Tokyo Toni Says #BlacChyna was PREGNANT by FUTURE but AB0RT3D BABY 🤦🏿‍♂️

ciao I wanted to make this video because I feel like this conversation is long overdue and we will be addressing the toxicity within our community with some of our mothers and I must give the disclaimer if you have a great fantastical and it's not a weird relationship with your mom please don't leave comments like oh this ain't true does the effin lie my mom is the best thing since we're great for you congratulations but there are some women who actually do not have great relationships with their mothers either I'm not one of them I have a really good one with my mom so please just allow the ones who don't event and with sparked this conversation is the alleged statements that was made by blac Chyna's mother according to screenshots saved by gossip of the city so I want to read you what her mother's stated on her private Instagram she said now I'm done at future I hold this in long enough yes I know about the abortion that my daughter had just before a dream Kardashian oh you know what a length this blank is that's why you didn't want the baby oh I flew out when you flew out to tell her not to have that blank baby fortunately that was my grandchild that you and her decided to get rid of unfortunately for me I don't give a blank no more and I will spill every blank being I got starting tonight I will write a book of five thousand words that's named the prodigal daughter blac Chyna coming up next watch this Oh Chandler start okay if you guys remember some years back maybe in 2015 it was appearing as the future and blac Chyna were in some sort of relationship they were being photographed with each other she was in his music video called rich sex which oh my god let us song then that I resist nickel in the baby sis so she was the model for that video and she in her mind thought that she in future was in some sort of relationship she got his name tattooed on her hand like God she really thought that she was getting the bag but future outed her and made it clear to the public that I'm single and focusing on what makes me happy that is fine my fans were great vibes and weighs consistently is the turn-up and went on say winning so she ended up getting that tattoo removed but around that time according to blac Chyna's mother she allegedly was pregnant you really have to ask yourself what type of destructive relationship do you have to have when your mother information like that she doesn't feel is sacred enough no mother-daughter code no girlcode nothing all that goes out the window I understand that they have this TV show going on and who knows maybe blac chyna look the bug in their ear and said hey we got to get more ratings for this show or this show go ahead and release that information publicly let's say that she didn't say that why on earth would a freaking mom tell anybody that cares just to give you a little bit of brief background on their relationship according to her mother blac Chyna was a statutory our baby aka blac Chyna the name I gave you was Angela renamed the disrespect that you have been giving me for the past quite a few years I've tolerated it because I'm your mama you're the only child but you better keep in mind I'm a bed you know exactly that's why every chance you might hit bitch you breathe my whole name see you wouldn't be with us ah if it wasn't for me o earth and you bitch that was a mistake just happen to come into play you're the statutory baby but yet you got this Manny's hole at your house on yachts is she banshee but you ain't never get your uncles that was raised with you my little brothers that's three years older and six years old they know we're on the map you don't call know by now family because you lied on me the truth will be toast we are you crept out Hollywood on pretenses the age of consent in Washington DC which is where they're from is 16 and the father of blac Chyna is two years older than the mother's name is Eric and blac Chyna's mother was 16 when she had her but was 15 when she was pregnant and her dad was 17 when she got pregnant so she is right that the engagement was technically illegal however her mother has vocalized more times than not that she didn't really want her and what made this metastasize was when blac Chyna was on the reality show that she had with Rob Kardashian and she speaking about her grandmother raising her and this really set Tokyo off because she felt as though how dare you say another woman raised you or anyone else raised you when I sacrificed so much for you as a child like China on this current reality show was talking about how her mother had like three husbands put blac chyna out at like 16 over the husbands and while trying to pretty much had to hustle the streets and raise herself and now her mother wants to come back and fills as though she owes her something and I really just questioned some of the mindset of her mother because I've even seen interviews where blac chyna said she told her mother that she was a stripper and I feel like a mom who cares somewhat about her daughter knowing how dangerous that life is I probably would have advised her against that even if her mother was a stripper before don't you think that her mother would know how deep that rabbit hole runs in that game and that she would want to advise her daughter against going into that life a lot of people just look at they could make ten thousand a night but how much do they have to sacrifice for their sanity for their soul to make that money per night and for your mother to willingly be okay with you doing I was just like oh yeah you know just make sure you're the best at it it shows you where her mindset was that there and currently to this day and when you see their dynamic it is so very toxic I feel like her mother is jealous of her I think that her mother according to her didn't want her now that she see that she was able to make a career out of herself and she more specifically resents the fact that she was a stripper herself and never amounted to the celebrity stature that blac chyna date and she makes her feel guilty for the fact that she is the celebrity and her mom really isn't and I feel like her mother treats her as a dollar sign see sometimes I feel like where the disconnect starts with some of our women is because our community is extremely matriarchal the women run the community we have to figure everything out we carry every single thing raising the kids we have to be the goal getters the protectors we have to wear so many hats in our community and sometimes when we have children some of us are not ready or other times we have them in a situation where we're not in the best financial position and sometimes we bring them up in a household where they're raised by mothers and these mothers are not raising them to be lovable affectionate girls that grow up to be wives they breed them to be hustlers that are hardened not affectionate that cannot sustain healthy relationships that can be aggressive that can be combative and all because that's a Hustler's mentality that you got to get it any way that you can regardless of who you burn in the process but you got to do it to survive and then they are desperately seeking for attention and approval I mean look at blac chyna look at every man that she's encountered she's always sought validation through the media through every aspect of her life and a lot of that starts at young ages if they're not getting that attention at home they're going to get it by any means possible and oftentimes they do it in a way that harms themselves and a lot of it is because they see how you treated them as a child they seen how you put men above them they seen how you were quick to custom out when you watch the show of blac Chyna and her mom her mom cusses her out to no end she threatens to fight her I heard her say she's gonna knock her teeth down her throat I was like oh my god and the way that blac Chyna just readily accepts her abuse and just laughs it off lets you know that she more so just wants her mother present more than anything when her mother goes into that psychotic mode blac Chyna just regresses into like a childlike state and it's almost like she just is so thankful that her mother is President that she could care less about how she's mistreating her that's a sad unfortunate trait that I've noticed with the malignant libras ok-hee malignant toxic libras are some of the most wicked signs of the zodiac when they're wrong they somehow will flip the narrative and make you wrong just notice what her mother on the show she constantly says you need therapy and she doesn't acknowledge she needs therapy because she can't seem to even have a conversation without yelling and screaming or jumping in her face she constantly throws in her daughter's face and makes her feel guilty for the fact that her daughter's a millionaire and now she should be taking care of her mother and she keeps pointing back to this time where blac Chyna hit the kill switch on the car because she and her mother had some beef going on and a lot of their issues are because her mother takes to social media to air out certain things that she doesn't want readily made public and so they got into a really big fight and she cut that car off until her mother was out of transportation and her mother to this day holds that over her head yet her mom feels to understand them when you make these pulse blasts and her revealing her information and then now you're gonna threaten to make some little children's book five thousand words about future and her relationship it's like how can you be mad your daughter really wants to distance herself from you and all you've you her as a dollar sign but again you gotta be careful because what I noticed was some of these malignant libras I'm not saying all y'alls the malignant ones they have a sense of entitlement and sometimes they will try to use finances to blackmail you if you don't pay for this I'm gonna go public if you don't do this I'm gonna go public they're always quick to make you realize that you better help them out but you can't readily come to them asking them for support and this is sad that this goes on in our community a lot where it's like sometimes our mothers will feel like we are obligated to take care of them we're obligated to put things in our names for them we're obligated to buy them certain things we're obligated to do X Y Z we have to break our necks for them and when you don't you will feel their severe rap and what people like this just because you guys have a title of being a family member still have to be willing to cut them off anytime somebody makes a statement saying that I don't care if I made you sell your blink to the Navy I'm still your mother no no no no no no it's because biologically you might be a parent you're not respecting them as a parent which is very important please don't expect them to bow down to you just because you guys have the title of mother daughter and we'll almost make you understand why blac Chyna just seems like an empty result she doesn't care about how her hustlin hurts others and this brings me back to with the whole lightening cream that she had with densha where it was like you have this mother who is clearly darker and you were willing to go out and make this cream dedicated to trying to get someone to your skin color mind you her mother co-signed her mother said hey leave her alone she's getting her money so this lets you into why blac Chyna is so baseless she lives out the life that I wish no black girl would ever think is something to aspire to you don't know what the Freak she's had to do to get to that she may post selfies it is outfit and got the latest lace front on but you don't know the sleepless nights that she has and you don't know what she's owns after being able to cope with some of the crafts that she's done and it really makes you question what on earth was her dad thinking and I understand he was 17 but what are some of these men thinking impregnating women like Tokyo Tony see y'all don't get off the hook for that and unfortunately men like her dad or men like future oftentimes contribute to why we see such toxic mothers is because you just wanted the temporary pleasure from her you end up getting her pregnant and you don't want nothing to do with her but you'll breed a freakin child that has to endure the woman like that please understand how some of these men play a role in this as well stay away from the toxic future types they mean you know good they have all these children and then they go on about their life meanwhile their children being raised by a woman that has no idea how to be a mother if we start checking on our family members that we know are a little bit unstable and start getting them involved in therapy because there's a lot of undiagnosed mental illness running rampant in the frickin community and those who have those illnesses are not getting treatment and they end up going on to have children and those children are brought up in abusive toxic household and then those children end up becoming teen parents and that vicious cycle continues of this generational dysfunction of children raising children hopefully this message can be spread across that like hey moms like your daughters are not your competition they want to be loved by you we look up to you we want to go out in wanna get our nails done what a confining off I don't want to have to go on social media and see the child tear us apart because of some top-secret information we told y'all keep it to yourselves karma is gonna be so wicked on her if this is in fact true when she let this go and please at all cost stay away from men like future have to treat men like that like they're walking and curable diseases and lead them the Freak alone don't care about how many bands they got don't care about what lifestyle they can afford for you that man has a freakin problem with having these effing children if this is true and don't bring your child up in an environment where they're not gonna get their father's full attention because they got 20,000 half-siblings all across the globe it's never an ideal situation to put your child in that predicament so stay away from men like that and also be sure that if you have toxic relationships with your mother if it does ever get physical or it gets to a point where you know it can't be stylish you have to be willing to cut that off because if anybody is released in public information about you or threatening to fight you over money they're not a true family member anyways this message is not really for blac Chyna but for the black women that actually value all skin tones and don't discriminate so anyways y'all let me know how you feel about this do you believe the mom and also do you feel like her mother is wrong for this please leave your comments down below please make sure you like comment subscribe and share and I'll talk to guys my next video right

23 Replies to “Tokyo Toni Says #BlacChyna was PREGNANT by FUTURE but AB0RT3D BABY 🤦🏿‍♂️”

  1. Tokyo Toni has some mental illness going on. On the 3rd episode of Chyna's show Tokyo said one thing one minute and then the next say she didn't say it. Case in point, Chyna paid her way through school and Tokyo said she paid, when Chyna said no I paid you didnt, Tokyo said I never said I paid. That lady needs help, they both do.

  2. I’ve ran out of excuses for her… I thought she was just mad her daughter didn’t talk to her but damn she just done the most

  3. I like your video. The world should be a balance of suffering and bliss. So yes people like Tokyo Toni should still be parents because all experiences no matter how painful are necessary.

  4. The laughing while her mother is talking crazy to her is a coping mechanism. That shit hurts, and when I've had to behave like that it was honestly to numb my own emotions. And you know you can't hit your mother so yeah. She doesn't want to be around that woman, but her mother is pursuant.

  5. It’s interesting that on Twitter a woman named @mysticxlipstick had a what’s holding Taurus back zodiac series and it was toxic moms

  6. Tyga called out Black Chyna's mom a long time ago in "The Breakfast Club" 💯. But it weren't over a lot of ppl's heads 👀👀👀👀👀

  7. My mother is a libra and I'm a libra BUT IM NOT LIKE HER. she is cutt off 🎉 my mother has been cut off for months.

  8. A lot of parents feel like the child is obligated to take care of them when they’re grown and they’re not. Children don’t ask to be born. Your children should take care of you because they want to not because you say so.

  9. A lot of parents feel like the child is obligated to take care of them when they’re grown and they’re not. Children don’t ask to be born. Your children should take care of you because they want to not because you say so.

  10. Her mum is so bitter I see a clip toni was saying how China gifted her a car a maxima saying it's shit compared to what China drives.i bet if toni had bags of money coming her way from her daughter she wouldn't be acting like this. No1 owes her shit anyway

  11. Man her mammy is a awful person I watch her show the real black chyna and her mammy is so mean her mammy had the nerve to say you better respect your mom even if she sale your pussy you better respect her with a mammy like this who needs enemies

  12. Did she just call her only child a "statutory RAPE baby"????!!!!! I'm actually speechless. What kind of Mother would do that to their child and on social media too? It's easy to see now why Black Chyna is the way she is and why she displays that low-self worth behaviour; it's the love-hate relationship she has with the woman that gave birth to her. I pity her especially as she has no siblings but she's also done a lot of foul things so they're really as bad as one another.

  13. For those of you that don’t know shalana hunter (Tokyo Toni) she’s the most toxic thing to blac chyna. Tokyo is a crack head, mentally ill, and lives from motels to motels. She constantly bashes her daughter for publicity and attention because chyna tries to not pay her any mind and restricts her from seeing her grand kids

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