Top 5 fashion mistakes that make you look older ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine. Today let’s talk about style and about the
little style details that might make you appear older than you are. Let’s be very clear here: this video works
at any age, for everyone. I’m not saying “old”, I’m saying “older
than you are”. Or than you feel. And I leave it up to you to decide which ones
apply to you and which don’t. There is no finger-pointing on this channel. It is a safe space. Basically, the five things that I will mention
now come from questions that I receive from you. And usually the questions are phrased like
this: “Is it ok to wear this, given that I am xyz years old?” From all the questions that I got over time,
I grouped, or I took away 5 main mistakes, which I will go through now, and I will also
explain how to avoid them. Number 1. Wearing everything boxy. When I see women dressed in everything loose,
their entire outfit is loose, I wonder, do they feel really completely uncomfortable
with their entire body? Are they trying to hide it? Are they trying to hide parts of it? And I’m an optimist. I think there is always at least one part
in our bodies that we do like. Why not try to create an outfit around the
parts that we like, rather than trying to hide everything that we dislike about ourselves. It’s a much more confidence inducing and
positive thought, isn’t it? For instance, if you do try to hide your body
under loose-fitting outfits, maybe rethink it? Try once to wear a little bit of tailoring,
a little bit of something fitted within an outfit. For instance, wearing loose sleeves but the
sleeves are fitted at the wrist level. It gives you already a little bit of heart,
a little bit of fit somewhere in the outfit. Or if you wear a very long dress, why not
try to belt it? Suggest the contours of the body under the
garment at least at one point, so to say. Or if you try to follow the classic rule of
balance that’s also very helpful I think. If you wear tighter pants, the top can be
loose. If you don’t like to show your hips by the
way, you can make the top go longer and cover your hips, that’s no problem. A flowy blouse that’s a bit longer or a
tunic with fitted pants, or the other way around, you make the pants loose, but the
top a little tighter, either on the torso or the arms. Number 2. Wearing monochromatic outfits can also make
you seem older. For instance, all black, all beige in summer. Black is great, eh? Black… I love black. I’m a big fan of black outfits. But it is missing contrast, so it will tend
to make you look a bit pale, or a bit washed out, a bit tired. We need to be smart about it when we do monochromatic
outfits. The easiest trick is to add in a slight touch
of color through jewelry or an accessory, and you’re looking to break the harmony
of the color palette of what you’re wearing by combining the main color with a touch of
its complementary color. So on the color palette, let’s say you’re
wearing a navy blue outfit which is here, navy blue is here. Its opposite on the wheel would be something
orange. It doesn’t have to be a pure orange and
it doesn’t have to be a big quantity in the proportions of the color you’re wearing,
but a slight touch will immediately make your outfit pop, look more modern; it will wake
up your face. That’s how the eye works, so you can use
it for yourself. I did a full video on color theory applied
to fashion, so to help you combine colors when creating outfits. I will link it here in the corner and down
below in the description box for you. I highly recommend you watch it if you haven’t
done so already. Number 3. Wearing the same shapes, cuts and proportions
as in your earlier days will very likely give away your age. Choose cuts and proportions that match your
current body. This one is at any age. I think at any point in time, regardless of
age, your wardrobe should match your body and fit you properly in terms of style. I will share my own experience with you guys,
no taboo here. I have always been a pear shape, and I know
that, but there was a moment in time when I was extremely sporty, and I in fact looked
like an inverted triangle. In that moment, at that time, I wore garments
that I would not wear anymore now. So my weight has remained quite constant but
my body proportions have changed what feels like dramatically compared to my teen years. You know for instance when you go buy jeans. If you get jeans that are not cut for your
body shape, it’s extremely uncomfortable, because the fabric is too tight, so jeans
are a good test. Now I need jeans that are a lot curvier around
the bum, higher-waisted and much wider around the hips. When you sit down with jeans that are too
tight for you, you know the blood circulation in your legs stops. That’s when you know. I’ve done a video where I try on different
shapes and cuts of jeans for you to compare, and you can tell how my silhouette looks different,
and comfort. It’s crazy. So I will link that video too, here and down
below in the description box for you guys. One more note, because that’s important. I’m not saying that you can’t wear your
old favorite garments anymore. If they are garments that are older, but that
you love, because they are a memory to you or something special, I’m not saying you
should not wear them anymore. You can still wear them if you have them re-tailored
to fit your current body. It’s much cheaper than buying new clothes. Number 4. Wearing too many accessories is another thing
that I came across a lot in your questions. In French we say: “This lady looks like
a Christmas tree.” And then you know she’s got too much on. I’m sure you gathered… the metaphor. Coco Chanel herself said, “When you put
on your jewelry, at the end, take one thing off.” Another way to put it is “less is more”,
“quality over quantity”, etc. There are variations. But basically, it’s harder to wear less
pieces, but to curate what you wear better. It’s harder, but it’s more elegant. But it’s harder. But it’s more elegant. Number 5. Wearing a bra that doesn’t fit you anymore. The most common thing that I see is when the
bra gets… the cup gets too small, and the breasts are coming out above the cup. Very common thing. Or the circumference has become too small,
and you see here skin popping out because it’s too tight here in the back, and the
last one is when the straps are too tight, and they cut into the skin here. So first, make sure that you wear the right
cup size. There’s the size and there’s also the
shape of the cup. So not every brand will fit you, your breasts,
and that’s normal. Then make sure that the circumference underneath
still fits, and check every 6 months or every 1 year because your body really changes that
much over time. And if your bra has boning under the breasts,
it will very likely also have adjustable straps. Check your straps all the time. So right now I have a slight difference on
the right side so I need to adjust that. Make sure that they’re not too loose. Because then you don’t have the support
that you need and it’s counterproductive for a bra to not support your breasts. And if it’s too tight and it cuts here into
the shoulders, you will naturally go like this, and it will show in your posture, so
allow yourself to stand tall by adjusting your bra straps. Do check your bras and the fit every six months
or every year because breasts change a lot over time. You gain weight, you lose weight. You’re pregnant. You were pregnant. You’re pregnant again. It’s really a roller coaster. Make sure to check regularly that your bras
still fit you and replace what doesn’t fit anymore. This is a very quick run-through and it is
hard to generalize when talking about fit, but I do hope you found these tips useful. If yes, thumbs up, thank you so much! If you want to learn more about fit, I have
done two previous videos on two very difficult garments. The first one is a women’s suit, super hard
to fit, and a shirt or a blouse. Both things are very likely to be part of
your work wear, of your work attire, and they are incredibly hard to fit, so it needs proper
explanation… I will link this video here and down below
for you guys. Subscribe to this channel if you are interested
in fashion in general and if you’re curious to learn more. I usually upload videos every Sunday. And I will see you next week in a new one. Until then, take care. Bye!

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  1. This video was very helpful for me, ad fun! I am 62, I believe that I have evolved into a comfortable, contemporary and age-suitable style for myself, but this information was still very usable. I do lean towards too "flowy" and too monochromatic. I am going to enjoy adding a bit of "fit." I have fresh eyes on accessorizing; adding that dash of color. I appreciate your warm and cheery tact. Thank you!

  2. I’m 65 now, but when I was in high school I had a teacher that dressed very well. Always looked A+. Her recommendations for not overdoing accessories, was to count to 10 and then stop. Every button, bow, buckles on shoes, bracelets, earrings, brooches, necklaces, etc….counted as “1” and you couldn’t go past “10” or you would look like a “Christmas tree!” 😉

  3. I really like your videos! I have been watching a few others before I found your channel and what I'm seeing are a lot of are recommendations that we keep it simple, no colors, and only flats, but that sounds so boring to me. Then I found your videos and I see you are wearing lovely colors and you suggested a good pair of black heels. I would rather wear heels and colors! I don't mean stillettos or wild fluorescent colors, but I just don't want to look too plain. We are planning a trip to Europe with France being a big stop (not just Paris). I'm American and while I don't want to stand out, I also want to be myself. (I don't wear athletic clothes in public anyway, but I admit my husband loves caps.) 🙂

  4. I found a pair of linen jeans….was thrilled because I wear lots of linen in the summer…but, the legs strangled my thighs when I sat. Have become used to at least 1% spandex. Donated them.

  5. I follow all of these except the jewelry thing. I'm very young, so I'm not worried about how old I look, but even when I'm a grandma, I don't know if I'll be able to resist dangly earrings with long necklaces and rings that look like they're from fantasy movies – my goal is pretty much to look like a fortune teller and/or witch, and it's very fun, even if it ends up making me look old.

  6. Regarding bra straps; women with heavier breasts should have wider, more padded straps. Even correctly-fitted straps will dig into the akin if the breasts are too heavy a load for the average, thinner strap.

  7. Hi Justine!!! You mentioned not focus on prints. What would be the prints and patterns that are timeless and never go oit of style? Thank you

  8. she needs to follow her own advice
    her hair is awful and certainly dies nothing to correct or enhance her appearance

  9. I love your videos you are helping me , I have been unwell but now getting back to going out for event ,

  10. Ah, I love it at all. However, I just have a little suggestion for your videos to make more visual. If you don't mind, you can add some relatively wrong and correct outfits as you described in the video. It will make the videos more eye-pleasing. I enjoy watching and even listening your videos though. Thanks! 🙂

  11. Monochromatic outfits are elegant if tastefully done. Creams, whites and even black can be a beautiful look and nice change of pace. It is not an old look, it is a trend that comes and goes just like the rest of the trends. So I disagree with you on that but great vid as usual.

  12. I have something to add on the jewelry. My take is that it’s more cultural than personal style. An extreme example would be to compare an Indian bride with a North American or European one. And it really depends if the one wearing them is able to pull it off.

  13. To be honest I love dressing nicely most days but the all baggy look is so comfortable, I need a waist in my clothes to look good but if i know i am sitting all day i dont want that pressure on my stomach sometimes and just eschew it in favor of feeling free and comfy

  14. I adore the silver "web" ring on your left hand, but I didn't see it on your website. Will it be available at some point?

  15. I think a lot of older women wear loose fitting clothes because they get hot and sweaty, and taylored tight fitting clothes make that worse.

  16. I’m sorry Justine I am 55yrs old & I don’t like strips or dots.
    I’m looking at your face & chin & they are 2 different colours. I don’t know if your wearing powder or foundation but it doesn’t look natural. It seems like you have too much on or it’s the wrong color. I don’t know how old you are but I think a shorter hair cut would look better cause of the shape of your face. Sorry if I have have offended u but I’m trying to tell you the truth. I used to work for Lancôme & I’m trained about makeup. People always say I look younger because I have great skin like my mum who is 80 & hardly has a wrinkle. I’m Italian so for my face I use a rose base foundation. I wear a lot of color & not much black. For my lips I wear bright color cause I look younger. I know what you mean about tight clothes but now I go for loose clothing for comfort. I’m not a fan of high heels any more except in a very special occasion & prefer a little bit of heel or a wedge look. I could live just in jeans with a nice top or a t-shirt & sketchers.
    I don’t wear too much jewellery & I can’t live without earrings. Thanks for your advice

  17. I think maybe the words would be tired and unenthusiastic about your body.
    I agree. These things are awesome

  18. My younger sister, who has now passed, loved her jewelry. She to support her love of all kinds of jewelry she coined the phrase "obsessorize" for her particular style. I loved to obsessorize from time to time to keep her memory alive.

  19. If I wear an uncomfortable bra, it is very distracting. So either I have a very nice bra or a very old bra. The very nice bra looks nicer but the very old bra is more honest. I am enjoying your videos, thank you.

  20. 1. Wearing everything boxy (all loose clothes)
    2. Wearing monochromatic outfits
    3. Wearing clothes of "your past self", that are not compatible with your current body type
    4. Too many accessories
    5. Wearing a bra that doesn't fit

  21. Justine, you are a delight to listen to. I learn something new with every view. Thank you for giving such helpful advice. 🙌🙌

  22. Useful tips ^_^ Can you make a video on androgynous fashion 😀 ? I feel like I am more attracted to male fashion for myself as a girl. 🙈

  23. Hello Justine. Would you consider producing a video on bra fitting? Thank you. I enjoy your videos. Thank you for your work.

  24. I have a striped shirt in those exact colours! I feel so happy! I have a piece that my favourite fashion youtuber would wear 🌈

  25. Ladies two piece "suits" were correctly called costumes, and it annoys me that fashion seems to have forgotten this.

  26. How do you feel about women going braless? I had a chest and shoulder injury three years ago and had to go braless while it healed. I haven't gone back to a bra since. Can being braless ever be acceptable?

  27. I live in America. I’m a very petite person. It’s very hard to find anything form fitting that isn’t custom or expensive. I don’t want to hide my body with lose fitting outfits but I’m afraid I don’t have many options.

  28. These are great recommendations, but about the last one … I have always struggled with finding the perfect bra for me since my breasts are quite uneven. I haven't found it yet :)). My blouses often tend to reveal that fact by slowly but surely twisting towards the bigger one, and I get frustrated every time my blouses look a bit crooked. I am thinking about surgery at one point, but maybe you have some tricks for that :).

  29. Some women have medical issues that don’t allow them to be fashion forward because they are hiding medical equipment. Even the very young.

  30. Hi, Justine. I've found your videos so interesting. Can you make a video about types of clothes for women with belly… I've gained weight and it's hard to find something that looks good on me. Thank you!

  31. Your videos are so informative. I love your accent and your personality seems so sweet and kind.

  32. Hi Justine, lovely video. I just wanted to add some advice on bra’s since I’ve been a sales specialist for 8 years working with lingerie/undergarments . When the bra band on your back is tight, that is very normal. The elastic is tighter than your skin so it makes perfect sense that it will show some sort of cut in your skin. When you have a bit more flesh/fat on your back or when your skin becomes more loose when aging it is impossible to avoid. When you buy your bra more loose, the back will rise up and hang in the front causing it to cut even more into the skin and your cups to stand open. The only options you have is buying a bra with a higher back band. But brands will adjust the straps+back band given your cupsize and band size. When you’ve got a fuller bust, you will need more support so wider straps and a higher band. An E cup can’t have the same straps and bands as a B cup.
    In European sizing you basically have a 70 when wearing a shirt size 36/38 and a 75 goes with shirt size 40, 80 goes with shirt size 42. That’s usually the case but there will be some exceptions off course.



  33. Jeans are my "scale". I always wear the same label/curvy style (a fast fashion variety, but works for me). For my temperament, it is far less traumatic to be informed by my jeans, that I have gained weight rather than looking at the number on a scale. Justine Leconte videos are always helpful. Thank you.

  34. That Chanel quote about removing one thing always makes me laugh, seeing that Chanel herself was usually festooned in ropes of pearls like chain mail clanking over her flat chest. The one thing she really should have removed was that hideous hat she wore even indoors. It looked like an inverted fruit bowl.

  35. Love the video and your lessons. I use the word "fewer" to describe how you use the word "less". While I don't speak German or French, you may chose to investigate how the two words in quotations are used.

  36. Your videos were the first ones that dragged me to the french chic way and I can’t be happier for finding you.
    We need more in this world!
    Love your videos. My partner just saw you and he said “wow, who is she? She’s so beautiful and has a divine smile!
    I said “my gorgeous french style teacher!”
    Merci Justine!

  37. Can I just say that this video applies to men too ? I'm 43 and encountering the same problems. I'm in a transitional period where I realize my midsection will never be the same (yep, men's problems), but I'm stuck to a (fairly extensive) wardrobe, half of which I cannot wear anymore, the tops because the hem is too narrow, the trousers because I cannot button them anymore. Since my belly is the only part of my body that has substantially expanded, I'm constantly wavering between the idea of losing weight in the midsection (but it appears to be a lost cause, because I would lose weight everywhere, and my belly is the only problem section) and renewing my wardrobe completely (which is a budget). I'm sloooooowly adjusting to option #2, but it's a vanity thing. Accepting your new body is the biggest challenge. That doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of your body, but things just happen with time. That's tough.

    One common tip is belts. I used to never wear belts, because i didn't need them, but now I use them for trousers I cannot button anymore, but fit perfectly well at the thighs. I think it's a common secret to a lot of men. So far, I don't need to buy new trousers with this trick. Of course, pair these with slightly longer tops.
    Another tip when you're at that puzzled stage is : look at someone your own age group that you find sexy/attractive/stylish, and analyze his clothes. I used to think that super fitted everything was the way to sexitude. Then I realized I was drawn to men who wore shirts or trousers that didn't necessarily hugged their every curves. So why not try this myself ? I've re-invested in slightly boxier tops, which I would have never touched when I was younger, tried them on without a lot of hope, and felt immediately more confident when I looked in the mirror.
    Any transition is a process. Go slowly, take steps (I'm barely half there yet), find confidence, lose vanity and say goodbye to who you were, and hello to who you are.

  38. I had a French grandmother who taught me a lot of these things and I have a stepdaughter who is 16 and in desperate need of help I’ve been sending her your videos in an effort to help her understand how to flatter herself and embrace classic taste and style (her mother and I are diametrically opposed stylistically)
    I heard her in the bathroom the other day saying “I should take this ring off I look like a Christmas tree”

  39. I love how you chuckle! So honest 🙂 And thank you for these wonderfully insightful videos you make to help us ☺️

  40. I am a mature woman, but have a small waist, but I live in 100-110 degree weather, so wearing tight-fitting clothes is not conducive to this environment. During the winter, it is different. I love the look of a fitted jacket with jeans, but can only wear this for 3-4 months. You can be much more fashionable if the weather is not an issue.

  41. I buy what flatters my body, especially my butt. And I buy colors that I think look good with my skin tone. That's it. If I like it and it looks good on me, I really don't care if it's cheap or not high fashion.

  42. There's something about the way she talks that's makes me feel so happy?! Besides her cute accent, they what she puts and explains things. She feels like those teacher who we will always remember.

  43. I wear all loose outfit, i like my bust but for dress only on formal party. I don't like to show them in casual, because in my country, guys are so pervert they will stare at them and that makes me uncomfortable

  44. I didn't know French people say 'looks like a Christmas tree'  I thought I came up with that phrase personally!  lol it's so perfect though!

  45. I look younger than I am I'm 23 and people ask me which school I study in or which grade I study in… So I think I need to make these mistakes … 😅

  46. Hi Justine you look beautiful I have been trying to find out what my options are as I have a apple shape body and the video here is helpful I'm a big fan of your channel x

  47. your accent is so cool omg ive been binge watching your videos you make everything sound so fancy it and your advice is amazing 😀

  48. I see so many people that look like walking garage sales with a bunch of jangling jewelry it’s such a bad look thank you for addressing that!

  49. How can someone wear jeans when you don’t have a butt? This has been my problem and can’t wear them. So so sad

  50. It is soooo hard to find properly fitting nursing bras! And with a little hungry screaming baby one doesn't exactly have lot of time to be fitted for size

  51. In a video, you talked 10 tips from french style, 2nd/3rd tipsy is don't wear more than one color in an outfit. now you say don't go monochrome!!! how interesting is this?

  52. Merci Justine. …vidéo très inspirante pour créer ma "new wardrobe"….en accord avec moi même et ce qui est plus élégant et féminin. …

  53. Haha not to be mean but I feel like her clothes in this video is both washing out her complexion and making her appear older than she is.

    90% of the support comes from the band. You should be able to slip your straps off and have the bra remain upright, not fall down.
    Typically when you have back fat from a bra it is because the band is too large! So the band starts riding up the back which causes the back fat. Most women wear a bra that has a band size 1-4 sizes to large and a cup size 1-6 cups too small.
    Measure around your under bust/ rib cage in a straight line around the torso, parallel to the ground. This should be your band size, in inches.
    If you measure 30 inches around the under bust, you will either wear a 30 or 32 band.
    Some brands are tighter that others, so to figure out if the band fits without the cups interfering with the fit of the band, put the bra on upside down.
    You are likely to find the band fits great and it is the cups that are the problem.
    Your band should be firmly wrapped around the body in a straight line. When you pull it away from your back it should not stretch more than an inch or so.
    I suggest using inches and converting it to EU/FR (sizes that use centimeters) because otherwise you have to take the measurement and subtract 10 centimeters and a whole lot of nonsense. So figure it out in UK sizes, which is standard, and convert to EU/FR.
    You will likely have to go up 1-2 cup sizes for EU/FR after converting. They use 2 centimeters per cup size while UK uses 1 inch which equals 2.5 centimeters.
    So if you are A-D cup size you will likely get the same cup in EU/FR. But if you are above a D cup (which you likely are, a D cup is small, it's only a 4 inch difference between under bust and bust) you will need to add another cup due the 0.5 difference between an 1 inch and 2 centimeters.
    So if you are a 32F in UK, you will likely need a EU 70H or FR 85H. The UK F cup is 4 cup sizes larger than a D cup so that is 2 centimeters lost in translation. 2 centimeters is a whole cup size in EU/FR. If we directly translate from UK to EU/FR a 32F would be a 32G because the EU/FR typically does not use double letters like the UK does.

  55. this was pretty helpful for me, but in the other way around: i look younger than i actually am, and it bothers me sometimes. at least i'm familiar with the all-black outfit part, since i enjoy goth/alternative fashion hahahah

  56. I'm crazy about your videos. I love your charming attitude! I have a question. I've never liked a bra!!! But I've never had a courage not to wear it. After 35 years I stopped wearing it. Is it a good decision? Does it affect the shape in the future? I'm 48 years old. People think I'm 37 – 41.

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