hey YouTube so I just wanted to get on here and kind of talk about what's next for me in regards to my frozen embryo transfer your so my vet so I actually started my period yesterday so I went into my doctor's office for my baseline sonogram and they also took blood work I guess just to see where my levels are sitting uh so far in the cycle and they gave me the plan medication wise in regards to what I'm going to be doing and it's I'm going to be on the progesterone and oil shocks ochio but we're not starting that until five days before transfer so I have my tentative transfer date which is the date I've been told for a while now it's just official which is November 12th so as long as my lining looks great my levels are fine November told this is a day and it honestly just seems so close it just seems really fast but at the same time really far because I just wanted to be happening now so they had me start back on the estrogen so I'm taking Esther doll pills one in the morning and one at night and then starting Saturday I'll be starting the estrogen patches and I'll be putting one on and changing it out every other day up until transfer I believe they didn't tell me when I would stop I'm assuming up until transfer and then once the transfer happens and I'll be continuing the and till I get a positive if I get a positive I'm gonna say until I get a positive once I get a positive then they'll be transitioning me back to the endometrium the kids need progesterone that suppository goes up the hoo-ha area so that's the plan for now and so now I'm just really excited and ready to what get to the super anxious I'm not gonna be prescribed value my nose a lot of people get valium before the day of no transit at first so it helps relax you down there so that way there's no crapping or anything that'll happen that could interfere with implantation of the embryo my doctor is not doing that so I can drive home myself which I'm fine with because I wanted to keep it a surprise for my mom and if I had to have if I would have had to have taken the volume I would have had to have asked her to take me home but yeah so far I'm so good everything is looking great as of right now I have my next appointment on Halloween morning to see how my lining is so hopefully it's looking good I am going to try my best to do anything I can to help out with my lining but yeah I guess I'll check back in once I kind of get the next step going and we get the next update but yeah thanks and so clearly today is Halloween for me which means I did just have my update my check in with my re so we did a sonogram to see how my lining is looking and we also took some blood just to see where my estrogen and progesterone is at they haven't called me it's been a few hours since my appointment and they advise me if I didn't receive a call that everything's looking fine we're good to go as far as the lining my office likes to see an 8 or above bird transfer and I'm sitting out of 12 and we're early in the game it's day is October 31st and my transfer isn't until the 12th so my lining isn't going to be an issue as long as everything stays the same which my nurse says it should and there really shouldn't be any reason why we should see any issues that would delay my transfer I'm just really excited about that I really cannot wait until transfer day I feel like November 12th seems really close so I'm just really happy to find out that my Lighting's doing well I've been trying to make sure I've been going through my walks that I've been standing more you know eating foods and drinks that are supposed to help with lining but I'm sure majority of the progress or the fact that way lining is doing solos obviously because of the meds the estrogen and the estrogen patches that I've been taking so I went on the pill and the patches and I'm still gonna be on the pill in the patch continuously my next appointment won't be until November 6 so I'll find out then how to do the PIO shots which I'm super nervous about and they'll also advise me if we need to do a different protocol if I need to scale back on the meds or if they're gonna do additional dosage or how that's gonna work but when that appointment happens only be five days away from my transfer which sounds insane like super crazy it just feels like five days of nothing so now I'm just like if I can be excited until mine over November 6th appointment that means it will almost be my transfer day but yeah so I guess I am going to go ahead and close it out here and I'll be back with an update on November 6 good morning guys so it is translating it feels like a magical day feels like Christmas I'm super excited to meet two of my babies today so I am transferring two embryos today so I don't think I filmed but I did have a check-up on November's ticks my lining was sitting at of 16 I was actually kind of worried because I started googling it right after the scan on the six and I was reading that your whining can be too thick and right when I was getting up from being scanned the sonographer was telling me like they'll send everything to my doctor and he'll let them know like if I need to continue meds or what's gonna happen after that then I spoke with my nurse she acted like it wasn't a big deal but they even still talked to my doctor and then he would direct them if there's any change if not I wouldn't hear anything and I would just continue as normal I didn't hear anything so I'm assuming it's fine I was also told about once you start progesterone it kind of slows down the growth so you're not gonna see as much growth as you were before so I guess we're good to go so yeah nice really thick plush lining that I had I've been doing the progesterone every night still taking estriol pills in the morning and before bed and I'm still doing the patches only instead of every 48 hours I'm doing them every 72 hours so every three days I feel so far with my symptoms wise before the transfer my boobs are killing me I don't know if this it didn't really start until maybe like a day or two on the progesterone said I think it's from that but my boobs are so sore it's like having them in a bra is painful so I have just given up on that but then having them kind of just like all over the place hurts too and it's probably only gonna get worse from here so I'm just kind of preparing myself for that I just really feel like I've been waiting on this day for a really long time I'm a part of a lot of like IDF support groups in trying to conceive groups on Facebook and honestly just feel like so many people had their egg retrieval after me but had their transfers before me and got their positives and I already like happily pregnant so it's been kind of like hard to see that but I'm so happy for everyone that's getting their positive I'm just ready deadly subscribe you know like I'm so ready for a transfer but yeah I'm super excited anything for baby you know even if this doesn't work out I'm happy to give the little imp euros a chance I'm excited to try and give them life excited to meet them I'm excited to get them inside of me and CD and I can get this pregnancy moving forward if and I tried my best and I'm already in love with each and every single one of them that are frozen so yeah sounds a little weird but yeah so um I'm gonna get my office I'm not really sure if they're gonna let me film hopefully they will I didn't bring my mom with me or like my sister any of my family I'm going alone and I know they're gonna be kind of upset about missing Matt so I'm hoping it's not just for you guys that I'm able to film for them I always I did not bring them is because I want to be able to Surprise them about the pregnancy later if it happens and if it doesn't happen I want to be able to absorb that information on my own without people constantly asking me if I've tested yet if I've gotten a positive I just want to do things on my own schedule without having to consider other people I asked if I could film like the screen when the embryos are going in I'm the nurse that I'll have to ask my doctor so I'll find out in a bit I can record that I really hope I can but I mean look down I'm super excited like it feels like this moment was gonna take forever to get to so the embryologist the embryologist will be here soon they're gonna bring photos and I just feel really emotionally I don't know but I guess I'll be back in a bit crying because we brought the picture in and I don't know why that's so emotional to me but those are my two babies like it's taken a long time to get here and even if it doesn't work I'm so happy for them she said once in a and once an e a be something like that but I'm just super grateful to have them and if they don't make it it's okay but there they are I think they look like me a little bit Sehwa hi guys i am back that transfer is all done so number one I really didn't expect it to be that emotional I don't think I started crying until I had the pictures in my hand and then in my head I'm like thinking this is the first photo of my babies like if they stick you know and I don't know it's just crazy to think about it's all very surreal I don't know kind of feels like unbelievable so I'm considering myself pregnant until proven otherwise which is exciting you know so I really can't wait my beat isn't too far off today's November 12 so it's a Monday and my beta is on the 20th so a Tuesday so eight days past the transfer which isn't a long wait at all even so I'm not patient so I'm sure I'll be testing at home before then definitely the day of the beta for sure I'd rather not walk in blind so but yeah I don't know it just feels crazy the actual transformer itself looks really easy it's like a pap smear or like the IUI I did feel a little pinching cuz they were going up so far to put the embryos in so I didn't feel that it wasn't bad it was like maybe five ten minutes long I did record the screen you couldn't really see anything which is kind of disappointing he did tell me I wasn't really going to be able to see anything other than possibly the catheter so oh well I'm sad no big deal other than that the worst part of it was honestly the water situation so when I went into the transfer I actually let me pee when I got there so I got there I repeat again and then I finished an entire water bottle maybe like this much of a second one and went into the transfer because I said you want to feel like you have to go not bad but that you have to go well when they did the transfer all that pressure that it was applying just like took me over the edge I was miserable after the transfer like I want to say maybe five minutes of so after the transfer I just felt like I really had to be but at my clinic they make you lay down for 30 minutes after the embryo transfer like you can't get up at all and they kind of carried me memory of positions in the app through the transfer so I could stay laying flat so I had to lay for 30 minutes completely uncomfortable they let me go pee and then after PE I had to lay back down for another 30 minutes so I get this so basically total of about two hours so I got there an hour early we filled up my kidneys with water did the transfer and then stayed another hour I guy they didn't really explain why I'm assuming just for peace of mind in hopes that the embryo can get filled in without being jostled around too much but it's done it was like I mean I feel I can keep saying that but it feels like it took forever to get to this point I'm super excited that we're here and it's just crazy to things but I have two of them inside of me clearly obviously I don't feel any different the only thing I could focus on was having to pee to be honest right after the transfer so I'm gonna do my best not to symptom spot this cycle any of that since it's not long double week as long a bully I'm happy that I don't have to be tortured for too long actually I know I didn't ask if they're both 5b rules just assuming that they were because I do have 460 embryos for 5/6 Andrews so I'm just assuming that they grabbed you five day but yeah so the transfer is done and now I'm just waiting for the beta I kind of hated not having my mom there and I hope you got upset that she was they're riotous think that surprising hair would be more exciting that's it thank you so much for watching if you have any questions at all let me know in the comments below and you guys have a great rest of your pants


  1. Awwwwwww thatโ€™s so awesome and I love that they give you a picture of your embryos. Such a special moment and Iโ€™m glad you got to record

  2. Hi I just saw your videos for the first time. I pray that all goes well for you.
    I am 40 and single and hoping to start IVF next year April after recovering from surgery and praying that my gofundme is successful

  3. 9:49, is one of the most precious moments of this video. I think seeing your raw emotions towards your little embryos was so sweet.

    Since you transferred two embryos, does that mean you are aiming for twins? Or just to see if one embryo would hopefully survive from the two?

    What if you are pregnant with twins?!? Oh my ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  4. Awww. I got teary watching you meet your embabies. Those were great ratings. Iโ€™ve got a good feeling about this. ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿผ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ. Sending you baby dust. Your mum will understand ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›

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