Truth & Lies: Is the Fetus Just a Blob of Tissue?

I'm John Henry Weston thanks for joining me on truth and lies the show where we work together to shed light on common misconceptions and come to a clearer understanding of the truth in my work in media I have found it essential to teach the truth with love love for all people because we are all children of God and with that in mind let's take a look at this week's topic penis is just a blob of tissue how many times have you heard that before do you agree do you disagree and why is that your opinion is it the opinion of someone you know maybe you've not had a chance to think about this before well now is our chance to think about it to learn about it and to talk about within this topic there are many lives that are fed into our culture and I'm going to show you some of those that we're going to address in this program well what would you say a fetus is have you ever seen a fetus before a bunch of cells tissue do you know what an embryo looks like yeah you know it looks like a fish egg would you say an embryo is human I really don't think so I mean it doesn't look human I can tell you that wouldn't you say an embryo as a person nah tiny blob no it's human what would you say an embryo is then it's just a parasite I mean just leeches on the woman's body it's not at something hey man yeah quick question yeah don't you think an embryo or a fetus has a right to life look man what do I care okay if it can't make it on its own then I don't care all right a bunch of cells afichak it doesn't look human it's just a tiny blob of cells it's just a parasite how do these statements affect society they assist in bringing a great deal of profit to the abortion industry the abortion industry has gained a place of importance and popularity among society at large statistics from the World Health Organization indicate that 22 percent of all pregnancies in the United States of America alone end in abortion averaging about 3,000 per day abortion is a medical removal of the fetus using various methods including administration of abortifacient herbs the use of sharpened implements application of abdominal pressure and other techniques abortion laws and their implementation hath Luck shoe ated through various eras many religions including Christianity however have always consistently and strongly opposed abortion but different women's right groups some doctors and social reformer strongly opposed abortion bans a law enacted in England was the first codified in legislation to make abortion illegal under Section 1 and 2 of the malicious shooting or stabbing Act of 1803 the bill was proposed and implemented by the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales Edward law statues prohibiting abortion began to appear in the United States from the 1820s in 1873 the Comstock law prohibited any methods of production or publication related to abortion by 1909 the penalty for violating these laws were a $5,000 fine and up to five years of imprisonment by 1910 nearly every state had such pro-life laws it has only been in recent times with the emergence of abortion lobbies that the overwhelming pro-life culture of the nation has changed drastically the abortion industry fuels the profits of the multi-million dollar fetal parts industry to tell us more about this industry we have in the studio Vicki Evans respect life coordinator for the Archdiocese of San Francisco California Evans is a graduate in the bioethics from the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Atlas de Lorean in Rome I want to talk to you now especially about your dissertation as you mentioned about the fetal parts industry tell us what is the fetal parts industry okay well when you look at the money being made from abortion you normally look at the abortion providers and think well they're the ones making the money but that only is the tip of the iceberg the fetal parts industry came about when abortion became legal and what happens is the fetal parts are not just destroyed the way a lot of people think they are if they even think about it at all maybe they're the aftermath of abortion isn't even thought about but what happens in many cases even at Planned Parenthood the fetal parts are shipped out within hours of the abortion and ice and they're shipped to government installations educational facilities pharmaceutical companies and these parts are very valuable if you go on the internet you can actually find a price list seeing what people will pay for a lung at Oh an arm a torso a brain it sounds horrible but that's what's happening so these are big parts parts like your second toe of the leg lung of babies that are aborted yes proving once more that the baby is not a blob of tissue when you have an abortion and and you know it's so disingenuous to stay a blob of tissue because if the baby were a blob of tissue why would there be a price list why would people be paying a lot of money for these parts for research Wow now you covered this in your dissertation at one of the most famous universities in the world so this is not some made-up thing where where did this come from how did this come to light life dynamics did the study mark Crutcher the executive director was the one behind it and I think the study took place in about 1997 but it never got much traction now people are finally starting to well see the price list on the internet now that you know you can go to a website and find all these things out it's a little harder to hide this information so people are finding this out and they're becoming more and more interested in the fetal parts and what's done with them they're used in vaccines they're even used in cosmetics sorry this might sound like a cop question but what prices are you talking about here it depends it depends if it's intact or in pieces I think a brain or a torso is about 900 or $1000 I mean and again this is not the end of the line when it comes to making money from the fetal parts the real profits come when the pharmaceutical companies and the cosmetic companies you these parts in products that are sold that's the real payoff so you're telling me that the companies I mean are these like secret companies do we know who they are or these where where are these products they're not secret companies I mean when you look at the drug companies and you look at the vaccines and you look at fetal parts being used you know in vaccines its companies that you know you name any ferb pharmaceutical company and they will probably have their hands in the fetal tissue market fetal cells fetal tissues fetal parts at the beginning of abortion we're just talking about cells because the baby may not have grown yet from you know the the five six seven week stage but the cells are also very valuable and especially in the cosmetics you're looking at cosmetics that can cost up to well probably started about a thousand dollars an ounce because they have no shelf life they have to be sold completely fresh and there's no distribution system they're usually sold through a dermatologists office you know kind of on the Qt now you mentioned in these early stages we're just talking about cells is it then life yet or it's not life well the interesting thing about looking at life is that when the sperm and egg meet you have 23 chromosomes in the egg 23 in the sperm and when they merge at the point of fertilization at that moment those 46 chromosomes start a new life and this is a life a set of chromosomes that never existed before and will never exist again so from that point it's a continuum there's not any qualitative jumps you don't have like at some point this organism becomes alive this is a human being from the point of fertilization at the one cell stage it's known as a zygote then at the five day stage it's a blastocyst now these aren't again qualitative jumps this is a continuum it goes from a zygote to a blastocyst to an embryo to a fetus to a newborn baby and then to a child adolescent adult elderly person there's only two times in life where you actually have a jump that's at fertilization and a death there is no other time when there are changes some people say that it doesn't look human they they say they may be against abortion in the second and third trimesters but at the very earliest beginnings when you're using chemicals for the morning-after pill for example you're just destroying so a group of cells it doesn't even really look human the reality is an embryo a human embryo couldn't look more human that's exactly the way a human person looks it's very early stages of our development the early stage you're talking about where sperm and egg come together no one no one even knows they're pregnant at that stage that's right and that's that's a very good point because what's happening is the egg and sperm United are on the trajectory to become a human being you know that's there's an intelligence in the one cell baby the organism and that intelligence is driving it towards life and the mother may not know she's pregnant she doesn't really have much to do with it because the you know this is happening this is how how life begins what's really interesting is if you want to take a religious approach now they're always telling us that faith and science are opposed to one another not quite true because if you look at scripture and tradition you look and you see Mary was conceived without sin you look at the Angelus the angel of the Lord declared unto Mary and she conceived of the Holy Ghost and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us so at conception the word was made flesh this is the Son of God there wasn't a point where Jesus was a clump of cells and then all of a sudden he became Jesus the Son of God so going from religion to science you you know everybody always says that well they're opposed in science that's helped us more than anything to make people realize that this is not a blob of tissue this is really really a human being like take a look at well two important areas I invert revitalization fertilization and also stem cell research so you have the zygote okay one day stage then after five days it's a blastocyst and it's a hundred about a hundred cells this is the point where the stem cells are most sought after by the bioethics community because at that point these cells are totipotent that means they can create a human being they can create any of the 250 cell systems in the body plus the placenta to make a life so if we have a blob of tissue even at five days does it make sense that stem cell research embryonic stem cell research would be something that's in the news with all these ethical arguments and and all the trouble you know to derive these stem cells so God became man at conception not at the birth everybody sort of I think a lot of people think that yep God was you know Jesus became man or whatever at December 25th and Christmas rather it's March twenty-fifth the Annunciation exactly and and here we have to look at conception you know they they have changed the language by they I mean the pro-abortion community and even the scientific and medical community now when you say conception many people will say oh you mean implantation well we don't mean implantation we mean fertilization when the egg and sperm meet that is true conception that's what the Bible talks about Wow so I guess what you're referring to now is the fact that when sperm and egg meet we have a new human being but before implantation the child formed at that even one cell to five cell stage comes down the fallopian tube and goes to implant in the womb and many scientists have said that's the new definition of contra of conception is when that implantation takes place why would they make that change well because for many types of birth control pills for the for emergency contraception for the morning-after pill they're saying that a life doesn't actually start until it implants now again that's not true because the blastocyst by definition at the five days stage has not yet implanted and yet that is the most valuable clump of cells for not only embryonic stem cell research but also for in-vitro fertilization they want the blastocyst to to start the process of in-vitro fertilization that's when it's put back in the world the term birth control was popularized by Margit Sanger who established organizations which evolved into the current Planned Parenthood Federation of America Sanger is often displayed as a pioneer in women's healthcare however she was a proponent of eugenics thought that families were useless and believed children were a scourge on society and encouraged invent aside many controversial yet often overlooked quotes have been attributed to her the most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant member is to kill it birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race no woman shall have the legal right to bear a child and no man shall have the right to become a father without a permit no permit for Parenthood shall be valid for more than one birth Sanger provided funding for biologist Gregory Pincus to develop birth control pills which were eventually sold in the United States birth control pills are another million dollar business that targets women while covering up dangerous and even lethal side effects contraceptive pills can cause massive blood clots or vein thrombosis DVT and these blood clots can travel to the lungs blood clots in the lungs called PE pulmonary emboli can be life-threatening and in 10 to 15% of all cases can cause sudden death make sure the women do not see the ultrasound picture and I guess that concealment of the fact that it's a child is a big deal to the abortion industry why would that be well exactly you know we talk about science having proved what we're talking about now technology is amazing and people in the pro-life movement have always said that it's technology that's going to actually prove our point and save a lot of babies and you see the technology in the ultrasound now people see the baby at very early stages they see the baby move and turn around and they can take pictures of the baby they can tell what sex it is and all of a sudden this is just no longer a blob of tissue not when it's swimming around in the womb and doing all these things at conception at that one cell stage you have the full complement of DNA why doesn't that mean then you already have their hair color they have everything yeah at that moment in time everything is there you know it's as I said it's a combination of genes that never happened before and will never happen again so so yes you have one so you have that's either a girl or boy that's boy or girl is gonna have black hair or brown hair or red hair or whatever I colors established what else do we have there I mean probably height if they get proper nutrition and stuff yeah well and and you bring up another interesting point because we have a part of in vitro fertilization now is prenatal genetic diagnosis so they can take the embryo the blastocyst they can look at it and they can see what the qualities are they can see if it has any undesirable genes and if it does of course that's one of the embryos that won't be implanted because the parents since they have a choice won't want a child with these desirable undesirable qualities now some can be markers for disease others can be whether the baby is male or female so yes as you're saying everything is determined at fertilization even the science that by the way rejects God and says it's a blob of tissue and says all these things so that they can manipulate it even that science has found and is evidencing itself the fact that this is life and not a blob of tissue they can tell oh this child this person is going or has the propensity for a certain genetic disorder or whatever so it's an amazing thing it's in their ways I guess eliminating a problem in reality it's eliminating a person exactly and and you talk about the myth of the perfect child Western civilization is looking for this perfect child the parents want a child who will be tall or athletic or intelligent or all kinds of things and you can tell at these very early stages and that's one of the dangers of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis you can tell which embryos are wanted and which are undesirable you can destroy the ones kill the ones that aren't and implant the ones that are as though this were a guarantee that the parents were going to get the baby that they wanted there's no guarantees like we think we have control over things and we don't some will ask whether it should be the woman's choice to pick the right solution of what she wants to do and the problem here is that when it comes to abortion most of those who are doing it are not doing it because they're choosing it but precisely because they feel they have no choice the pro-life effort is not against freedom it's not against choice it's not against trusting women it's simply a yes protecting our audience perhaps had never heard of this pharmaceutical industry use of body parts you mentioned use in cosmetics even how is that working this is concealment of this information and almost nobody surface hurt yeah well it depends what your purpose is and what your view is if you're an abortion provider then you're gonna want the woman to believe that this is a clump of cells that way she won't give a second thought to aborting it it's just a clump of cells it's nothing it happens all the time it's one of the most common surgeries in the United States if you're not an abortion provider if you're in the pharmaceutical industry these fetal cells are very valuable because of all that they can do in the way of research and development in the cosmetic industry think about the baby boom generation we have this huge generation of people who want to stay young forever I'm one of them however they will actually look to the fetal cells as a source of eternal life they they know that anti-aging products can be made can be created with the fetal cells used as a base and there are some clinics not in the United States because it isn't legal here but in Barbados there was a clinic in in Russia you see this allot where women are actually injected with solutions made from fetal cells and it's supposed to keep them younger more vibrant and increase libido now that's scary absolutely so again showing though on the inside of the industry they actually know they actually know this is human life and are going to abuse it anyway but the falsehoods are smashed even on the inside it's amazing it's unbelievable that people would want to keep that truth from the all these women and you will find more and more individuals and planned parent in a row who finally they can't ignore the evidence anymore and finally they say okay this is a human being but you know what we don't care 32 $100 price abouts per specimen that we're talking on right yeah the 32 $100 prices are that's per specimen that we're talking about right yeah how much of a difference can actually make if you and if you know what kind of what's expected or what we then a read limiting step on the procedures calvarium to bring them to bring the body cavity out this is not a blob of tissues this is a baby who even at the 20-week stage can feel pain this is just a part of the mother's body it's a separate entity it's a separate person Jesus is God Jesus is Lord Jesus has the victory we all have a call a call to greatness a desire for it we want to do something good now is your time you could change the world and the world needs changing so get busy Shalom world God's own channel if the baby were above issue why would there be a price list why would people be paying a lot of money this is a human being from the point of fertilization so now Vicki we're gonna give you a chance to answer some of those really tough questions that we heard early in the show first of all in bio class I guess sometimes it's it's said that as they're looking at fetal development models and photos of fetal development they'll come across ones that they'll say oh look this looks like a fish or this looks like a chicken and kind of mirrors evolution we all came from a monkey or whenever we came from and here in the developmental model you can see it looks like a fish or a chicken or something how do you respond to that and what do you make of that yeah well it's kind of an interesting way to look at it because just because something looks like something doesn't mean that's what it is I mean I don't think you'll find anybody who will say okay at fertilization first you have a fish and then it develops into a chicken and then it develops into something else no it's a human being from the start it has human parents and so it's a human being yes it may resemble a clump of cells especially to the naked eye because we're talking about such such minuscule you know cells very small but but you can't really say oh you know it's it changes from point to point what it is the cells at the zygote at fertilization has an intelligence and it will become a human being through the communication just within the cells one of the other questions that they talk of or what are the other concepts I guess that comes out in this is the question of just a question of size actually they say yeah some microscopic dot for crying out loud you can't even see it how are you saying that that's life yeah well you know back to our arguments about you know how important is this to the people doing the stem cell research and everything yes a stem cell which is a building block of don't forget that's what a stem cell is a stem cell is like a trunk cell and from that trunk all of life develops if at the 5-day stage at the hundred cell now I mean you couldn't see a hundred cells it's nowhere near as big as your fingernail or anything how can you possibly see anything like that and if it were bigger how would it fit inside of a woman you know in order for her to have a baby I mean you know let's be reasonable things have to start out very very very small and they do but that is life and it's human life a human being is never going to give birth to some other species when you're pregnant there's another body inside your body and my human rights end where another person's Human Rights pekin so if I have the right to life that somebody else has the right to life I can't kill that person that's why murder is illegal that's why rape is illegal there's a whole number of things that the law does block people from doing because it infringed us on another person's right and science and logic reason teach us that the life in the womb that single cells I go from the moment of conception that's a human being and that human being is a person that has rights like you and I so this whole rhetoric about pro-choice is really misguided I think absolutely women should have a choice men should have a choice the child should have a choice – what do you make of the argument as we heard that this is just a part of the mother's body well obviously that's not quite true because again there's a different different DNA when the egg meets the sperm you have a blend of chromosomes that that never happened before this is different than the mothers or the father's the blood type may be different the fingerprints will definitely be different it's different so it's it's a separate entity it's a separate person and you can't really say oh it's just part of the mother's body I mean it doesn't even make sense at the at the five day blastocysts stage again when these cells are so Sado after it hasn't even implanted yet the mother probably doesn't know she's pregnant and yet here's a small group of cells with an innate intelligence that is as you can't say it's living off the mother yet because it has an implant you know and that's that's when the embryo starts taking nourishment from the mother within itself yet it is alive I mean it it expands it it creates itself so to speak yeah now that child though is in a position of dependency on the mother therefore shouldn't it be right that the mother should be able to decide what to do now the child is in a position of dependency and the mother when it's born – I mean it's not just before birth it's after birth I mean how many newborns do you see that can do anything for themselves you know how different is that again does does all of a sudden the the child become you know more viable just because it's traveled through the birth canal no it's it still is especially a premature baby gee you know a baby is dependent on the parents or the medical community or someone until it gets pretty old and you can look at the other end of life you know when we're sick when when we're older when we're in maybe a brain-damaged State these people also need people to take care of them but that doesn't make them any less of a human being so that position of dependency is actually playing out if they're going for it from an anti-life perspective he's playing out not only in the beginning of life in the womb but now also in the end of life and all the way through that that I guess the abortion mentality is now spelling its way out into society or spilling out over into you know Holland for instance people are sort of scared to go to the hospital because out of fear that they'll their lives because they're dependent will be taken from them yeah exactly and it happens with with newborns who may have some type of a fetal district disability you know they call it withdrawal of treatment meaning the baby is left there to die so again the baby's born you know everybody can now agree this is a human person it's not a clump of cells and yet by the fact that they don't administer any treatment the baby's going to die and and you can say that the way through life and people are saying it all the way through life you know there's all these discussions about personhood who's a person if if a person is brain-damaged are they still a person if a person has Alzheimer's disease are they still a person and unfortunately society is starting more and more to answer no they're not because they don't have you know they can't interact with their environment they have no relationship with their environment and that's now what they're looking at well the baby before birth does have a relationship with its environment as it does after birth but we all have a relationship with our environment in one way or another one of the sort of maybe conceptual ideas a lot of people even those who believe in God even those who read their scriptures as you said earlier in our program we have evidence right from the scripture that this child is a child of God right from conception right from the beginning why do you think that even people who have read the scriptures who have it can still somehow be on the other side of this question well it's a matter of I think trying to preserve either their their style of life or who they are I read once that that people say that a woman has an abortion not because she wants an abortion but because she she doesn't want to see herself as a mother herself vision isn't as a mother and if she has an abortion she doesn't have to see herself that way and all the blob of tissue arguments kind of feed into that if she has the baby and gives it away then in her mind she presumably is a bad mother because she gave the baby away this way she doesn't have to see herself as a mother at all and so it just it takes care of the whole issue and the abortion industry of course will feed into that for profit for population control for women's rights for whatever reasons abortion doesn't exist in a vacuum you have all these other considerations coming into it and abortion seems to be the answer to a lot of these convincing a young woman to abort their child is made easier with statements such as you are going to be homeless if you have a baby you can't both study and be pregnant you can't go to college you'll lose your job you'll end up with a kid who you can't take care of and that will make you a bad mother many organizations now offer assistance or direction for young pregnant women who think that they have nowhere to turn the sisters of life congregation online for life and other organizations and ministries are able to reach out to scarred women and men to provide them information and resources so that they can go through the pregnancy with support I guess the the reality that life is life is proved by technology is proved by the witness of so many women who now have come forward after having been lied to in abortion clinics and in hospitals all over the place but very interestingly in your case is actually proved by both the science and the industry the industry that profits from it not only abortion industry itself but the pharmaceutical industry and the research industry that pays for aborted baby body parts yeah what's interesting is that the baby body parts have to be put on ice and sent out and got got into a facility a research or development facility because the cells are only useful if they can get them within one hour of the time of the abortion so it's so important they'll actually have you know you think you know when you think in terms of abortion you think okay there's three participants there's the mother the baby and the abortionist but there's often a fourth and that'll be an individual standing at the bottom of the bed where the woman is having the abortion ready to take the the little fetus or embryo or whatever stage you know the babies in put it on ice and ship it common-carrier – one of these research facilities because as i said unless it's there within an hour cells are pretty much useless which means you know it's it's alive and if it weren't alive and if it weren't a person then would it matter if if it took 2 3 4 hours or days to get there yeah I mean what they want is life and this is life Vicki thank you thank you for sharing with us your knowledge your research your testimony it was great thank you my pleasure to be here John Henry you have given to us and to our viewers an understanding of the truth that the child the will was no blob of tissue it is life created by God beautiful beautiful life thank you so very much once again if you want to know where you can go and get that information about fetal development showing very obviously the child in the womb is not a blob of tissue you can look on life site on our abortion methods page which will give you the fetal development as well as at what ages abortions take place and what methods are used for those abortions you can find the same information on fetal development also on pro-life across America as well as on the website of priests for life so now at the close of our program I want to ask you have your opinions shifted during the course of our discussion are you feeling more able now to answer those tough questions that come at you are you ready to defend the thing it's my hope that you are and more so that you will speak the truth we'd love we want to hear from you here at truth and lies please tell us what other topics you'd like us to cover on our program and until next time remember that you were fearfully and wonderfully made as we read in Psalm 139 you were knit together in the womb of your mother god bless teach everything he commanded them to teach new ways to communicate God's Word present positive images to our people this message of truth and salvation culture of encounter gospel of Christ worldwide shaolong world TV 24/7 faith-filled dynamic virtue building commercial-free family-friendly Catholic Charismatic channel to the whole world promote the gift of church teaching dedicated for the New Evangelization mentor the young into a deeper embrace of the catty faith wonderful contributions to the church people of Prayer attractive people attractive messages piece of Christ promote the values of life this is media and it's very best the boys of the church with great love taking this to the next step Shalom world TV Shalom Shalom Shalom Shalom Shalom Shalom Shalom Shalom Shalom Shalom Shalom Shalom whistle okay shabbat shalom shalom world god's own channel

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