[Touhou Vocal] [RD-Sounds] Hikari~Miscarried Princess (spanish & english subtitles)

Taking form, threads of light are shaped – A new life is born. Ah, my beloved “…” So that even this lightless world Will itself become a new light “Let us make a world just as I envision it.” A maiden heralding freedom and release, Dances amongst white walls as they fill with color. Just as the seasons change from one to the next One day, all of of this will turn on its own. Now, should I name that life formed of light Born As I give list names for everything… I would “hope”. For this world to be ever more complete than the last. I would “wish”. To be a single and fully autonomous entity, in this world. …So that I would ever be so. Right? My beloved doll, “…” Just as you birthed a new light From that lightless world, With all my heart, I want to be closer to you, Who once gave birth to me… Just as I wished, when I set My hands on “it” – I didn’t look back My prayers lifted up, for the “world” Surely would not have reached anyone. I would “pray”. I would “desire”. Trying to play god, Trying to become light, Going through the actions of creating a world… Those clumsy attempts at playing house with her dolls, continue without end. I would “hope”. I would “wish”. I would “pray”. I would “desire”.

2 Replies to “[Touhou Vocal] [RD-Sounds] Hikari~Miscarried Princess (spanish & english subtitles)”

  1. Son demasiado grosos!! xD
    Me encantan sus letras!! *w* y la re hacen!! toda una historia *w*
    Joder!! necesito ese cd XD ya escuche la nueva versión de Mari y quedé *¬*!!!!!!!!!!!!
    xD gracias otra vez por sus traducciones!! TwT)/

  2. Novu vercion di cantu is definitamentu cu malicia comparata te precursoru 'Hikari'. Mi opinion is te duo canti is unu tragicu historia cu evidentamentaru te differencii di te duo personi— te mater, Shinki, cu amoru maternal unu mare cu similarimentu in capacitatu, i te fillia, Alice, cu corruptata mentalitatu i in illusii arrestata. Is maje publu nu, te duo? Maje publu.

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