Trump Stabbed In The Back – She’s Calling It Quits

President Donald Trump has been doing just
about everything in his power to combat illegal immigration, secure the southern border, and
make the nation safer for Americans. But it hasn’t always been easy given he
has gotten little to no help from Democrats, who have spent almost three years obstructing
the president on everything. Despite his many accomplishments, particularly
with immigration reform, one conservative commentator is calling it quits and says she’s
done with Trump. For the second time in recent months, Ann
Coulter attacked Trump for his “inaction” on the border, wondering how a “President
Biden” would be any different. “Trump won’t build a wall, private citizens
step in to build the wall, and 1 powerless judge tells them to stop. The president does nothing,” Coulter said. “How would it be different under President
Biden?” This tweet came in reaction to a story that
the group “We Build the Wall,” which is attempting to build a border wall privately,
was ordered to stop construction because of a “butterfly sanctuary.” Coulter, a once outspoken supporter of Trump,
has since been critical of his lack of progress on his immigration campaign promises. Back in November, Coulter said she is giving
up on Trump after criticizing the president on his “failures”to implement an America
First immigration agenda. “Okay, that does it. I give up. They [DACA recipients] can stay. You must go,” Coulter tweeted, referring
to the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Her tweet was in response to one from Trump,
where he said he many DACA recipients are “criminals,” but at the same time expressed
support for an amnesty deal with Democrats if DACA is struck down by the Supreme Court. Both tweets came after a report stating that
the U.S. Supreme Court may be poised to deliver a gigantic ruling on the DACA program. The nation’s highest court will finally
decide on the fate of DACA by June 2020, and the Trump administration has a good shot at
winning its case to strike down the program. Pundits are suggesting that Trump could reign
victorious because five of the nine justices seated on the nation’s highest court are
considered to be judicial conservatives, giving the Trump administration a solid advantage
going into the DACA case. The Obama-era DACA program has not only shielded
millions of illegal children currently in the U.S., it also rewards illegals over American
children and families. With all of this considered, the Supreme Court
ruling is going to be massive. If the Court upholds DACA and rules Obama
had the legal right to create the program, it’s doubtful that Democrats would even
try to negotiate a deal with Trump. But if the SCOTUS strikes down the program
and rules it unconstitutional, Democrats will be in total disarray. They will either have to make a deal with
Trump and Republicans to get DACA passed in Congress or the president would have the legal
right to have all of the Dreamers deported. But Coulter’s comments took many by surprise. Coulter has said that Trump “deserves”
to lose his re-election bid if he fails to build a border wall — but the president
could use a DACA deal to pressure Democrats into allocating millions of dollars into completing
the entire border wall. She should also remember that without Trump,
the America First movement wouldn’t even be possible.

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