today's transfer day Morrigan you ready to go you ready to go I know you're ready those sunglasses are too small for her I know you can wear it are you ready to go sir now let's go cuz you'd be by the door thank you very much we're going you're going come on we don't need jackets right the nice thing out here Junsu I have to go before we go to the hospital I have to go get my oil change cuz my light is on and the hospital is a good ways away so we're gonna go do that first finished up her have to go there with a full bladder last time I don't think my bladder was full enough like I kept having a piece so bad and then they can't be eating me weights and then I would like me a little bit a little bit so I really my bladder wasn't empty they say comfortably full and I don't know what that means I mean you can either you gotta go or you don't so at this time I'm gonna do it when I have this one I have to think I'm gonna have to feel like I have to be a little bit now like that but a little bit you know what I mean let me put them in here she's so cute and he wants done she will clean [Applause] right here oh no what'd she get her shirt transfer day why do I feel like I'm forgetting something day I appreciate wasabi wasabi sauce did you say to calm down what's happiness like song I'm gonna get all right I gotta sign it I am in the waiting room now Morgan had to go potty so when she wanted to take her into the bathroom and I'm just waiting nervous she's praying hoping this is gonna work and this is gonna be my last time okay the eagle has landed the eagle and that's any transfers that I think we go out the toilet water transfer is done I couldn't take my camera in with me because well actually because we had her working but every Morgan's not allowed in the back and rich had my camera so I wasn't able to film anything but but they are all done and I have a little bit of cramping and bloating but I'm just going to I'm just gonna relax the rest of the day well action for the next few days today I'm very excited about this I'm rich is going to clean the house which I'm very excited about and not make a mess so far we want to drive them all right I'm not you're not on camera wrong again yeah I'm just filming we not yet you know there's the picture let me take a picture you before you didn't want me to take a picture you there it is


  1. I hope you have a sticky bean, wonderful pregnancy, safe delivery and a healthy baby🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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