Trying and Testing Weird 99 cent store products!

– We’re doing the 99
cents store challenge. – We’re just getting set up right now. We have Titus coming over. – I’m so excited. A little mini J Paul. He’s literally the cutest on our intercom. He like buzzed it an I was like hello, “Hello it’s Titus.” I love him. He’s so cute. – They’re coming up
the elevator right now. – I’m so happy. – Look at this, we have all
these little decorations here, some Team Ten merch. – You know what? – What’s gonna happen? – Any minute. – Every day, bro. – Its every day, bro. – what is this? – What is it? You’re
getting into everything huh? You found all the toys. – Hello – Did you say Hollah?, what is that? Are you going to do like a song? – Yo yo yo, yo yo yo, mini J Paul. Mini J Paul – Mini J Paul, everyday bro, day bro. day bro! You love this huh? – Ooh – Ooh – Spunky glasses – Those are your glasses? Whoa! What is that? – I got, oh eyes. – Smells? – [Woman] You living life
Titus? Living your best life. You guys are working? – Say we are working – [Woman laughs] And look who we have. – [Man] Can you say
you can see everything. – [Toddler] I can see everything. – [Woman] Yeah? What’s it feel
like being that tall Titus? And you are so cute. You want out? Hi! am I your mommy? She’s not amused at all, she’s adorable. – [Woman] Do you like the
camera? Do you like my hat? Hey buddy, we’re going to go hang out,
we’re going to go see Everly. You know Everly, yeah it’s your friend. Is there anything you want to say to her? – [Woman In Altered voice] Yeah! – [Man] That’s right, Happy Birthday. – [Man] What’s going on? – We are stopping by Target
to pick up Everly’s gift. I called to see if they
have, these they’re called Nom-noms or Num-nums – [Man} Num-Noms? – Num-Noms, and they are like these little toys that like, kids are liking. – [Man] I’m going go get the gift wrap. – [Man] All right now we are
heading out.That was quick. – It was so fast, like we just walked up in line and then we like got, – [Man] Exactly. Off to the Party! – It’s going to be a lot of fun. I’m actually excited
because there is a zip line. – [Man] This, – [Woman] So.. [Man]- in foam squares. – Yeah, it’s going to be a pit, so. Okay, So I’m an adult and I don’t know if it’s like weird for the adults to go in, but man I really want to. So I’ll have an extra set of clothes to change in to if the other
girlfriends are doing it. Like if Cole is doing it or Samantha. – [Man] Honestly, do we care?
We’re gonna do it anyways. – If they’re doing it, we are in. If not, I’m going to feel it out. – [Man] We are in – [Man] Rebecca is excited,
she’s like “Dang!” Here we go. [Man]- my apologies – We are probably at
like the coolest place. In the entire, oh no! – [Man] Got the Johnsons and the Sly Fox. What are you guys doing
here, is it like a little, – It’s up to you baby,
Mike Patrolen in the house. – [Man] You got to practice. – Shaquille O’Neal, oh shoot. – [Man] Oh, slam dunk. – We got to overtake it you guys. – [Man] Yeah. Zip line. – [Child] The Zip line? – [Man] Yeah, Cole is going on. – [Child] Cole, you got it Cole! – [Man] COLE! . – [Man] YEAA ! – Cole is going on the zip line. – [Man] Yeah – [Child] Yeah, Oh! – [Man] Oh! It’s coming back, oh! – [Man] What was that? – Just hanging out with the
kids, trying to keep up. – [Woman] So good. – [Rebecca} Everly we have to
sing “Happy Birthday” to you. Go! Oh, oh, oh, oh.. Is this the best birthday ever? Yeah, I can’t believe you are five. – This is the take over, I don’t know whose camera this is,
but I’m taking it over and telling you guys right now that you need to go to the Johnson Family, because it’s the best family on You Tube. – Uh uh the Sly Fox family. – Or the Sly Fox family – You know what, we all are. – We are all the best
families on You Tube, so if you don’t know who
we are, go check us out. Yeah, they are going
to link it down below. – There’s an icon. – There will probably
be an icon right here. – Johnson family, Sly Fox family. – Go check it out. – Right there, dab dab dab – Dab dab dab – All right, so we are doing it again this year, this is my favorite challenge that we did last year. We are doing a 99 cent store challenge. – Where we are each going
to spend 10 whole dollars. We are only getting these gifts
for Christmas so that’s it. – [Man] I’m down. We are doing another video on Rebecca’s channel as well. You gotta go check it out,
gotta go check it out. – All right we just got all of the stuff. I’m super excited to try out this stuff and see like what we got. Rebecca and I picked out two
different types of things, um, and we’re going to try
them out on this channel. Um also, like we said
before, Rebecca is doing the 99 cent store challenge. – Yeah – Where we each spent 10 dollars on each other, so go check it out. – I got some good gifts – We did this last year it was pretty fun. I got some great gifts too. – Its really so fun, this is like my favorite challenge to do
with you during the holidays. – And we just realized somebody is like, We like your sweaters. We have like, the same sweaters on almost. – Yeah cause we are going to go film right now, so we have to. – That is right. – As you guys know, we did a challenge on Rebecca’s channel where we bought 99 cent store gifts for each
other, we spent 10 dollars. – Yeah so I got 10, he
got 10, now we thought we would test out weird
99 cent store products, because there are so
many weird things there that I wanted to get, but I wanted to get gifts that were
like for you specifically. – Yeah, More meaningful. – Yeah, exactly, so now we are going to test the weird ones. So the first one that I saw, and I would have got Matt this, but he would have not been happy if I used this as one of his gifts, is a wand. – This is kinda cool – It says it like glows. It is working. – Nooo. – Yeah. – It is not working. – Yeah it is, look. – What? Oh yeah, whew! – Wow, okay and then put it in and you have a super cool wand. This is perfect it’s like for Halloween or on Christmas Eve when you’re
going around and you’re like, “Hey guys” – On Christmas Eve? – Yeah like.. -[Man] That’s not a thing – You are looking at
lights and you’re like, “Hey guys I am right here, I want you to see me,” you have this
neon light waving around. – All right, so the next thing that we are going to try right here, these are Happy Birthday Flutes. I thought these were kind of interesting because they are just flutes. – They are not candles? – They are not candles at all. – Oh. – Here is one for you, have
you ever played a flute before? – So you pass these all out to your friends and then we do
like Happy Birthday? – It is obnoxious, exactly. – Okay let.. – Okay, our dogs hate this. – I got a bad one. – This is definitely a dog, – What was that Black Jack? I want to say it is more like, hey if you do not know where your dog is at, you say “Hey come here dog,” and you don’t know where they are at, you could be like, – That is actually true. – You know what I mean, like
I could just do this, watch. There you are! – The next one are Nasal Strips, so I think people wear
these so they don’t snore. – See this would be good for you at night. – No, for you. – You sound lost at night. – No I don’t, I do not
snore, you know that. – How does this work? Okay.. – I don’t know, I don’t
get how like putting these, – Thoroughly wash and dry your nose. Remove back liner. Remove
the center of the strip. – Oh – Okay, gently press the
strip down to your nose. Hold for 15 seconds, if anything like lifts up, press up again.
Hold for 15 seconds. – I am doing it, if you know, it doesn’t feel like it is doing anything. Do these work you guys,
have you ever tried these? It does kind of feel clearer. – Yeah there is no snot
coming out of your nose. – We will thumbs up this weird toy from the 99 cent store, I guess it is not really a toy, but you know what I mean. – Yeah, so the next one we’re gonna do is this cold press. – Is it instant? – It’s well yeah, it says
instant on it, so I am hoping. – Oh, okay. – Shake contents of bag. – Squeeze firmly to rupture inner pouch? – Yeah, there is a pouch on the inside. It is like, don’t you have to have it in a freezer, it just
randomly turns cold? – Oh. – Did it work? – It is getting cold. – It is cold, it is a real..what? Feel. – Ahh It is not that cold,
he is being dramatic. – I am dramatic, but it is okay. – I am still like amazed,
I wonder how that worked. – The next one I am going to do is, Rebecca and I first got in the store and I walked up, like, I was
walking up to the toy section, I got in the way of this little kid and I was like “Hey sorry buddy,” and he looks at me and he is like, “I am not Buddy, I am Kevin,” right next to him, were
these things right here, these are Delicious Deals,
they are Buddy Bars. – I was wondering like why you got that, but the kid, Matt
is saying he was rude, he wasn’t, he was like
“I’m not Buddy, I’m Kevin.” – No, no he was a little bit snarky. – No, yeah. – I’m Kevin. – We can share one. – This looks like a midnight snack. – Yeah I feel like this is something that Matt is going to end up eating. – And the flavor on this is peanut butter. – Oh. – Talk to me. – Oh, chocolate they’re, they’re wafers with peanut butter and chocolate. – I love it! All right guys, that
is the end of the day. Thank you so much for watching, hopefully you had a wonderful day. Ummm right over here we
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Matt and Rebecca channel, and my channel and go and comment on that video, which was the funniest gift you thought we got each other and the best way to contact you. – All right guys, have a wonderful day and we will see you tomorrow, peace.

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