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  1. hello , what was ur embryo grade and lining ?
    mine was is BB n BC
    and my lining was so bad i had prp so the lining was 9mm

  2. I’m 32. And after a laparoscopy they found I got blocked tubes. I’m due to start ivf. I hope it works

  3. Hestrescopy hui h meri parso…sab normal h ab….nxt month hoga shayd second embriyo transver….plz btaao m kya kru

  4. In which fertility clinic you had your ivf done plz help i was cheated once dont want it next time plz reply

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  6. Can I travel after ivf by road for about 150kms on the fifth day of transfer.. It's heading back home from hospital. Please suggest..

  7. hello mam it's 12th day of my embryo transfer…2days left for blood test…I hv no such vomiting symptoms so quiet nurvous abt d result…

  8. hey.thanks for sharing such kind of informative tips.you are doing a wonderful job.its so useful for me.i am infertility patient my doctor advise me for ivf.i am scared but your video motivated me a lot.now i am ready for the treatment.keep it up good work.

  9. Usually doctors ask you to ve day 3 on first attempt and Then blastocyst in another attempt. So 1 need to be headstrong to convince ur doc

  10. We already tried last cycle over all done injection but I couldn't work… Finally doctor told me your eggs not growth sufficient

  11. Great tips!! Thank you!! I am 40, my IVF procedure is gonna be next month and I want to have just one baby…Do you think that I need to transfer 2 embryos instead of one like you said, even if I want just one baby? Thanks!!!

  12. Hello mam

    i m from hyderabbad..if u knw thn plz refer a best fertility ivf doctr with higher success rate in hyderabbad…

  13. Can you please tell me, whether you had your embryo transfer in the same cycle or in the next cycle? Is it okay to get it transferred in the same cycle or next? And what are the chances?

  14. hallo mam I have only two embryo left after 5 days and doctor told me that those embryos quality is not very good and the success of those embryos is only 30℅ and doctor suggest me for donor ek what should I do my age is 35 and this is my first IVF cycle only embryo transfer has left

  15. Hello
    I m 30 years old i have no baby i want babies plz tell me how i can get twins baby throw ivf plz guid me

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  17. I have very important question..any idea about Castor oil pack along with IVF procedure…please answer

  18. hello,meri wife ka 15/04/2017 Ko ivf hua hai or now she's pragnant but irregular outline ki problem as gai hai pata nahi ki ye kya hota hai or esse kya nuksan hai,aap Bata Sakti hai kya ye problem theek ho jati hai ya nahi plz bataiye.???????

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