Track Battle!! GT350 Epic Performance and Removing the CORN from MY Sh&/$t!! It’s FIRE!!

hello welcome everybody to the channel I'm Ryan you're watching Shelby exotics as you can see we've got some new intros and I have a serious racing hangover today which is kind of it's kind of a good thing that was the most fun that I have had since high school just working as a team and doing whatever it takes to try to win and that and also doing the HP DES and whatnot has just been it was just like sensory overload from the time we got there until now and the adrenaline rushes and wow it's it's everything I thought racing could be plus more and it takes a tremendous amount of work to get this team up and going and and try to get the car on the track and it's just it's amazing and special thank you to five-point-two motorsports and drive faster now calm as well as you know all of our other sponsors the motion controls custom components and so forth for giving us the opportunity to do this stuff we ran into just about every issue possible for mark 2 which is the version 2.0 that Cory 7 Anthony I always want to say Marco Lea but it's my my viñoly driver for the NASA series that poor car has been through hell and gone and back I think it's now been crashed and set on fire and ripped apart a hundred times and it still had just had an unbelievable showing at one point we were 14 seconds up in one race and the and cut and you know we were following out Oh two sensors and it was just a battle for those guys and they fought super hard all weekend to try to get a win and didn't get a win but it would felt like we want anyway it was it was cool good team bonding so we're looking forward to pit race which is coming up in July and yeah it's just crazy it it's so much more than I ever thought it was gonna be I wish I would have done this 20 years ago well love will cut right to the chase get into this video and lead you up to something it's not that you're good it's just a nice it's beautiful all right NASA races go over about 15 minutes into a 35 minute rate Anthony P – all right last session we are headed out to do a mock restart drill which is probably going to be a mess we know all right NASA races go over about 15 minutes into a 35 minute race Anthony's p2 our splits are down 12 seconds he's gained in five a lap and it's gt350 versus gt350 [Applause] [Applause] this meetings done we're all suited up in our 5.2 motorsports crew gear tires warming up just fired it fuel system is taken care of and corrected we went back to 100 octane and that totally fix it feel cut out so no more corn in my at all period I'm not gonna risk it not gonna play with that homie you know I I have to say that I do believe that I got some bad FL it's just not worth the chance so for you Shelby guys that have been watching me talk about having Courtin to my and being a wonderful thing I was wrong I was wrong 100 octane is expensive but built to handle it that's what's critical so stay tuned alright so that wraps up this episode of shelby zags as you can see you can spin off the track pretty easily in gin german and not have too much of an issue so it's a great track to learn how to race on and to get started so if you ever in the South Haven Michigan area it's a good thing to stop by and check it out or if you're looking at your first track page in German by far is one of the greatest tracks and safest tracks that I've ever been to just because of the runoff and you can see for yourself in the video there's plenty of space to be able to move around in the lawn without actually hitting anything you just need to be aware and cautious of you know lotuses and fires pretty much once you've got past those to level up items then you you can go on to track master status okay getting a little off track so it's time to wrap this episode up be sure to LIKE subscribe and comment I'm gonna go help Ally move some really heavy stuff some big horse tacky doodads there so please like subscribe comment make sure you stay tuned we've got lots of really super exciting things coming up including a partnership with a new brake company professional driver that's going to be stepping in for the st2 and tt-to Series at Pittsburgh pit Race which were going to be at from the 19th 18th 19th 20th and 21st whole families coming with me so hope to see you there we will have shirts and whatnot for everybody that's coming out along with our pit crew and yeah so I gotta go so talk to you later be sure to LIKE

8 Replies to “Track Battle!! GT350 Epic Performance and Removing the CORN from MY Sh&/$t!! It’s FIRE!!”

  1. Maybe I'm getting old, but racing is always fun until it becomes a job of winning. I'm super competitive and would lose my shirt and my sh*t running NASA.

  2. Lotus's and fires. Yea , we saw that cheeky squeeze play [email protected]!#% but hey some folks aren't scared to get their SHIT smashed up so someone should do them a favor and accommodate them. Lol

  3. NASA racing is intensely competitive. Thats the only words i can find to describe it. Lol. Best of luck to ya. You have what it takes , i think .just keep it on the edge Racer Ryan.

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