32 Replies to “Trans-Woman Tells Doctors She's Male, Causing Her to Have a Stillborn”

  1. Lol im gonna call in at work and tell them im in my period and im having really bad cramps and cant come in. If they say thats a lie im gonna sue them, cha ching cash money 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  2. She lied to the hospital as what gender she was, and it caused the death of her baby. Charge her with murder.

  3. A very basic premise is being overlooked. To get pregnant, this person had to have sex with a man… as a woman… using her women parts. Obviously, this woman does not even self-identify as a man.

  4. Once we get into medical we need to stop allowing this mental retardation of people….if you want to delude yourself, fine….we have mental institutions for this….and we need to send them there permanently – it is high time to stop the retardation of American citizens. If you support delusion, you need to be prosecuted for endangering people's lives and this needs to stop.

  5. It's mental illness killed it's child.
    Good job, liberal cultists. You just love the blood of children on your hands.

  6. Uhh, lol so do you understand the brain of these people that leads them to want to be the opposite gender?

  7. From what I read he did tell the nurses he was trans? And shouldn't they have had his medical files, which should say female to male transgender?

  8. ALL sexual perversion is a mental disorder (sexual perversion).
    You can NEVER change your gender (DNA). You can only mutilate your body to feed your mental illness.
    Massive doses of Haldol are called for, with a coating of a straightjacket in a rubber room. Invest in building new Mental Institutions.

  9. Let trannies confuse doctors so that accidentally fuck up those trannies' bodies

    They don't care about fucking up their physical bodies. It won't affect their genders, which is the only that matters to them

    So remember their pronouns to be nice

  10. This is what happens when you are not aware that big pharma needs mental illness to sell hormones and blockers. Influencing hormones wich are essential for regulation of our bodily functions, is a good way to poison yourself.

  11. Everytime there is a 'Transgender Issue', I have to actually stop & figure out if they are talking about a man or a woman! A lot of counties have all government officials, including the police & Dr. Phil!calling these people by the wrong sex.

  12. Men that cause the loss of pregnancy get charged with MURDER. Will they charge her as a man or say that she has reproductive rights to abort? Cue circus music!

  13. Then their should be a law to protect doctor's from malpractice lawsuits do to people being ignorant and not telling the truth especially when it comes to their well being and health!!

  14. WISH this would get on mainstream media. You are absolutely right. Change one standard for transgender and it wrecked everything for the rest of America. I wish we can get out there more that transgender is a mental illness!

  15. I have talked to transgender men and the majority of them won't accept vaginal sex… this seems really unusual to me

  16. Gender Dysmorphia is a form of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), a category of MENTAL disorders.
    I don't see anyone advocating that the other forms of BDD are not mental disorders, such as Anorexia.

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