Top 10 Craziest Birth Marks

Hello! Welcome back to Most Amazing Top 10, I am
Rebecca Felgate and today we are going to be celebrating individuality as we discuss
the Top 10 Insane birthmarks. Some people are very worried about physical
differences, but the people on this list seem to own what makes them unique, and I am so
inspired by them! Individuality forever! Let’s do this! 10 – Heart Shaped Birthmark
Cinar Engin from Turkey was born with a unique heart shaped birthmark on his forehead. His parents have said that locals call him
“love baby” and he is regularly posed with for selfies. They even said the nurses in the delivery
room wanted to have a photo with their newborn baby. There is an exceptionally cute picture of
baby Cinar wearing a Christmas hat that is pretty gorgeous! 9 – Hair Birthmark
8 year old An Qi from the Jilin Province in China has a very unique birthmark covering
the right side of his face. The dark birthmark has hair growing on it
too, making it blend in with his other head hair. Sadly An Qi has admitted that many of his
fellow school pupils laugh at him and call him names because of his birthmark. He has been offered free treatment at a local
plastic surgery hospital, which is great for him if that’s what he wants. 8 – Eyeball Birthmark
Instagram Model and small youtuber, Sonia Leslie, has a distinctive eye birthmark. The blue eyed beauty has a grey-blue birthmark
in her eye, which makes her iris looks bigger, like it is spilling out into her eye. I think its pretty beautiful and unique, personally,
but the 22 year old has become frustrated with critics who have asked her “what is
wrong” with her. She said she finds it rude when people ask
her about it and that some people should mind their own business. Models are usually unique looking, so I think
this only enhances her appeal. 7 – Half mask birthmark
24 year old Brazilian fashion designer and model, Mariana Mendes, has a birthmark covering
the top of her nose and around her right eye. She seems to care very little for the trolls
trying to bring her down, instead she is flaunting and celebrating her distinctive feature. She has said ‘I feel more beautiful and
totally different from other people because I have the mark”. Good on her! 6 – Polka dot Birthmarks
Matilda Callaghan has a rare polka dot purple and red birthmark that covers her face. The dots are actually a result of bruising
that came from trying to have the birthmark reduced to stop it spreading. Sadly, she also has a birthmark on her brain
which causes her to have both learning difficulties and epilepsy. She needs treatments on her birthmark ever
two months for the next 15 years. The family have a GoFundMe Page to help cover
the cost of Megan’s treatments. As we are at the half way point, I wanted
to throw something fun in at number 5 – we have this cute puppy birthmark…this young
18th century artiste impersonator appears to be sporting a rather spiffing moustache! Birthmarks on animals are pretty normal and
very celebrated – whereas they’re rarer on humans., making them stand out. However, this puppy has a very unique coat
marking – a perfect handlebar moustache! What a fancy fellow. All he needs is a monocle and a top hat! Back to usual scheduling at number 4, we have
a Red nose birthmark. So many media outlets have drawn reference
to Rudolph that it seems silly not to mention it. This beautiful little baby, Connie Lloyd,
was born with a red nose, like a clowns nose. At the time of her birth in 2008, her family
were told there was no cure to the benign tumour growing on her nose, however a couple
of years later a surgeon was located who could help her out, removing the mark, leaving her
with a scar instead of a full red nose. Truly incredible at number 3 – Map Birthmark
There is a trend amongst some people with birthmarks to, rather than hide their marks,
celebrate them instead by highlighting them with tattoos! Reddit user Mneneon, an engineer, decided
to outline his island like marks with pen and posted the images on the popular social
media site. He said he was considering getting the marks
permanently tattooed around. He also said he likened his birthmarks to
a map of middle earth from Lord of the rings. An inspiring story at number two from a boy
with a Turtle Shell Birthmark Colombian child, Didier Montalvo was born
with a very rare birthmark, a mole that took over 20 percent of his body. The birthmark looked like a giant tortoise
shell and led cruel children to call him Turtle Boy. Didier had surgery to remove the birth defect
, which doctors likened to carrying a sack of potatoes on his back. Since the growth was removed, he has been
able to resume a more normal life, but will always have scars over his body from the surgery. Finally at number 1, we have Full body Birthmarks
worn with fully body confidence! 21 year old Ciera Swaringen is an inspiration
to us all. Covered from head to toe in birthmarks, including
moles, she has refused to be cowed by bullies. The marks cover two thirds of her body yet
she wears them with pride. She said when she was a teenager, boys would
say things like “you look like you’re dirty…take a wash.” Ciera said in an interview that over time
she learned to brush off negative comments. She said her mom called her birthmarks Angel
Kisses. Ciera says she is glad she went public with
her condition, as it has helped other people who have similar conditions. So that was the Top 10 Craziest Birthmarks. I truly think they’re something to be proud
of and they make people individuals! I have a big scar I used to be pretty scared
to show, but these days I am just happy to display it because it makes me who I am!

100 Replies to “Top 10 Craziest Birth Marks”

  1. I had i red birth mark in my eye when I was born…..the doctor said I was fine and it would go away and it did😊

  2. I have a birthmark in both of my eyes but they arnt really that visible but if you are able to see it your too close to my face XD

  3. OMG when I was born I had a heart birthmark on my forehead but it faded, but when every I cry or laugh really hard you can still see the outline 🙂

  4. I love most of this
    But people see, to hate them
    Ok I was only talking about number 10
    With the heart.. the maps that’s all xd

  5. Omg when I was 5 I remember googline “what happens if you don’t put lotion on your body” and I saw the “turtle boy” obviously it was fake xD
    Some funny story I HAD to share

  6. I have a birthmark that on my stomach right over my belly button and I used to hate it but now when I wear crop tops I always get told that it's very cute and unique

  7. I have a strange birth mark on my thigh and it’s shaped as the USA even though I’m English. I also have a birth mark on my finger that’s a perfect circle.

  8. My birth mark is a sea horse and it's on my belly button and the weird thing is I love the water and Mermaids and I think my birth mark was a thing that inherited my habits of the ocean and water

  9. In between my eyes I have a birthmark that looks like a cross the line going up and down is blue and the one that goes across is black I love my birthmark

  10. Everyone on this list is not ugly or weird , they are all beautiful in their own way , no matter what you look like you can be beautiful if you believe you are xxxxxxxxx

  11. I have a freckle on the end of my nose and kids call my 'Clown nose' but I just stick with my group of friends. All the other kids are scared of the crew so the bullying has died down alot. It still happens on the rare times I'm not with my friends.

  12. I love birth marks and beauty spot! When i was a kid my mom likes to count my beauty spot in my back she tikkle me all the time! I had a birth mark on my head, on the side back. And both my sisters (i'm the yougest) wil grab me put my hair in every sense to try to find it lol it was hilarious each time and i loved that it was a race between my sisters on MY HEAD lolll (got a surgery cause i bothers me not cause the look of it cause i always manage to scratch it while playing with my hair) and i have a perfect little crescent moon on my leg just up my knee. the best part is that my best friend as exactly the same at the same place! A cresecnt moon on his leg lol and we both have the same beauty spot on our belly and we habe both the big bear constellation on our arms! Same arm as well lol i call him my cosmic brother lol THUMPS UP FOR DIFFERENT BEAUTY! 😀

  13. I once saw a baby that looked like she had jam spilled all over her arm. turned out it was a birthmark.

  14. My birth mark is just a blob of dark brown a small one though

    You don’t want you know what I wrote before…

  15. I have a birth mark that's sort of a dark brown colour on my right cheek and I've never seen anybody else with a birth mark in the same place until I went on holiday to Turkey and saw this other kid with a birth mark that looked the exact same, it was even on the same cheek. Also could somebody tell me why I have some hair growing out of it

  16. I have a birthmark on my back in the shape of an upside down cross (it doesn't look EXACTLY like an upside down cross, it's just similar) so my Christian grandparents straight up don't like me (hold up, that's just cruel)

  17. I want big bootifull birthmarks like that I have a tiny faint birthmark on my knee and I want my skin to be more unique.

  18. Watches whole video
    gets permanent marker
    draws all over face and eyes to be beautiful
    My bf:babe what are u doing…
    Meh:uhhhhhhhhh I wanted kawaii birthmarks
    My bf: … ok???

  19. Hi I'm angelice rentrop and I have an birthmark on the whole side of my face I do get bullied but my sister Destiny Taylor helps me not get bullie.😃

  20. I have a large port wine birthmark on one of my seems and a large brown one under my arm. I almost forget I have them now and don't worry about them!

  21. I had a kid at my school who was getting bullied because of his fat and he couldn’t run but I helped him and now he is a very good friend

  22. that was really inspiring because I have a birthmark and people have called me a disease because of it but I don't care what they say

  23. I had a birthmark under my ear that kinda looked like it said “YO” It faded a few years after I was born, but my parents still have some pics.

  24. I'm pretty sure I went to school with the guy who had the map birthmark. That's cool what he did with them!

  25. I have a light colored dewdrop shaped birthmark on my bellybutton, but I have a darker larger birthmark on my back that kinda looks like Europe a bit. :3

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