25 Replies to “Torah Questions: Leviticus 15: The unclean women during Menstrual cycle”

  1. Wow! Jon – thanks for touching on this subject. My husband and I have been trying to understand this! Thanks so much! I'm new to the Torah and really like this platform you've chosen. Plus you got right to the point… Great stuff

  2. I didn't want to watch this video because of the immodestly dressed woman on the thumbnail. But I am glad I did.

  3. Jesus made all things new allowing these things to become clean the lamb of god died for all sins … this’ sits wrong w me in my spirit you preaching torah to a gentile

  4. I am so tired of men trying to stick their noses in a womans business! Their are plenty of qualified women out there to address this subject!

  5. Unclean means not holy, if you can't approach GOD YAHWEH and his temple according to his laws then you are sinning.

  6. Thank God that a woman was used to bring Jesus the savior of the world into this world. Savior of the world for all human flesh – male and female. I have been reading the book Destined for the Throne. Christ in you the hope of glory. Born again women have Christ in them and will also be on that Throne. Body of Christ. Because in Christ there is no male or female. Thank God for Jesus – our redeemer — to get free of this prison planet that has been under the dominion of darkness.

  7. Due you guys have any recommendations on you tube on the Torah, I'm more of a listening soul than reading.

  8. Since there is no longer a physical Temple to go to on the Sabbath, and we are considered a temple, should we make sure before we inter into the Sabbath to be clean as possible to come into his presence before worship and so on?

  9. He didnt really cover this topic very well sorry but there are a lot of traditions that need to be explained on this topic that he needed to cover so that people can refute it when faced with it from others like those that say that women have to mikva after every cycle…and where that came from and why its incorrect.

  10. God's laws aren't grievous, and he didn't make any of them up "just because." Every law regarding uncleanness related to the health and well-being of the individual and tribe. The tie-in to ritual uncleanness is irrelevant because ritual uncleanness was uncleanness regardless of the tabernacle.

  11. Maby you will think that it's weird, but since I turned to God and Torah, I can see and feel a little bit of spiritual realm, especjally the one with demons. I started getting demonic attacks from time to time, but the more I grow in faith, the more of protection I have, like sort of invisible, strong arm is pushing them away from me. And from what I've noticed, those demonic beings are atracted to human blood, maby to the flesh as well. When my "days" come, I feel them flying aroud me like a mosqitos, they don't want to live me alone, they affect my moods and libido. So if it is so, I can't imagine during those days go into the holy place and drag this cloud of demonic beings with me there. I can understand verry well what Leviticus is talking about at that piont.

  12. Have the Torah/Law keepers ever thought it was God's plan to have the Temple destroyed?
    Is it possible Jesus/Yeshua was the fulfillment of the Law? 1900+ years without a Temple and after the cross, the sacrifices at the Temple were no longer accepted. If the law was still
    acceptable to God wouldn't the daily sacrifices still atone for sin until the destruction of the Temple?

  13. Head coverings are an interesting subject that can also be understood in the same manner as this subject. hair was considered a sexual thing (long healthy hair is a often a sign of health/ fertility) and church isn't the time for males and females to be thinking of those issues. study the language Paul uses, not the sanitized English. He literally says that a man would not go to services with his genitals uncovered. God has a time and a place for all things and a lot of life is keeping our actions in the time and place God wants them. Both women and men should be modest when worshipping with other believers and share community resources responsibly. God just wants us to use His resources and time wisely and respectfully. He had to start from the beginning and build a whole and Holy society just like when we bring a child into the world. No one expects a baby to know when and where to do things. But that same child will know in a few years when something is public behavior, what is private behavior, when to wash, when to eat, and when to sleep.

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