we'll certainly keep her as priority more yeah we'll get her back we'll get her on some fluids um and then we'll do the c-section right mommy loves you all right you take care okay we need to operate as quickly as possible to get that puppy out hopefully alive and to save Lucy's life I feel the puppy it's just I need to make a bigger incision to get them out easily he's a huge almost head that's just right the ends here we go just big baby that's really big so this is our puppy compactor do you want to shake them off a little please and you can see he's breathing moving his tongue moving his lips I think Lucy would not have been able to pass that puppy if we had just left her that puppy probably would have died and then she would have potentially died with it so you know which is just another reason why we should be doing spay neuter you know this was an unplanned pregnancy and potentially life-threatening so we're gonna get her fixed the owners really happy to do that and prevent this kind of stress for her as well as for Lucy in the future this is a pretty cool part of the job in this is the oxygen cage and it's huge also so we want the baby and the mom to stay nice and warm right now so the puppies are already trying to follow the heat and probably looking for moms moms that way buddy hey buddy let's show my mom all right hey yeah so everything's going well the puppy is alive and a boy so it'll still be another couple hours before they're ready to go home we're glad to do it so um both mom and pop you're doing no problem take care okay hi I'm just overwhelmingly happy I was so worried that she wouldn't make it wouldn't make it wow this is the best news week ahead oh my god all right so do me go ahead and put them back in the box here hi baby it's been a nice warm walk string keys right now oh you did such a good job baby baby you got a pretty baby Lucy didn't hurry had to go home Lucy it's not often that we get to do something like this where you get to bring a puppy in that's healthy happy so it's really rewarding to have a new puppy in a loving family and yeah it just feels really really good six weeks ago Lucy's family was afraid they'd lose her yeah she actually sent me a picture and said you have a grandson and I immediately called her back and I said so I have a grandson but do I still have a daughter yep you do so we got to come home as a family yeah we decided to call him Bo and it's short for behemoth because he was very large when he was born and his dad is a giant palm all of our other animals are older so having a puppy in the house is kind of you know new energy he wants to play with his dad oh it loves to chase his tail I could not imagine our household without either one of them for sure you you

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  1. Wow that was a big puppy so glad that they did the emergency c section! that poor little dog wouldn't have been able to birth him! Thanks for sharing it was an amazing save!

  2. My mom has a good point about adopting Male pets. The main reason why is to avoid dealing with a pregnant animal in the house.

  3. That freaking puppy is huge!! He is almost the same size as her. I would hate to see that vet bill!! And buy a dog carrier!!

  4. I know she really loves her dog and everything but it was really irresponsible to let her get pregnant. Spray/neauter people!!

  5. Rarely happens to see one big puppy for one chihuahua. Glad the vet save lucy and bo Lovely to see both alive and healthy

  6. Why didn't you get that dog you love so much spayed at the same time as you got the C-section? It would have cost about the same price.

  7. With the new energy in are home when we got my shihion/teddy bear, my cat was 15 at the time while my dog was still a puppy. How it turned out with my cat and the dog? It didn’t turned out great

  8. You need to start spaying and neutering your dogs in the future. We already have enough animals in this world without homes and that are in need. This breed of dog isn't going extinct anytime soon, there's no reason for her to not be neutered.

  9. This made me cry so hard..That woman is crazy! Some people are not intend to be pet owners. I hope they got her fix after the situation.

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