TIPS | Newborn Must-Haves

hey this is my sister ELISA and her adorable daughter Leila born two weeks after tests you've already determined they are going to be best friends well they're practically twins so they have to be this resin cousins when I was doing my baby registry for my first Presley I was so overwhelmed like literally in tears it's hard you know so we wanted to partner with Target to bring you our newborn must-haves so number one a portable Napper i get this rock and play for all of my mom friends and they're always like oh my gosh I love it I actually borrowed one from you I never gave it back so I'm into it ever since all right um but you know it's super lightweight you can bring it from room to room and you weren't sleep a ton oh they do until they don't until they don't number two is the wrap and these can be very intimidating you wouldn't learn how until I forced you to I almost returned it um you know what guys once you go rap you don't go back you don't go back and be a total game changer especially when you have three kids oh you have to have it I don't know what I'd do without it so number three I think the thing I stressed most about was like which stroller do I get oh sorry many for the first couple months like you just used this base you put the car seat in the bait okay so when you click it you can just click it off and if they're sleeping just tape them right away so convenient yes number four nightgowns our mom actually got at these because you don't have to fumble with buttons when you're changing diapers in the middle of the night yes and and they're matching to which I mean I've foreseen many matching outfits in the future oh yes and by the way mom dressed us alike – so cute number five a video monitor so I was like really debating do I go audio old told you I do like video and I have to say I just like being with a spy on my baby oh okay you know what they might cost a little bit more but it's totally worth it I just love to see her and I love seeing Ross in the room when he doesn't know him I love that number six we were so fussy that my dad used to run the vacuum until he practically we're out the carpet now they have sound machine Oh it's not that much money I kind of need to sleep with them now I actually do sleep with them now ice puts me to sleep this is more for me than baby but you guys a good breast pump goes a long way oh yes especially one you can take with you oh yeah perfect oh yeah I mean then someone else can feed your baby oh its freedom exactly worth the investment especially someone else pays for it one of Ross's best guy friends actually got us our breast pump on the registry if we like still laugh about it so you guys I hope this helped you de-stress the process of it there's more info in the links below or of course check out the baby registry at Target for more great suggestions I will see you soon thank you so much for coming leo awesome nice oh my gosh they're holding hands

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