Truth about my IVF Journey

hey y'all it's your girl D so I'm making this video it's my first youtube video but I wanted to be as vulnerable as possible because like I just got tired of googling and I got tired of looking at YouTube video for things that I personally have gone through in my own IVF journey um I just wanted to bring this to someone's attention who they need to hear this it's gonna be okay um know that it's easier said than done but I'm not even where I want to be in my journey right now to be honest and and the notepad is actually me just writing down some notes on as I speak to you guys the things that I want to bring up today well um where do I begin well January 9th is where my journey really began with the IVF thing but me and my husband's been married for two years in a few months to two years in a month right now um we got married May of 2017 and he didn't try right away we wanted to wait a year say you know after year we're definitely gonna start trying so a year came again it was Memorial Day weekend is when we got married so after motive everything's calmed down I was like July first we're gonna start so I knew it was gonna be hard because I'm really regular I probably had my period maybe every 55 to 60 days um I was so nervous initially I was just like not sure what it was gonna take to get pregnant but I was willing to try so after a few months of trying my doctor put me on clomid I didn't make the call made four cycles three cycles um that failed clearly and normally the doctors want you to way cuz I'm only 28 I'm glad to be 29 August 3rd but my doctor wanted me to wait and so he initially wasn't giving me the answers I wanted so I was like you know what I called my insurance um found out that I didn't need a referral to see a fertility specialist while January rolls around what what is that less than six months happily I was just like on it I was like look I'm not gonna wait because I know something wrong and I already felt like with me tracking my ovulation it's like one done so my doctor he did when whole bunch of tests found out that I had PCOS a hyper ovulate so that was like I knew right away I was like let's just jump the idea because how am I gonna even find out when I believe it wasn't that easy hey everything ran a whole bunch of tests to see because when she wanted to see if she could save you money because IVF is expensive and she wanted to see if I could maybe do time in intercourse versus IUI but after hunting all bunch of tests they came back and found out that I had what would you call hydrocele banks which is basically they ran the HIV test when they put the diner tubes and see if it goes through and I had some blockage on my right side primarily on my left side it was a little spillage but not a lot so I knew it was my fallopian tube story I could do herbs and like no pump your brakes it's hide yourself Thanks instead of your hello peon to being the size of like a spaghetti string instead of it's like a mini sausage so that was devastating at first and I actually just had the surgery on June 26 from my hydro side pink side and though it's a sad journey and I and honestly I've done this video so many times I just haven't put them out there I'm just having the courage after doing my surgery to get my tooth removed I'm like look I'm all in at this point nothing else to lose I can never have kids naturally you know now that I've removed my tubes but I'm willing to you know sacrifice this because I want a child I want you know my rainbow baby and my husband wants one and he deserves one and you know um we have two in the freezer um the good thing about my insurance that it covers it up to ten thousand dollars my clinic specifically you know only charges me maybe eight thousand for the whole IVF cycle so I'm just one of those lucky ones in the sense he also has insurance so if we did want more than two uses insurance as well it pays 80% of the coverage and I have to pay 20% so that is an option for the future I'm buying our water just blessed I have the two embryos we have in the freezer I'm gonna be making a few videos of my of my challenge and more in detail but this is just overview of where I'm at right now um I've already done my Hajus helpings surgery right now the only thing I'm waiting for is for me to heal again it's only been a few days um I'm on what my third day because today is that jaysus 29th child no I think it's 29 but um and up genius and so thinking maybe doing the transfer around September October we haven't decided on a fish a date but my husband he does 10:30 this year in September and so I'm taking that into account as well but from here now it's just me and my journey that's what yeah I hope this helped someone of course I know I gave you an overview it's not really the details of where we're at but I am going to a separate video of my experience Wow I was going through idea my embryo my egg retrieval Chum anyway my egg retrieval and just things that have struggled with even like from like mentally it's been a struggle it's just draining I used to literally wake up crying through my appointments I would cry through my appointment seriously I'm just grateful I'm grateful for all those women who do share their story I'm on YouTube and on Google when when you find these forums and it helps and that's why I'm doing this I'm terrified mm-hmm terrified of being judged but at the end of the day I know that in the longer run it's gonna help someone because it's helped me help me with making a decision whether to take out my tunes because there's someone who you know go be here or it's just trying IVF you know and never is actually successful because of the fact that their doctor never finds out the fact that they have hydrocele things which is again liquid filled in your tubes that with pressure or with just just changes of the body can link it to your uterus and no this not toxic to you but it's toxic to an embryo so you're wasting thousands of dollars trying to have a successful idea an idea obsession or idea cycle I should say and it's unsuccessful because of something that was unnoticed so I mean grateful for my doctors I'm grateful for just the experience it hasn't been easy no but it's taught me so much about myself my inner strength and then I can really go through anything and bounce back and so I'm so happy to take you guys on my journey you would like to see more videos like this and we talking about my experience hit the thumbs likes you know I'm so weird definitely subscribe hit the like bone I can't you know all that jazz alright just like the video I share it if you have any questions put them down below if you have any you know courage in words you've gone through this definitely put them down below I would love to hear from you huh so we're just so happy to get out of all of these narratives and just I'm looking forward to these next few months I'm going to see if because I have a actually I have a consultation again for my transfer for my frozen egg transfer come on that's one teeth okay i'ma see if I can take you guys along on that I'll talk to my doctor and seeing if I can get footage for like my egg transfer my embryo transfer and such things like that so huh you wouldn't want to miss it don't go nowhere okay so I need you guys to subscribe right now hit that Bell icon so you'll probably be notified when I post a big got a video I'm gonna try to do these this once a week twice a week so I try to be more consistent but thank you guys for understanding and I'm just so excited but what the future holds

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