39 Replies to “Top 30 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy | Foods To Avoid While Pregnant”

  1. I only taking natural food supplements now that im pregnant, coz my family dont take synthetic medicine and it can be harm my baby, while natural food supplements is not.

  2. Hello vickey ….i was following your diet plan and reduced 4 kg in 12 days …my present weight is 77kg…. but now we are planning for a baby…how can i control my weight during pregnancy …i use to be 56kg before marriage. Please guide me.. i was so happy that my weight is reducing with all ur tips but now im confuse…. love you

  3. Hi vicky. I was facing severe pcos problem. I followed all your weight loss diet. I reduced 26 pounds.My health condition improved a lot…Now I'm pregnant. Thank you so much vicky. And I have a doubt , grounded flaxseed with oat meal is good to consume during pregancy( first trimester)?

  4. Notes:
    Avoid high mercury fish; raw eggs, sprouts, shellfish & meat; unpasteurized milk & cheese; blue cheese; energy drinks; sausages, bacon; eggplants; alcohol; black grapes, pineapple, unripe papaya, artificial sweeteners; polluted fish, canned & fatty foods; foods with soil and high sugar content…wow, and there's still more on the list.

  5. Mam pregnancy conceive karne ki koshish karre to kya jb egg fry ya boil egg.. Roti ke sath khaye to kch effect hota kya. Plz reply me soon

  6. Can you please share a diet for obese pregnant ladies to loose some weight in first trimester.

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