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  1. This is great video with so many tips included! So does it mean no exercises whatsoever until after 4th week at least?I know you said not to start exercising too soon but is working with resistant bands on upper body week after delivery too much too soon?

  2. 3 weeks post partum and glad I saw this video again. Saw it with my first baby and just needed to hear it all again!! Thanks

  3. Hi i am from pakistan i had a one month old baby and i have fracture in my ankle can you suggest me to do any exercise to lose weight

  4. I know this is years old, but what about just taking walks? Is that still too much? I just had my third child, fourth c section, and I was hoping I could start a very low impact walking routine. 10 minutes a day. I'm 6 weeks post

  5. After having my first child no one advised me on what to do or not to do. I even asked hospital staff if there anything I should avoid, the answer, nope, nothing! Well, I got out of the hospital barely 48 hours after having a baby, was on quite the adrenaline high and went right back to my regular life; laundry, dishes, cooking, going up stairs for a bath, etc. Fastforward 7 months postpartum and I wound up with a prolapsed bladder during my first menstrual cycle. Got pregnant a month later. Just had my second baby and now I'm basically bed ridden because of my prolapse. I cannot pick up my 17 mo old toddler, not for diapers, not for mealtime. I feel like I'm failing her. Cannot carry my son in his little car seat. Just horrible. So yeah, definitely take things SLOWLY!! I am now heavily wounded, mentally and physically, am having to change my entire life; how I stand, eat, sleep, dress, etc. Very little external support. I was evaluated by three professionals last year, all of which examined me laying, which is the worse position to see the full extent of a prolapse. Only advice I received was to do kegels until I gave birth again, but they only made my situation worse, so I stopped. I'm now waiting to see someone else and this time I know I have to be evaluated while standing and will demand as much!

  6. When can I start workout after a four month miscarriage.. I had induced labor after I lost my fluids..

  7. Hii Sarah.. my lo is 1yr 4mnts old.. I hv 5 finger gap (diastasis rectai) n umbilical hernia which is 1.5 cm.. may b coz of which I hv really huge tummy.. even in my 9th month it ws nt so big as it is NW.. I really feel v embarrassed abt it.. ppl ask me if m preg.. so NW I hv joined for yoga classes frm 3 weeks.. n dint find any difference in my tummy size… I really want to get rid of it asap.. plz suggest me something really gud… N plz plz do rply…

  8. Hi mam your speech is very inspirational one. I have 4 month old baby. I already started to go to gym. But I feel little pain in my lowest abdominal. Do I need to wait or can I continue?

  9. I had my 2nd c-section around 5 months ago. Now I have 3-4 finger wider diastasis recti and a huge mommy pooch. Now What shud I do? Work to heal recti or reduce bell fat because either way I will remain with huge belly fat

  10. hi i had baby in june and its almost 6 months.. am i eligible to do excerises.. doc told me i can do low impact excersises to start with.. am still scared. this is my 1st baby. i had c section..

  11. one week away from having my baby and can't wait to get my abs bk,guess I have to wait like 5 weeks to exercise

  12. HI! 6 months post-partum here and been doing post-partum workouts since 3-monts…how can you tell whenn your diastisis is healed enough to safely do plank position/push ups again?

  13. I just had my baby 1 month.. I've been anxious to do exercise but I'm still not recovered.. I don't feel like it. I'm breastfeeding and losing too much weight. I look slim but I don't want to lose my weight. I want to maintain my weight and every time I weigh myself I lose to many pounds and I'm starting to get worried. Thank you for your video its a huge help. I want to make sure I do whats right.. Thank you 😘

  14. Thank you for this advice! I have the gitters to go back to working out. and I have to admit, I did do a low impact workout today and then I saw this, this gave me a wake up call.

  15. Heyy new subbie here🙂 Love your videos!☺️ I started my own channel a few months back with my daughter 😊 Please check it out 😘

  16. is there a way to avoid these hanging skin and strechmarks after pregnancy? i am 40 and it seems some women just don't´get it away again, what do they wrong? thank you

  17. I just had my baby two months ago and I have been going just about everyday since 6weeks and you have just opened my eyes! Thank you so much for all the advice!

  18. I complete my 8 weeks and I breastfeed my baby so is that OK for dieting and start workout…
    plss reply…thanks

  19. Hi there, I am 2 weeks post partum and I have started 3 mile walks around block. I feel good but I am wondering is this considered too much too soon? I don't want to cause more harm than good.

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