Try Not To Laugh Challenge #13

Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier, and welcome back to the Try Not to Laugh Challenge. It is time, once again, to test our hilarious constitution against this ensemble of hand-picked funny videos from all across the internet. Can you survive the challenge? Well there’s only one way to find out now, isn’t there? Oh, and any of my fans in New Zealand or Australia that want to see me in person, please go to or click the link in the description below, to see if we’re gonna be coming to a city… near.. you… Alright, let’s do this… GO! *snake makes a funny noise resembling Vitas-7th Element song* *AGGRESSIVE SNEEZE* *offended kitty splashes* *guy laughing as mark makes a fool out of him self* “Come over here you kitty! *laughs*” I don’t like this already. “I love refrigerators!” *Mark attempting to hold back laughter* *smiles instead* Nope. “Can I doo-doo in peace?” *dog growls* “Ooh I see what’s up there.” *dog barks* “Oh don’t–don’tchu motherfucking bark at me” “I’m taking a shit, nigga!” *dog barks again* “Nigguh–” *trying not to laugh* Not funny! *Music (Natasha Bedingfield – Pocket Full of Sunshine) plays* *stifles laughter* *Gently ululating the melody of ‘Moscow Nights’ song* What am I watching? Wha- What in the fresh hell… …is this and what in the god damn… What was that? (~ DEJA VU! ~)
*”Dave Rodgers -Deja vu” plays* (~ I JUST BEEN TO THIS PLACE BEFORE! ~)
*”Dave Rodgers -Deja vu” plays* (~ HIGHER ON THE STREETS! ~)
*”Dave Rodgers -Deja vu” plays* (~ AND I KNOW ITS MY TIME TO GOOO! ~)
*”Dave Rodgers -Deja Vu” plays* [Dave Matthews Band – Ants Marching] “Pierson decides to..-” *trying to not laugh* *inhales* MMmmm… “-try a maneuver called a “side slip”, ” “.. practically unheard of on commercial airliners, but sometimes used by glider pilots.” *Deja Vu gradually gets louder* “Pierson has never actually performed a side slip in a glider, ..”
Mark: No, don’t… No, don’t do this… “..but he’s attempting one now in a Boeing 767.”
Mark: ..NO! NO! “Here we go.” (~ DEJA VU! ~)
*”Dave Rodgers – Deja Vu” plays* (~ I JUST BEEN TO THIS PLACE BEFORE! ~)
*”Dave Rodgers – Deja Vu” plays* (~ HIGHER ON THE STREET ~)
*”Dave Rodgers – Deja Vu” plays* (~ AND I KNOW IT’S MY TIME TO GOOOOO!!! ~)
*”Dave Rodgers – Deja Vu” plays* (~ CALLING YOU AND THE SEARCH IS A MYSTERY ~)
*”Dave Rodgers – Deja Vu” plays* (~ STANDING ON MY FEET ~)
*”Dave Rodgers – Deja Vu” plays* (~ IT’S SO HARD WHEN I TRY TO BE ME. WOAA–! ~)
*”Dave Rodgers – Deja Vu” plays* Ohhh, stop it. Good God. *in between chuckles* Good God. Mhmmnn–Not a laugh! Not a laugh! *multiple audio clips of ‘gloves’ played over one another* *tries not to laugh, nearly fails* That’s not that funny! That’s not funny! That’s NOT funny! That’s not funny! “I love dogs. Doesn’t everyone?” “Bye.” “IyyRhEeaahAahhr!” *sound of dog wailing* *attempts to hold back laughter* Nope! “Bye.”
– “IyyRhEeaahAahhr!” *David Rodgers- Deja vu getting gradually louder*
No, stop. What are you doing? (~ DEJA– …blue… (~ I JUST BEEN IN THIS PLA-) *deep inhale* AAaaAAaAaHHHH! …Alright “Then something happened, that Hugh says has never happened to him in all his years of climbing.” “Ahh, *bleep*! Leg!” “One of Hugh’s legs fell off.” *Music (Limp Bizkit – Break Stuff) plays in a VR environment* ~ “It’s just one o’ those days we don’t wanna wake up!” ~ ~ “Everything is f*cked, everybody sucks!” ~
*people laughing* *VR observer yelling* Other person: “Oh, I like how–” *person keeps yelling* *baby crying amidst the yelling and laughing* Fastest hotdog eater: “I’m just saying…” “Thank you for leaving my kayak alone!” Mark: Nwahhh… “I’m going to pepper spray you in the FACE.” “That’s what I’m gonna do to you.” “GO AWAY!” “NO!” “Get away from the kayak!” “GET AWAY FROM THAT KAYAK!” “Come here.” “Come on!” “STOP IT BEAR!” “STOP IT!” “BEAR!” “BEAR!” “BEAR! YOU’RE BREAKING IT! YOU’RE BREAKING MY KAYAK!” “WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT!?” “WHY ARE YOU BREAKING MY KAYAK!?” “WHY ARE YOU BREAKING MY KAYAK!?” “WHAT AM I GONNA DO!?” “”WHY ARE YOU BREAKING MY KAYAK!?”” “STOP IT!” “BEAR, STOP THAT!” “STOP THAT, BEAR!” “BEAR, STAAAOOOHP!” “STOP BREAKING MY KAYAK, PLEEEASE…! *crying*” “PLEASE STOP!” “GOSH-DARNIT!” “AHWHWHWHWH, WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT!?” “BEAR, PLEASE STOP!” “PLEASE STOP, BEAR! IT’S THE END OF SEPTEMBER!” “WHY ARE YOU HERE!?” “YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE ASLEEP!” “WHY ARE YOU HERE!?” *woman wails in despair* “BEAR!” “BEAR!” “STOP THAT!”
Mark: I can’t breathe… “STOP THAT!”
*Mark pants from holding back laughter* “BEAR, STOP THAT!” “(whining) Ahhawwwhh! Please stop breaking my things, bear!” “BEAR!” “PLEASE STOP BREAKING MY THINGS! IT’S NOT… ” “IT’S NOT EVEN NOT EVEN FOOD! IT DOESN’T EVEN TASTE GOOD!” “IT’S JUST PLASTIC!” “BEAR!” “PLEASE, STOP!” “BEAR NOW I DON’T CARE, BEAR! I’M GONNA BEAR SPRAY YOU PLEASE STOP!” I’ve never seen or heard anyone… Try so desperately to become a Disney Princess and be able to communicate with animals at that one moment! I’ve never seen it! *places cigarette into sleeping woman’s mouth* *woman snores quietly* *woman begins to eat cigarette* “Noh, staohp!! *wheezing*” *loud chatter of people talking in background* *person in hood turns, revealing Luigi* *exhales sharply, trying not to laugh* Beuheuhum MwAaaAAHh….nope (wheezing like a tire losing air) (wheeze turns to laughter) “haaahhh-hahh-haaaaa!” (screeching)
*mark progressively looks more horrified* “HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA” *bop*
*BOPS BACK* (Markiplier.exe has stopped working) “Please open up!” “I can’t do this without–.” (SunStroke Project & Olia Tira – Run Away starts playing) *looks beyond confused confused* (music continues to play) The fffuuuuuck?? *rumba slowly moves closer to the top of the staircase* *R2 D2’s screeches*
“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAOO!!!” *loud thumps of rumba falling down stairs* “Aaaaahh…ahahn *chuckle*” “Aaaaaaaaahhh..!” “AAAAAAAA-” *suddenly cuts to a foreign cover of Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People* Noooope! Nope… No, no, no, no, no, no, no… Not gonna get me with that shit. J-Walk (I’m not kidding you): “Yeah I’m ridin’ through the area” “In a car that’s made of fucking bird feathers and pleather seats” “And I gotta meet the bitch who says she works” “At the swap meet I think, or so she said, I don’t know” “where she lives but I know that she’s…” “Not alive, she’s dead, and I killed her in the car” “Accident, looking like a president, in the fucking chopper… I mean the airplane… Force… One.” Mark: What the ffffuck did I just watch?
What the ffffuck? I haven’t got a goddamn clue. *incoherent mumbling* *In Russian*
“THEY’RE FLANKING FROM THE REAR” “I’M RELOADING!” “COVER ME!” “THE ENEMY IS IN THE NORTHEAST!” “THE ENEMY IS IN THE NORTHWEST!” “THE ENEMY IS IN THE SOUTH!” “THE ENEMY HAS BEEN SPOTTED IN THE SOUTHWEST!” “(Yes sir!)” *rides away as the soviet anthem plays in the background* *another voice chimes in as music dies down*
“What happen’d?” “I DONT LIKE EM PUTTIN’ CHEMICALS IN THE WATER” Mark: Oh, god… *beat starts*
“~ UHhUHH URRhh CRAP ~” “GAYYY. FROGS. FRIGGIN’. FROGS..” *hits table again*
*groans* “ITS NOT FUNNY!” “I’m gonna say it real slow for ya” “GAAAAY” “FROGS” “MRMMM Mmmm-Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm-Mmmmm”
*long AJ exhale* Mark: Aaaahh!! Uhh.. it’s fine “WON’T YOU FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE?!” Mark: AAUUGH! Mark: It’s fine… Not funny! “GAY. FRIGGIN’. FROGS” Mark: Stooop!!
“*long exhale* WAP WAPH-WAPH-WAPH WAP WAP” “FROOOOGGGSSS!!” uuurhnUUUGH! Who edits those!? They’re so good! *background laughter* *top of cross gets lodged into the roof* “Aaahh Scheiße!” (Aaaahh Shit!)
*laughs* *crowd begins to laugh* *crowd continues laughing* “Alright let’s, ahh… Let’s check the patch notes for The Sims 3.” “The Grim reaper *chuckle* will no longer be prevented from reaping souls due to…” “…band affiliation?!?” “Fixed a tuning issue so that Sims now… *starts laughing*” “voh–*wheeze* v-vomit at acceptable levels…*chuckle*” “It is no longer possible to ‘Try for Baby’.. ‘” “*wheezingly whispers* …with the Grim Reaper” *Wheeze* ” ‘Become Enemies with Child’ wish no longer appears.” “Sims who are on fire will no longer be forced to attend.. *wheeze* *narrator speaks inbetween wheezes*
Grad-u–ation before they can put themselves out.” “Pregnant Sims *chuckling wheeze* can no longer brawl.” “Baby Sims will no longer become staah-*wheezes*” “…stuck on a Sim’s hand.. while driving a caaaarr-hrhrhrr *wheeze*” “S–*chuckle* Sims will no longer a receive a wish to “Skinny Dip” with Mummies” “A meteor can hit a building,…” “..which case everyone will run out before the collision. Those who do not exit the building will die.” “Sims automatically leave if a meteor is approaching…” “..uhn-unless it is a school, *wheeze* inwich– in which children are not allowed to leave and..” “…will ALWAYS DIE-eeheehh *laughter*” *narrator loses it* *struggles to hold in laughter* *inhales* Mwaaauuhhh!! It was just a lot of smiling! I wasn’t laughing, I swear I was not laughing! Uuuughh… “Alexa, play twinkle twinkle” (Background talk) “You want to hear a station for- porn detected. Porno Rito hot chick amateur girl..” *people behind camera try to stop alexa*
– “NO! No No! No!” “No!”
– “*alexa continues* Hot pussy anal dildo ringtone”
– “ALEXA STOP!” “Happy Birthday to youuuu” *Mozart’s Requiem – Lacrimosa plays*
[camera turns to seek someone missing] [Sad Chorus:] “Laaaaaaaacrimosa” [Chorus:] “Dies illa” *tries not to lose his mind* *jumps around and tries not to laugh* Ah, THAT wasn’t laughing, I SWEAR it wasn’t laughing! *deer squeaking* *people behind camera laugh as deer continues squeaking* *deer continues to quietly squeak* *squeaking gets louder and deer throws its head back* *deer gives a loud shriek* *man laughs and sounds like a goose honking* *cue mark nearly breaking once again* *inhale* hh-AAAAHHHH! *Deer calls its master through dial-up* Ohh.. *Bird squeaks* *loud scream*
*law & order sound plays* *Mark breaks out in laughter* Mark: AHH, Dammit! I was expecting a poop joke. *giggling* Gaahhwd ddammit-t-t! *giggling* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! *mark laughing once again* Ouhhh noohh-ohoho. Aeaaah FFFffuck Video Fratbro: “Aaahnh, FUCK YEAAAH! Cheah’rs bro!” …That was pretty good. *breaks into laughter again* Aaaarrrrrrgh! Alright, fine. I know I’ve been like chuckling through pretty much every single video But I was trying, really hard and I didn’t break fully until right there. But anyway, this has been the try not to laugh challenge. Did you manage to make it through okay? If you did, and be honest, let me know down in the comments below And if you have other funny videos that you want me to react to let me know down there as well Aaand if you want to see more, check out the try not to laugh challenge playlist I’ll link it in the description and thanks again everybody for watching and as always, I will see you in the next video Buh BYE!!

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  1. 2:25 that actually happened and saved the aircraft and the people inside. That aircraft became known as the Gimli Glider because it went out of fuel halfway across Canada and had to glide to an old RCAF air field at Gimli. The aircraft approached way too fast but had no time to go around and the maneuver slows down an aircraft real fast. The runway had been converted to a racing track and there was an event going on with many attendees. It's a miracle nobody died in the aircraft or on the ground.

  2. So my nickname at home is "Bear" and not a DAY has passed without someone either playing or quoting the bear video at me. My life is suffering.

  3. Nobody
    Her:(head) ahh yes another bear lets socialize (her talking) oH yeAh I hAve PeppeR SprAy uhhhhhhhhhghhh bear bear bear bear bear

  4. Bear: hi there friend can you pet me C: .
    Annoying girl: STAY AWAY FROM MY KAYAK PLZ sprays bear cause got to close to her
    Bear: bitch you know what

  5. Do not like this comment

    Edit: I am pretty sure I said not to like my comment.

    Edit 2: I am sorry that was me who liked my own comment

  6. I was prepared for the second to last video because I just watch a law and order complation and laughed my ass off to this exact one. and This time I diddnt laugh

  7. This one made me uncomfortable and cringe for the most part. Only good thing about it was Markiplier questioning everything just as much as I was.
    Edit: The Sims and Jesus Christ were the only funny things in my opinion.
    Another edit: You can tell the parents of the child one was told to say dickle tickle. Come on now. I'm not dumb.

    Edit3: Animals are great.

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