Welcome back guys! Today I am going to be
discussing the five different ways that I tracked my cycle and ovulation, prior
to conceiving my now five month old son via home insemination. First of all, I’m going
to be talking about this a lot throughout and that is the Flow app. I
got that so that, it’s a period tracker, so that I was able to click each day and
input my weight, my sleeping habits, water intake, exercise, as well as all of these
methods that I used to track my cycle. I was able to put them in each day. So I
looked back at all of the months, the consecutive months that I had marked my
calendar because this is just something I do. I put a dot on my calendar every
day that I’m on my period. So, I knew the first day of every period for a
consecutive 17 months and the first day of your period is cycle day one. So I
counted from, I logged all of this onto a piece of paper and here as you can see, I
counted from the first day of one period to the first day of the next period and
I marked in the gap days, which is how long that cycle was. I then added up all
of the gap days and divided them by how many months there were, to give me a
rough estimate of how long my average cycle is and as you can see I would go
from 28 days to 42 days. The days of my period, like how long the period was,
wound up not even being relevant, but those are also on here, but then at
the bottom I went ahead and added that next period, which would
have been the first day of the cycle that I conceived and it gave me an
average of 34 days total. If you deduct 12 to 14 days for the luteal phase, the
luteal phase is the amount of days from ovulation to the start of your next
period and that is kind of giving me an estimate of when I would have ovulated.
So based on this, if I had a 34 day cycle on average, I’m looking at
ovulation being around 20 to 22 days. However, if you didn’t watch my last
video, some women could have a short as an 8 day luteal phase, or also
as long as a 16 day luteal phase. So when I went and input all of this information
into the Flow app, I figured ,”Oh my gosh, I’m giving it 17 months worth of
information, it’s gonna be able to pinpoint my ovulation for me,” but I
couldn’t have been more wrong. It was off by like 10 days. I want to tell you right
now, if you’ve heard of someone using a period tracker to tell them when they’re
gonna ovulate and it actually worked, it was mere coincidence. If you tell
yourself right now not to look at that and throw that out the window and accept
that a tracker will never be able to know your luteal phase or how long it’s
gonna take you to actually ovulate, that’s gonna save you a lot of grief.
Don’t even look at that, but use the tracker, or use the app to input
everything and I’m also gonna be talking about this in a couple more methods down
the line that I get to. First of all, let’s go ahead and begin with ferning. I don’t
know if you’ve ever heard of this. Basically what it is, is you buy a
Fertile Focus microscope, I did this. It’s like a tube of lipstick. You keep it
by your bed. You wake up, you twist it open, you lick your finger, put your spit
on the microscope, let it dry, put the cap back on, press the little light, look in
the little lens and it’s gonna show you ferns. If you don’t know what a fern is,
it’s like a line with little baby lines going down the side of it. It’s like a
leaf and then they’re everywhere and
that’s what’s gonna show up. Your saliva is going to show you ferns leading up to
the days of your ovulation. This was the biggest waste of time of all of the
methods because I did it throughout and one day there’d be ferns, then they’d be
gone and there’d be ferns like kind of leading up and then they’d be gone. So
don’t even attempt this honestly and if you’ve had success with
ferning put it down below and maybe put some tips as to what you did and if I
wasn’t doing it properly, I just, I really don’t recommend this. Next is cervical
position. Now this is definitely gonna be a more graphic video you guys, I’m gonna
be going into detail about.. I mean I’m sure only a really women are gonna be
watching this kind of thing, but if you’ve got kids watching there’s gonna
be times when you probably don’t want them seeing this. For cervical position
you’re gonna be feeling inside where your cervix is and towards the beginning
of your cycle it’s gonna be, a lot of women tend to say it feels like if you
purse your lips out as tight as possible: like really closed and really out. It’s
gonna feel like the tip of your lips and for me I would say it felt like that and
it’s ideally supposed to be low hard and closed in the beginning parts
of your cycle and then as your cycle progresses it’s supposed to go higher
and get softer and then the day of your surge, before ovulation and ovulation,
it’s gonna be nice and soft and really high and almost feel open. Not like
dilated you’re having a baby open, but it’s gonna feel different than how it felt
before. I tracked this throughout my cycle and it was really inconsistent as
well. However, it told me what I needed to know on the day that I was planning to
inseminate because the other methods had told me that I was having my surge. I used
this as a confirmation method and it felt very
high, very soft and a little bit open. For me, it feels like if your mouth is pursed,
but very relaxed and just slightly open. Like squishy and with just a little bit
of an opening feeling. That was absolutely the best thing I needed
as a third indicator that I was having my surge and that I should inseminate
that evening. Next up is gonna be basal body
temperature. Basal body temperature is your resting temperature. A normal
thermometer will tell you, say, your temperature is 98.6, but a basal body
thermometer, it looks the same, it’s gonna read though, 98.55. It’s gonna have a
very specific decimal point after it and you want to have that so that when you
input this into the Flow app, I mean I definitely recommend the Flow app,
especially for this reason, I would put in my basal body temperature every
single day and then I would go to the bottom right hand corner “more,” then click
“graphs” and then click “BBT and ovulation” and here it would show my basal body
temperature, kind of in a little maintained Richter scale: maintaining between like a
high and a low average and then after my ovulation, about, they say 24 to 36
hours, I would say about one to two days after your ovulation, you’re gonna see a
spike, as you can see here, but this method is extremely tedious. You have to
wake up at the exact same time every single morning. You don’t get out of bed
because it has to be your resting body temperature. You have to roll over,
take your temperature, jot it down on a notepad right there on your nightstand
and then input it later. Also, I personally went to bed at the same time
every single night, so that it would be as accurate
as humanly possible. So, as you can see, that graph was very consistent, but this
doesn’t help you find out when you’re gonna ovulate. It just tells you after
you’ve already inseminated, “Hey you did a good job on your timing,” which is nice.
It’s nice during that wait after you ovulate and you’re waiting to find out
if you’re pregnant, but it is another thing that is a bit tedious and a lot of
people who are trying to conceive, they do all of these things, I mean I did five
tracking methods throughout, they do all these things and your body will push off
ovulation, which is probably what happened with me because I did not
ovulate until cycle day 28. I inseminated the evening of cycle
day 27 and what happens is people, they don’t conceive and it’s just too
stressful and then they decide they’re gonna take a break, then they get
pregnant. How many times do you hear that? When people stop trying that’s when they
get pregnant. So, all of these methods leading up to now are a little bit too
tedious to me. I know I keep using that word, but I, whatever. The next method is
OPKs. I thought that I was a genius. I went on Amazon and I got a 50 pack of
highly-rated opk test strips. These things were such a waste, along with
pretty much everything leading up to now. They were a total waste because you have,
when you’re reading an opk strip, you have the line that is always dark no
matter what, that’s the control line and then you have the test strip which is
gonna change and if it’s even with the control line, then you know that you’re
about to have a surge and when it’s dark, that’s what you want him inseminate, when
it’s darker than the control line, but with these opks, I was always
questioning it because it was so dark no matter what. So, I actually have all of my
opks. I would let them dry and then I would take a glue stick and glue them on
my notebook and put in the time that I did the opk, whether I considered
it positive or negative at the time of taking it and if I thought that
something was positive, then I would take it again a few hours later,
but anyways, leading back to the opks. I was so irritated because I was thinking
I was ovulating and then with the other methods that were confusing me, I was, you
know I didn’t have my ovulation until cycle day 28, so I was kind of driving myself
nuts waiting for it to happen and I did a little bit more homework and
a lot of women were mentioning these Rite Aid opk test strips. I went for it. I
went to Rite Aid, it’s a Rite Aid brand. It’s a white and pink box, white and
light pink and instead of individual test strips wrapped in you know,
individual packages, all of the test strips are like in a film canister.
Inside the box, you’re gonna get a white tube. It’s like two film canisters
stacked on top of each other in a pop tube. Once you open that pop, all of them
are in there, they’re not individually wrapped, all the test strips are in that
tube and you only have 30 days to use them up because of that because then
they expire, they’re not gonna work as well, but I went ahead and got
two boxes of these, so I would have 40 and I wouldn’t have to stress testing
and what if I went back to Rite Aid and they didn’t have them and I needed them
you know, for the next morning. These were my saving grace. The control
line was always darker, obviously darker than my test line and once it was
even, it was actually even (at that point I was testing in the evenings as well,
closer to my ovulation), the next morning I knew and it was darker and that
evening I inseminated, but I tested several times that day and at that point
you don’t have to do the hold. Which let’s go ahead and explain. You want to
use your second morning urine when you take your opk tests. You want
to wake up, go pee, but that pee is typically diluted,
so you want to go pee and you want to do a hold: a two-hour hold if you can, where
you’re limiting your water intake because that will dilute your urine and
then you pee your second morning urine. For me, I would do this at 8am and I
only did this once a day leading up to ovulation and then when I started seeing
it start to get a little bit darker, then I started doing it at 8am and at 8pm.
So that way if I had a surge, I would catch it because I was doing it
every 12 hours, I would catch the surge because what if I did it at 8am and
then I had my surge at 10am and so your surge is only, it could be 24 to
about 48 hours. I mean one to two days really. So I was testing several
times a day at that point and once you’re having your surge, it’s gonna be
dark no matter what. You don’t even really have to do a hold. I mean I would
recommend doing like a half hour to an hour hold. An hour hold if you can, but yeah, do your second morning urine and
closer to your ovulation start testing twice a day and you can trust these
opks. I seriously, I really don’t recommend getting anything else. These
things were amazing and you just don’t want to risk it if you want to conceive
this cycle because then you have to deal with that defeated feeling and then
you’re stressed out again doing the next cycle and for me, I didn’t want to
track any of my prior cycles cuz they’re all they’re all different lengths
anyways. So, I just jumped feet in.. head first.. how do you say it? I jumped in
head first? Feet first? It doesn’t matter, I jumped in and I did it that cycle and
because I used all these methods, I think that it was helpful, but
the VERY best method that I used was, if you have kids in the room, you maybe
want to make them leave for this one, it was tracking my cervical
mucus. What you do, first let me explain. Your cervical mucus has to be ideal. It’s
going to tell you, it is the greatest indicator, when you’re going to be
ovulating: when your surge is. It is amazing how our bodies work ladies. After
you have your period, earlier in your cycle, you’re cervical mucus will be more
watery and kind of like, it turns into like a tacky school glue-ness, where you
can’t stretch it at all and then as it progresses and gets closer to your
surge time, there’s going to be more of it. It’s gonna be higher in volume/
quantity and you’re gonna have like very long stretchiness and then as you get to
surge days, it’s gonna turn to just a nice thin, stretchy line. This is how you
test. In the morning, go to the bathroom. After you’ve gone to the bathroom, make
sure your hands are washed. Your body has been laying horizontal all night, so the
cervical mucus in your uterus has not been coming down out your cervix into
your canal. So after you go to the bathroom you’re, if you can have a bowel
movement that helps a lot, but you’re gonna want to either sit or stand and
just push, just make you know, just do some pushing down there and it’s
gonna push the cervical mucus out of your cervix and into your canal. Then
you’re gonna want to stick your finger, your middle finger up, twist and then
scoop it down and you’re gonna stretch it between these fingers. Earlier on, it’s
still good to do this because you want to kind of get into practice and get
into the habit of doing it, so you don’t forget. Earlier on, this is not
gonna make any stretchiness and then as I said, when you increase in quantity,
it’s gonna stretch really far and it’s gonna be clear with like white streaks
in it. That’s not time yet. Don’t overanalyze
this, “Oh my gosh it’s stretchy it’s time.” Don’t
do that. When I got that positive opk on the morning of cycle day 27,
I checked my cervical mucus and it was completely clear like egg whites. Imagine
cracking an egg, dipping your fingers in just the egg whites and stretching it.
It’s gonna be completely clear and it’s gonna stretch about this far. I remember
it stretching about that far and that was all you need. That is telling you it
is go day, it is time and because I had the positive opk, I actually tested a lot
that day. I had a lot of positive opks, which actually got darker on the
next day when I ovulated, but I had the positive opk, I had the high soft, open
cervix and I had that egg white cervical mucus. Real egg white cervical
mucus. It was completely clear and the reason I know that I ovulated
on the 28th, is not just my BBT spike, but when you’re trying to conceive, you
pay attention to every detail that your body, every single symptom you have.
Especially because I had the Flow app, where you can put in notes every single day
and because I was paying such close attention to my body, I had a sharp
ovulation pain at 12 o’clock. I think it was between 12:00 and 12:30 on cycle day
28 and I knew I ovulated and I knew that I got that baby juice in the night
before, before bed and I was just, it was confirming for me and I really
think if you pay attention to your body the day after you do it, or the next
couple days, actually this is something else I want to cover for you guys. A lot
of women are afraid of using frozen sperm because it’s supposed to only last
24 to 36 hours at most, inside of your body, but this is bogus.
I found research where a man went back and looked under the microscope 48 hours
later and there were still sperm and they were thriving. So don’t be afraid to
get frozen sperm. I used frozen sperm. If you happen to inseminate a couple days
too early, there is still a shot. Don’t overanalyze if you’re doing your BBT.
The most important thing when tracking your cycle, is to relax. Remain Zen
throughout. You don’t want your body pushing off ovulation cuz it’s just
gonna stress you out more. You’re gonna be like, “Oh my God, did I miss ovulation,”
and there’s just too much. You want to keep yourself as mellow as
possible throughout your cycle. Don’t overthink it. It really is all
about mindset and if you guys have any other tracking methods that you’ve used,
or if you have any questions about these ones, something that I didn’t really
cover, please leave it in the comments below and please subscribe to my channel.
I’m gonna be covering either how to choose a donor, or the procedure video
next week, but yeah, please like this video so it gets out there. I really want
to help you guys and I want to kind of lead into, after this series, the symptoms
that I felt after ovulation. All of the days that I, leading up to getting
pregnant, or you know getting that positive pregnancy test, which I actually
has a video of as well. I mean, I kept a notebook and I logged everything. So, I
wouldn’t be putting these videos out there, if you know, cuz this was over a
year ago. This was like a year and a half ago. I wouldn’t be putting this out
there unless I had the information written down
and unless I felt confident in this stuff actually helping you guys. I’m
not just going on a whim. So anyways, I will see you guys in the next one. Thank you
so much for tuning in again, bye!

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  1. Do you know if there’s a grace period for the rite aid ovulation predictor daily results or not? I bought 2 boxes and they expire June 30 but I won’t ovulate again until next month.

  2. Your videos are brilliant thank you. So informative and thorough. Looking forward to going through all your videos!

  3. Hello ty for making videos 💖I have question please. I have Endometriosis but just put it into remission all naturally.. (after 20 yrs) the blessing program has helped me change my whole diet and add all natural vitamins and supplements.. I use a progesterone cream which now basically monitors my cycle.. my question is.. I am married but 39 and the healthiest I’ve felt but getting older and always wanted a child. I saw your video on insemination yourself with organisms ..if I have my husband’s semen do I need to do anything different? I am assuming I will have to have it in a vial.. but you had said to have it warm.. oh my goodness I don’t want to get excited.. but this makes sense.. I remembering hearing giving yourself an organism in a shower helps contract uterus and it use to help me flush out my blood cots and once heavy flooding bleeding on first days of period. But yay I have Normal periods.

    Ty so much . I’m ready I worked so hard mentally and physically to heal my Endo, life and marriage..but I sadly had to suffer twenty years to feel comfortable to conceive. I appreciate if u get a chance to answer if not I understand.. my husband works two jobs, we still make love..but long story short I don’t want to waste anymore time then I have.. if it’s gods plan for me to be blessed to be a mother… I’ve just also healed and got away from an abusive Narcissistic family and old social group.. so my body and mind is calm but we are ready to start our new unconditionally loving small family again if its meant to be so I want to try both your way.. and haha making love to my husband…. again I’m getting older ….but I never have had so much inner peace and natural energy and good health since I found the Hollistic program out of Scotland. Tyty so much it’s brought a nice pinch of more hope as my Endo wasn’t the problem as much as the toxic medications and hormonal treatments doctors had been giving me that actually were making me sicker as well as the effects of covert emotional abuse as a sensitive sally aka Endo empath ..💖

  4. Can you explain what the ovulation pain felt like for you? I’m supposed to ovulate this week (Thursday) – want to see if it’s something I can catch. I will be TTC in November – will be tracking next months cycle.


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