Titans 1×07 | Birth of Nightwing

Bekle Çözüm Robindi Robin her şeyi düzeltecekti ama sen mahvettin Zucco’yu suçluyorsun Bruce’u suçluyorsun Hayır, senin yüzünden Onu bir canavara dönüştürdün. Senin suçundu Bunu bize sen yaptın Sendin ! Bunu bana sen yaptın ! Senden nefret ediyorum Bu senin suçundu Hadi,gitmemiz lazım Onun nesi var Ona ilaç vermiş olmalılar Ona hasar vermiş olabilirler,Rachel Burada bunu yapıyorlar Benim Beni duymana ihtiyacım var Sen onlardan daha güçlüsün Sen tanıdığım herkesten daha güçlüsün Şimdi buradan gitmemiz gerekiyor Bunu sensiz yapamayız Söz vermiştin Beni bir daha bırakmayacağına söz vermiştin söz vermiştin Evet Vermiştim herhalde Yeterince var mı ? Tüm ihtiyacımız ufak bir kıvılcım Bunu yapıyor muyuz ? Tüm bunların bitmesi lazım Tamam o halde Acı sona kadar izleyecek misin Buradan gitmemiz gerek

100 Replies to “Titans 1×07 | Birth of Nightwing”

  1. Why does the girl who can literally dive into people’s minds not do that and instead makes a sappy speech 🤔😂

  2. Dick’s younger self bashing him while blaming him for everything; like his subconscious telling him deep inside that he always knew he had no one to blame but himself. Kind of satisfying.

  3. one of the things i dont like about the series is that the blood is too much man. Seriously if a normal human would lose so much blood every day they would black out and die

  4. I’ve been watching a lot of clips about the show and I don’t know what to think. I want to watch it but at the same time I don’t want to watch it I don’t like but I don’t hate what I’ve seen so far. I’m probably gonna wait till the season is over and probably give it a shot

  5. Ik that the teen titans was made in a time where heroes were mostly white but star fire being black is kinda just not putting me back in the feel when I saw the OG teen titans so yeah.

  6. Whoever thinks this show is good, my condolences. One day when you are old enough to figure out how good shows are made, you will never admit that you used to watch this trash.

  7. I know that titans has nightwing but they also have robin so is darrian going to come in because I always think of robin when i think of the titans not nightwing and if i spelled darrian wrong I'm sorry

  8. Am i the only one who thinks robin should become nightwing at least in season 2? I'd enjoy robin so far and i think its a bit early for him to become nightwing

  9. Just watched the first episode but I don’t ship dick and star fire instead I ship raven and dick, is that weird?🤔


  11. i kind wanted him to stay as robin because I like adult dick grayson as robin especially this one. But nightwing is just to show that he isn't in batmans shadow anymore he is his own hero so.

  12. Raven and starfires characters need to be switched. Raven controls her emotions and is more calm. She doesn't make sappy speeches. Meanwhile Starfire is the one to show every emotion and give speeches about hope, promises, etc.

  13. One of the best DC shows to come on TV in a long time and one of the best i have ever seen. Thank you DC for this top notch show and bring on season 2. I can't wait!!!

  14. I swear to god if they ruin Robin-Raven relationship in the show I’d stop watching it. Their relationship here is so wonderful, intertwine their lives with a promise. It reminds me of how Bruce and Dick failed to accept this promise to one another but Dick has a second chance with Rachel. Soooo you better make it right.

  15. You can tell its Kevin Kiner's score when you hear the brief moment of similarity to Kanan's Theme in Star Wars Rebels. Such an underrated composer. Glad he is on DC's team!

  16. I'm really going to miss Dick as Robin I thought he would be him for maybe two more Season's But Since they brought Jason in there's really no need for two Robin's right so whatever I look forward to seeing Dick as Nightwing.

  17. Wait so there's two robins why did batman get rid of the first one? And how many names do the robins have, dick, jason and damian? So there's three robins?

  18. To everyone, the episode names of s2 have been released: the last episode; 13.Nightwing so my theory is, either a nightwing movie and/or spin-off (hopefully with Brenton Thwaites) or s3 after people beg for the evolution of Dick as Nightwing.

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