Treating Postpartum Depression

>Ladies you are not alone. What kind of
treatment do you usually recommend? where do you start?
>So that’s a great question. You know we need to start with the questionnaire
to find out and specify what issues were having then the combination therapy is
what seems to work best in these cases and that combination is family support,
therapy, with us trained postpartum specialists, psychologists, as well as
medications at some points.>I want to make sure we talk about the psychologist
here because that’s that’s a very important part of this, because as
someone is going through this you need to not only identify what they’re what
they’re feeling but isn’t it fair that you’ve got to
start working on it right away. I mean you have a critical issue here
which is stopping someone from living their life so you’ve got to dig in as
hard as you can right away.>Absolutely. You have to get them to a therapist
within a day or two if not more sometimes we’ve had patients you know we
keep an eye on them we keep calling them to make sure they have an appointment
with a trained psychologist. We make sure sometimes they need to start two to
three times a week meeting with this person and then take it from that point,
and then we are in communication with the psychologists to assure that the
patient is being compliant is going to their appointments and is getting the
help they need.>What about medications? Yeah. That’s a good question a lot
of patients are concerned they’re worried about taking medications, they
don’t want to be on something for the rest of their lives and that’s a
misnomer that’s not at the case at all. We use medications that are safe in both
pregnancy as well as a postpartum period and they’re used at a low dose for a
short while and the patient will be able to tell you after they’ve done the
therapy and taken a medication when they feel they don’t need it anymore, and we
can taper them off at that point.

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