1. Chatfam!

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  2. Omg I just love you all! Y’all are so funny and your sweet little babies are precious! Sending love to you all from NC! 😘

  3. I love the innocence of a child they will teach us so much just by doing what comes into their tiny little brains I am very happy to see that she chose a doll that wasnt based on the color of its skin.

  4. well I learned something new, I always thought that children younger than 6 weren't supposed to eat meat that is undercooked (the steak was pink on the inside) apparently I heard wrong) thank you guys for teaching me something new.

  5. Chatfam is the best …. You are such kind and funny people 😊💕🙌🏾 ….. After watching the Chatfam I always leave with a smile on my face …. So thank you 😊

  6. Your just amazing beautiful. But you sure don't look like you had triplets. But Hun your beautiful inside and out.

  7. Gemma is the prettiest girl I ever seen love u Gemma
    Honestly I was having bad day but seeing Gemma makes my day much much better

  8. Your stomach looks great! It will get better and better with time too. I feel like it takes your stomach yrs to fully internally recover from a large pregnancy but you’re going to be good to go lol 3 mo is such a short amount of time and you already look amazing especially for carrying triplets!

  9. Girl your belly looks better than mine and i don't even have children!! But you have a beautiful family. I was just showing my bf your intro and i said look how tiny she is with that big ole belly…..

  10. I love your channel! You all are so real and so raw and such good role models. I love how you center your life around God and also your kids are adorable! 💖

  11. I love how you all are raising Gamma, she is an amazing kid. So polite, talkative and well diverse, I love it…

  12. Gemma is so sweet! She probably named her baby BLUE bc Gemma is actually Beyonce! Lol what a beautiful girl!

  13. My second video and I just subscribe. I work in a nursery at my job and I love my job. I have 7 babies in my classroom. I have 2 sub teacher that help on different days. It is truly a bless to take care of God's precious little babies. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with the world. 💕

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